Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Brave New World

Title: “A Brave New World” from the Rainbow beings,
channeled through Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle,
Wednesday, August 5, 2009.

Hello, we are the Rainbow beings of light who look rainbow swirls, shaped like sperm with arms, and we are channeling through Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle. We have 6 topics to touch upon in this session with her, titled, “A Brave New World.”

New social movement in music, and everything else in between
The music has been dumbed down in mainstream radio, which also reflects back on the news or current events as well, especially in the United States.
It is now time for a revolution in the way things such as the content, the lyrics, the intention, and the way the music is presented, for the music to be real again. You have lost your voices, due to wanting to be subdued, due to fear of expression because of government, and other authority figures who may punish and or threaten you. The music is just about entertainment which can be artful and have a meaningful and or healthy competition, or process to productive improvements to ways of life and thinking. Marketing is neutral. The reason why people market is why it can be judged as good, bad, neutral or any mixtures in between.
Today, the United States’ society has dumbed down music and news that sell well. In countries around the world, outside of the United States, U.S. citizens may label them as liberal in music, news, culture, thinking, and lifestyle. United States is suppressing certain truths, certain natural human instincts that are going back to the roots of creation, or Godliness in a nature-based way.
Fear is why people in authority fear the general population becoming empowered with certain knowledge, truths, and ways that are conducive for all of society, instead of imbalanced and only serving the few, corrupt, elite, authority figures at the top of the governmental, political, financial, and social chains of command.
The corrupt few are greedy and have brain-washed you to be ignorant so you will not take action to make your world a better and more balanced world for all different social status and walks of life. They only accept weak, diluted lifestyles and thinking in music to keep you down. They fear you rising to help one another more equally. They want the wealth mainly for themselves. They want the power to control other people out of malevolent intent. They punish anyone who threatens to overthrow this status quo because they do not want to share wealth and power.
On the opposite, positive side, there are enlightened millionaires who live to share their wealth in philanthropic endeavors. These people want to help everyone out so they can eventually help themselves rise on all levels, from education, to finances, to health, wellness, and more.
Back in the day, hip hop had more “oomf” or pizzazz, because people who made the music were not afraid to piss anyone off and tell the truth of rivalries, scandals, injustices, and hardships in life, and things that make them happy, too.
Now, some corrupt, greedy, elite, censor what music makes it into mainstream media. It is packaged to their comforts as a means of control. That is why the celebrities and musicians today are afraid to make a stand, because they will lose money if they do not stay within the comfort zone of these rules.
More of the younger generations need to take control and ownership of the media for the purpose of running it in a more freed up, balanced, and truthful way because it will be healthy for the economy, social rights, and then more. Not all musicians are as we described. These are generalizations for musicians, actors, entertainers, experts, authority figures, and celebrities, in the United States.
People who live in other countries know the news, and celebrities in the United States because their news media, and music contain United States in them. On the other hand, United States citizens do not receive news nor music / entertainment from other countries outside of the United States due to fear.
Fear again, and control again, is what drives the issues of bias, ignorance, and imbalance in your music, news, culture, and everything in between.
The United States generally is not open to letting other entertainers and current events filter into the United States citizens’ mainstream exposure of all media outlets because some people in power fear losing their spots at the top. They fear competition, losing their money to someone else. This sounds basic, yet the corrupt media moguls, not the helpful ones, are making it like what we are telling you is a conspiracy to lie to you and keep control of you, and your money, and your power.
Biggie Smalls, and Tupac were two young, black, rappers well known in the U.S., hip hop community, who both died more than a decade ago, due to feuds of the so-called West Coast and East Coast rap wars, which were actual wars to their death. Some people in the government and other people of power wanted them to turn on each other and kill each other as the people who wanted them dead planned. This was a diversion tactic some of the corrupt, elite use to take the heat and injustice off of themselves so they can get away with more scandalous ways of taking money for themselves, again. It’s sad, but true, certain people planned to, and successfully made Biggie and Tupac into pawns for their own selfish agenda to throw more fuel into the fire to instigate accusations and fights between Biggie’s people of the East Coast, and Tupac’s people of the West Coast. Even if a fake person outside of their camps created rumors, scandals, and falsely framed them, they killed each other, and they basically did so as certain people wished and predicted.
Few people know about this explanation but some are afraid to air it out, and or the certain media moguls will not allow it to be accepted into the mainstream media outlets for they want to dominate control of the people. If they controlled these two rich and famous power houses, what makes you think they are not playing the general population like pawns either? If you control people the way they do, you have their power, you have their money, their minds, their life. This control is the exact opposite of enlightening others, uplifting others, enriching other people in everything from education to finances, to ecology, to spirituality and everything interconnected.
We need more people in power with the right connections, wealth, experience, and knowledge to run, control, and dictate the media in a more balanced way with the intention of the highest good of all. Selfish agendas are rotting at the wayside and bad karma is catching up to them.

