Monday, April 25, 2016

ROBOT "GODDESS" Interactive AI. END to Human Relationships & DEPOPULATION?

ROBOT "GODDESS" Interactive AI. END to Human Relationships & DEPOPULATION?


“ROBOT GODDESS” - End to Human Relationships? Another means of DEPOPULATION?
2) Thumbnail image - China Robot "Goddess"
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"Ambient Ambulance"

Vince Russo Gets Emotional Talking About Chyna’s Death

Vince Russo Gets Emotional Talking About Chyna’s Death

Vince Russo

Michael Jackson's Death and Jackson Family Dream, R.I.P Prince and R.I.P Chyna

Michael Jackson Death and Jackson Family Dream, R.I.P Prince and R.I.P Chyna

Hello Everybody. This passed Thursday, April 21, 2016 has been a really strange day for me to say the least. I, Bear had over-slept a few hours longer than I should have. I slept deeply since three am that morning, however, when I wake up, I usually get out of bed to start my day, instead, I woke up at 7:45 am that morning and I couldn't get up, in fact, I went back to sleep, and I ended up dreaming about the Jackson Family. I dreamed of the being around the Jackson Family after Michael Jackson's death, and this dream was long and deep. In the dream, they were saddened over Michael's death, and I was at the funeral that they held for Michael. All members of the Jackson Family was there, but the only Jackson I had a conversation with was with Janet Jackson. She told me that Michael should have given the kids (Prince, Paris, and Blanket) to Debbie Rowe, instead of her mother. Although she told me she respected Michael's decision, she said that Debbie would have given them more structure in raising the kids than her own mother, Katherine would have, despite her having a strict upbringing by her mother. She said that "Michael should still be alive." Michael should still be alive. And one of the strange thing about all of this is that Prince is next!" Janet looked right into my eyes and the dream was over. I woke up shocked and it was 12:15 in the afternoon. Now granted, I rushed out of bed, got myself ready to leave the house to begin my day, and I got a text from Rainbow said the Prince, as in Prince Nelson Rogers died that day, at age 57. I was like, WTF! And then I stopped by at the library with my laptop to get online to see research more about Prince's death, and then I found out that former WWE's wrestling star and icon, Chyna Joanie Laurer was found dead at age 45. I wouldn't be surprise if both of their deaths were result of foul play from the Cabal or any other groups or organizations. Both of them for the last couple of years had been outspoken against the ills of the world and the fact that many corporations and secret societies had been part of the problems of the world. When Janet in the dream told me that ‪#‎Prince‬ was next, I assumed she was talking about her nephew, Prince Michael Jackson Jr., now I, found out that it was Prince Nelson Rogers. Dreams are very powerful, and we must learn the art of interpreting them. Dreams are not always so literal, at the same time, we can learn different ways of interpreting them. What do you all think of all of this. I, Bear would like to hear from all the fans of The Jackson Family, the fans of Prince, and the fans of Chyna. Have any of you had dreams of The Jackson Family, Prince, and / or #Chyna. The Jacksons, Prince, and Chyna are all iconic. R.I.P Prince and Chyna. I would love to hear from any of you out there regarding this. Send me pictures if you like, just let me know what you think. Be respectful though, because any form of disrespect would not be tolerated, and will be removed a such. Other than that, I would love to hear from you all. Take care and many blessings to you all.

"Healing--It Is All That Is." Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hair Hatted Hooligans with Rainbow

Hair Hatted Hooligans with Rainbow


Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle speaks about two black students of hers who one wears a hair hat (wig) and the other one has natural hair, and the differences in their attitudes, which comparing the attitudes between hair hatted hooligan black women to black women who have and display their natural hair that other black male youtubers have spoke of in the passed, plus the solution to how black girls, black women, and people in general can heal and transcend themselves. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ICANGet2 – An Unparalleled Marketing Tool Paired with an Unparalleled Opportunity!

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