Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Riley Gaines Message

Riley Gaines Message

It's Riley Gaines.

This weekend, I was ambushed and assaulted by a transgender activist after speaking to a group of students at San Francisco State University. Students gathered wanting to hear the pro-woman side of the sports debate but were impeded by transgender activists, shouting, cursing, and threatening.

This left-wing intimidation campaign won't work! This is only more evidence that I'm fighting the good fight, and proof that women need sex-protected spaces! I know what I'm doing is right.

Join my fight:

When they want you silent, speak louder. I'm on the frontlines fighting for women and girls and speaking TRUTH to all, even those who refuse to hear it.

Will you step up and stand with me in this fight? Donate to NinePAC and help me continue to speak TRUTH where it's not welcome and FIGHT to protect the future of women's sports!

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