Educational system
It is archaic. Do you need more explanation? If the United States is suppose to be perceived as one the strongest countries, why are your kids failing and low ranking on the academic scales? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, well it is, and there are people aware of that. But, there hasn’t been anyone to re-vamp this because it is too hard to change and people resist change as human nature.
The content of what is being taught needs to change to better equip the children to be citizens who are self-supporting and contributing to the world even, versus being ignorant leeches who don’t know any better who milk the system such as welfare checks, disability checks, and other funding that can easily be put to good use, constructive, positive, charities and establishments, instead of enabling the problem of homeless people, addicts, and lazy people who have not learned responsibility spiritually, to not depend on sucking on someone else’s teet as a means to an end.
How disempowering is that to the parasitic lifestyle of the taker, and the giver who is trying to be nice, but at the core, enabling the sickness of the world?
Don’t give people a hand-out as a solution, empower them, so they will be healthy and strong to take care of themselves and eventually teach others to empower themselves, too.
The educational system needs to include curriculum to teach children basic life skills such as not getting into bad debt by irresponsibly maxing out their credit cards, like unfortunately, their parents do. They are not taught how to get into good debt that builds them assets.
The system in the U.S. teaches kids in a Euro-Centric, or from a white man’s perspective in history and lifestyle, and values. That is biased to the non-white U.S. citizens who resemble the United States’ melting pot your country is known for.
The kids are not taught about financial IQ, and emotional IQ. They are taught stuff that served purposes generations ago, but not necessarily benefitting the problems and lifestyles of today. It’s like you’re using a battery for a toy that was made in the cave man ages for an advanced toy of today.
You have to find and grow your intestinal fortitude to face bad things, and accept change, and get the courage to implement the changes needed in your future children’s educational system.

Political system
The political system, we think everyone knows it all revolves around funding. And it does. But again, what is the intention behind it, behind everything? You have politicians on a chain of command. The higher person almost always holds wealth and job security over the head of his or her subordinate. What a damn shame that most people are easily bought off.
It takes a person whose inner constitution is so solid that such things such as wealth, power, or perception of power in job security is a bribe that has no worth.
But at the same time, you have to understand, sometimes for things to get done, there must be a compromise between parties even if one party or more doesn’t agree 100% with the other party. It must be done for things to actually get done. Meaning, if you get in your own way and are inflexible, you are to blame for doing nothing, rather than progressing somewhat or a lot, even if you did not do it 100% the way you originally wished. After all, everything is a dynamic process, no absolutes.
You need more people to do what they say, and say what they do on all levels of life, from the people in general, to the leaders in government. If the people in general cannot even follow this principal, how do you expect your leaders to? You are mere reflections of each other.
How many people are actively taking action to pass certain laws, block certain laws, or create certain laws in the general population? Not much. You are either in the few groups if you are at all taking action on any issue one time, or normally as part of your daily life.
Most of you are indifferent to take initiative to shape your laws. You might be feeling powerless, like even if you did speak or demonstrate, it would have no effect. You might be feeling lazy because that’s just the way you are, or your current life circumstances make you feel lazy. You may be so bombarded with making and living paycheck to paycheck and raising your family that you feel you don’t have the time or energy, expertise, or manpower to even make a dent in the legislative system. Or, you could just be pessimistic and or not care to even try to strive to make an impact to reach a better life. Either way, there are many reasons you fail to take action.
If the general population has these negative feelings that prevent them from improving the political system, what makes you think the politicians don’t feel the same?
If you make a ripple effect in the so called water or status quo, no matter how small of a pebble you are, it will impact the ocean of people in your world, period. Water is a strong element, not to be underestimated. It can wipe out villages and colonies in tsunamis, and it can slowly erode stones over time, just by gently, soaking in water.
What we’re trying to tell you is that every little effort counts! So start giving yourselves more credit for your existence, your actions, your thoughts in your world, because everything does start with a thought. If you think you can, if you think you can’t, either way, you are right. If you want to make a change in your political system, it starts with you, no matter what financial and social status you are in.

