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Conducting Business 101

Conducting biz 101 sun Aug 27 ‘06

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Hi everyone! Bear told me to write this for both our individual blogs. He told me it should be the next blogs after I was venting my frustrations to him about interactions with our mutual and separate business associates.

Fact is, 90f businesses fail in the first year. It gets worse as time progresses. What kind of business etiquette have you been experiencing for yourself doing business with other people? What kind of business etiquette have you been receiving through customer service these days?

Well, lets start off with an associate of ours that is a fast talker. If someone gets intimidated by you wanting to learn more when you ask more questions, don't you think they should be straight up with you instead feeding you more bull? This is a serious no-no in our book. When you call someone out on their lies and whatever mishaps you call them out on, they can:

1. lie to you

2. avoid you all together

3. talk shit

4. all of the above,

more than likely because they're pissed & embarrassed because he/she does not hold him/her self accountable.

This associate just found out how we really feel about him. We met him way back, long ago, when we were greener, and so he was a great starting point for us despite all the stunts he pulled with us, including on other people he knew as well. He does not take any responsibility for his failure to be honest, and failure keep his word, on several occasions that we've caught him lying and backtracking on. His chain of command is not any better. They did not do their responsibility in even returning peoples calls to keep the team together with clear, open, honest, communication. And yet I called someone else he referred me to for an entirely different matter. I had my doubts, but out of curiosity I called her anyway. She was handling the non-profits arena. Guess how she answered the phone?

What? What? Who? Who is this?
I straight told her the chain of referrals. She said something I will never forget. "I'm eating a bowl of cereal. Call me back and leave a message on my machine and I will call you back."
I left her a message stating my name, chain of referees, my number, my time zone, and my business hours. I bet you know what happened. She never called me back. When someone says they're doing business, they're in business, and if you don't conduct yourself up to certain standards, you're out of our life when it comes to business. There's more instances, but we'll keep it short, you get the point. I guess in general, the people associated with each other are alike for the most part, even if I gave it the benefit of the doubt. We like to be open minded despite our past experiences. You can also tell the geographical region of an area if they're more inclined to respect the hustle, or they hate the movers and shakers because it may be a back-assed town consciousness. Know not only who you're talking with, but they're background, and regions helps, too. Few tips that you must, ~must~ have when conducting business are simple rules, yet broken far too often than not with the majority of people in business and not in business, and you wonder why they're not as successful as they could be. It doesn't matter if you like someone or not. You don't even have to agree with them. The point is to be able to work together despite your differences if you really are serious. Not many people we've interacted with are serious about what they preach because when one little thing gets in the way, they quit. If you're serious, you will work well together even if you don't love each other. Here are a few pointers that are a must:

1. Be honest

2. Keep your word/promises

3. Keep your appointments

4. Be honest with yourself

5. Be congruent with your words

6. Be congruent with your actions

7. Be congruent with your lifestyle

My high school best friend was a stickler on me for keeping my appointments when I wasn't the person I am today. She had character. So what if people don't naturally understand your workings? Naturally, no two people are the same. If you are clear with yourself, whats important is that you understand yourself first. You need to know your goals and intentions for yourself before you can be clear with other people, about your boundaries, expectations, and so on. Okay, so it seems it goes beyond business etiquette. Well, it goes beyond because it is about personal development. It must start within, growing yourself first. What do you wish to hold yourself accountable for starting today?(c) Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle, 2006

"People need to start having better business ethics if they are going to start their own businesses, or otherwise don't start one at all!" Standing Bear Thunder Heart

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Jason Mayhem Miller: MMA Commentary by Bear

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The 4 Dangers Destroying Men Today!

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Michael Tsarion: Psychic Vampirism, Destructive Man vs Creative Man - Sacred Space Show 2006


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