Finance / economic systems
What makes the world go round? Some would say it’s love, some would say it’s money. Well, either way you’re right. Everything is interconnected so everything and anything actually does make the world the way it is, period.
For far too long, many of you humans have the belief that only the few in power have the power to make any decisions and real change in this world.
Money is merely an energy form that allows you freedom to do things. Everything is energy, therefore, you can be rich despite your financial status. It is not always about a financial statement and economics, but wealth can be wealth in freedom of time to do what you want, when you want, and how you want. Wealth can be excellent health, excellent family and social relations, or whatever your heart desires as your wealth.
What most people do not also understand is that to flourish you must put out a lot to get back a lot. As one of your living humans, T. Harv Eker, would say, “Where attention goes, energy flows, and results show.” Humans’ natural reaction to lack of money is to hoard it, hang on to it tightly, and be reluctant to spend the perceived lack of money one has, due to fear and scarcity mentality. However, the exact opposite should happen to balance the lack of money to reap more money and wealth. You need to open up and spend more to earn more. You need to invest more into your work, your business, whatever it is that brings in the money. You need to invest more time, energy, money, focus, attention, devotion, love, and work into whatever it is that is bringing in the money for yourselves. You need to do this in a responsible and balanced way, instead of a reckless, impractical way.
Find work that makes you happy. And if you hate your job, you need to find some way to turn your attitude and focus into love. Find a job you will be happy at, or at least, focus on the things you love that your money is going to buy. For example, focus on the vacation you long for and deserve outside of your work. Focus on the material things you plan to buy, or the hobbies which could be services or products that you could contribute to the world.
Whether you sell it or give it for free, it is the value of your love and worth which is worth more than the money itself. If you don’t like your job, find one you do, or know that the job is just a means to the end which is the events you love to create with your excess paycheck. And if you’re saying you don’t make enough, let us tell you, it is not how much you earn, it is how much you keep. You must make a set amount set aside purposely that you create for things you love to do and buy, just as importantly as you responsibly pay your monthly bills and daily expenses.
See, the focus we emphasize is love, creation, and abundance. Regardless of the amount you earn, you need to avoid all this fear and scarcity mentality.
Another myth you have is that lack of money is the problem. Because you throw more money at the problems to fix problems, that is how you irresponsibly waste funding.
You need to implement changes, problem solve, and continuously implement changes and continuously adapt to the changing times, forever and ever, to thrive in budgeting your household, your business, in life in general. Whenever you hear about The Depression, or deficits in government spending, or the financial deficit state of your country in general, it is disheartening to hear the word “cutbacks” as your politicians’ solution.
Revolutionary solutions and spending more money to fix the problems and deficits are some of the solutions, which is what most of you in general would think the opposite of. Some people think that for the economy to thrive that you must operate locally, while others believe you must operate globally.
We will tell you, you need to value, think, and operate both locally and globally for everyone in the world to prosper and have a healthy economy. It is neither one way nor the other, you must see and furthermore live, emphasis on the verb live, multi-dimensionally for the highest good of all to prosper.

Family, and other forms of social institutions
These days, families are blurred. The divorce rate is high and therefore there are many children who are half-siblings, and or step-siblings. Due to certain shortcomings and or irresponsibility, children often times are raised by someone other than their biological parent or parents. The nuclear family unit of mom, dad, son, and daughter is very much in the past. There are people adopting, having in vitro fertilization, donating eggs and sperm, and all sorts of backgrounds that children are being raised in. There are gay and lesbian marriages in some parts of the world. There are men in documented studies around the world who have given birth to babies, as odd as it may sound.
The basis that we would like to remind you and emphasize is love. How much money you make, how closely related you are in bloodline, what religion you are, what marital status, or gender role you play is of lesser value to a harmonious family unit than the stronghold of love.
Children raised without human touch, or next to none are the ones who are most likely to be socio-paths, the criminals and crazies of society. Especially for the first 3 years of life, it is essential and detrimental for the baby to be affectionately cuddled and loved because it directly affects the development of the brain and directly determines their capability to be a caring citizen, or on the other hand, an estranged socio-path of society who does not possess the capacity to connect to others, care, nor love.
Where one lives, what races one is, or what languages one speaks does not matter either. It is all about the spirit of community, or love.
People may say the family unit today is bastardized. The structure of it does not have to be what you are once taught of a mom, dad, and children composing a family unit.
The important factor is that the spirit of love is what binds a family unit together, not a man-made script dictating who or what has to be. Stop being inflexible and open your hearts when you find yourself judging others’ upbringing and familial experiences.

Spirituality in a more empowering way, versus “God-fearing” way
Ahh……..yes, the very common phrase that seems to be impeccable is, “God-fearing.” Do you fear the Lord? Do you love to fear God and or the Lord?
This stems from Puritanical Christian beliefs especially in the United States, stemming from white, Euro-Centric colonialism or Imperialism in different countries around the world. When you fear God, you are renouncing your power within.
A more positive and harmonious way is to know that you are a co-creator of your destiny. You have an innate, inner power, the God-force within you already. Instead of fearing, bowing down, worshipping, and giving your power away to fate and whatever your concept of God is, you should view yourself as equal partners.
You must take responsibility for your actions. How you live dictates what God will give to you and allow in your life. You have the power to shift and create your reality. God, Universe, Creator, or whatever concept you have of God, is merely following your life script or your personal blueprint. You shouldn’t be blaming life or God for downfalls.
You need to start looking within your blueprint in your heart and soul and take responsibility for your thoughts, which lead to your beliefs, which lead to your actions. You are a powerful being, a co-creator with the divine in creating your life.
If you are a victim, you must be blaming everything and everyone outside yourself for the discrepancies and downfalls in your life.
You need to elevate yourself into a warrior who takes full responsibility for your life’s circumstances and change your blueprint so that you can be the person you know you can be and make the world a better place in your own way.
Everyone has their own path. Nothing is right or wrong. Life is a journey to be experienced so none of you have the right to judge one another since you are all progressing your own ways, paths, rates, and understandings in your own unique ways for the perfect time and perfect place you know how, at your current moments. Unconditional love knows no boundaries, it is all forgiving, unconditionally. Whether you have a religion or not, what matters is what is in your heart. You can have fear and hatred in your hearts, or you can have love in it. You can have a mixture of varying degrees of both love and hate within you.
The important thing to realize is that you are always a dynamic work in progress and it is less important the ratio of love to hate that you have in your essence.
More importantly is the attitude you carry on your never ending journey to peace, love, and enlightenment, over and over again. God, Creator, Universe, and or concepts of God, do not judge you, it merely mirrors back your inner world into your outer reality. Your blueprint and karma are interrelated.
No matter how hard or easy, your attitude to harness love on your life journey is the key---love, love, love. All this fear is debilitating and victimhood mentality. Harness and own up to your inner power of God within and also outside of yourself.
If you have any questions, feel free to call upon us. We are the Rainbow beings channeling through Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle. Good day to one and all!! Thank you for your patience and understanding whether you resonate with this message or not, process it with love. Or, if you hate this message, you are also in the perfect time, way, and place you are meant to be at. Take care our friends.
Love, the Rainbow beings.

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