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August 24

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I would like to ask your assistance in spreading information on what is taking place in Syria and Egypt. I believe the recent chemical weapons use in Syria that is being blamed on the government forces is false. The goal from the beginning was to take down Assad’s regime. I am no big fan of Assad but it isn’t hard to see that this is a US/NATO target. This article examines the situation in Syria: ~

I don’t know how familiar you are with the Islamic Muhjihadeen nor the Muslim Brotherhood organization but they are funding the Muhijhadeen as well as US/Saudi/Israel. Their goal is to reshape the Middle East as well. The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood is made up of Muslims of various sects include Sunni/Shi’te. The Mujihadeen are Sunni and are radical in their beliefs against Shi’te Muslims. Their goal is to keep the Islamic world free from modernization and technology. This is why you see such oppression in Afghanistan and Pakistan where they have claimed rule.

(*1) During the Afghan/Soviet conflict the US/Saudi funded the Mujihadeen in order to defeat the Soviets. They used they radical writings of a Saudi Sheikh to influence the concept of jihad as holy war. Anyone who does not agree with the ideology is deemed as an unbeliever and can be sentenced to death.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is a large network who’s leaders, as I stated, are made up of various sects and use the Mujihadeen to aid their cause of establishing ‘pure’ Islamic states in the Middle East. Their ideology is based on other Sheikh’s radical writings and their goal is to establish Egypt as a pure Islamic state.

Their ideology is that it is permissible to use suicide bombings/murder…whatever means to overthrow any government they deem as ‘unIslamic’.

As I said the Mujihadeen are totally against Shi’te and Assad is Shi’te so of course they consider him as an unbeliever. Their group has plotted to overthrow Assad’s government before and Assad killed a huge number of their followers. What government would not do the same? This is why MB has a vendetta towards Assad.

The Mujihadeen, along with MB, both being large networks give explanation to why there were so many foreigners in the FSA. The MB have their group or splinter groups in every country in the Middle East. Hamas in Palestine being one of them. They assist the murders of their fellow Muslims while sitting in posh offices in other countries with clean hands, all the while claiming we are a group who works only in charities, good will, etc.

I believe this alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria is simply to allow US/NATO to strike Syria and allow the Mujihadeen to move into Egypt.

Now Egypt and the MB comes into play: MB in Egypt was founded by Hassan Al Banna. He was Salafi sect and was a Freemason as well. Later the group splintered off into other smaller groups made up of other sects Sufi, Takfiri, etc. They all have the same goal but different ideologies of how to obtain that. Egypt has a long past with MB. Starting with Nasser, Nasser along with three other Generals teamed up with the MB to overthrow British rule in Egypt. After the success Nasser had Hassan Al Banna imprisoned (my opinion is b/c Al Banna’s ideology). Nasser established Egypt as a secular state which is totally against MB ideology. Because of these two reason MB developed hatred for Nasser. The MB attempted to assassinate Nasser and he then had Al Banna executed and cracked down on MB members and many of them fled Egypt to England and other countries. At this time they teamed with British Intel to plot to overthrow Nasser. Next comes Sadat who tried to make peace with the MB released many of the one’s Nasser had imprisoned. Members of MB assassinated Sadat b/c they opposed his signing the peace treaty with Israel.

Mubarak also had his strife with MB and they made several assassination attempts on his life as well. Even thought Mubarak had Shariah law they continued to feel it was not ‘legitimate’ Shariah. Now we come to the present and Morci; He released numerous MB members that were imprisoned; Gave Egypt a hacked up constitution…This will explain more: ~

Morci also hosted a MB convention. Here is a clip from it:

This will shed some light on the goal of MB and their supporters from the ouster of Morci: ~ MB large network is misleading the public into believing that the Egyptian military killed ‘peaceful’ protesters. No, denying there were many that were peaceful protesters but there were armed protesters amongst them as well. This is a common tactic of MB they manipulate the public into aiding their goal. There were a lot of protesters that were opposed to the ouster of Morci. They were not huge supporters of him but were rather opposed to his being ousted by the military. They were fearful of Egypt falling back into military rule. MB convinced them that their ‘democracy’ had been stolen from them and they should protest. That explains why there were so many who protested. Now after witnessing the armed militants who are MB/Morci supporters and ‘freedom fighters/Mujihadeen’ they have separated themselves from the pro Morci pack. Here is a Sheikh explaining his approval of violence against civilian: ~
This video is of a reformed MB member will explain MB/Morci’s goal for Egypt. ~
There were 16 Egyptian border guards killed in Sinai last year. These militants in the Sinai in Egypt were in fact mujihadeen and are/have been/being aided by Hamas (splinter group of MB) in Palestine.

I would also like to bring attention to this study that explains in detail how all of these militant Islamic groups have been manipulated and are tied into the US/NATO goals for the ‘new Middle East’. This is why I cannot lend any legitimacy to the MB organization. They claim to want better for their people and only want their people to live by Shariah and God’s law…but you align yourself with the most evil of people to attain that goal?
Very questionable indeed.

I know this is a lot of information to take in. I only ask for assistance in looking at the information that I have provided and judge for your self. I have spent several months trying to understand where radical Islam stems. I am an American who embraced Islam some years ago and this is not the Islam that is practiced by the majority of Muslims. The powers that be have aided in propagating these radical ideologies simply to further their evil goals to establish their NWO.

* "The author" is "known" to the "redaction".

* "The author" is "known" to the "redaction".
A Sheep No More:
"The above article titled "Your Opinion, Your Comment" is EXCELLENT and it explains most of what I've researched and gotten through my contacts overseas. Hats off to whomever this journalist is.

(*1) "During the Afghan/Soviet conflict the US/Saudi funded the Mujihadeen in order to defeat the Soviets."

^-That is correct, and they used the EXTREMIST Wahhabi brand of Islam to fight the Soviet Union and gain back the poppy fields in Afghanistan. This video clip is from Hillary Clinton herself ADMITTING that they created and funded Al Qaeda by using the Wahhabi.
Here is the SHORT video clip from the devil herself, Hillary Clinton: We created al Qaeda: ~

*The only question I have is that the Zionist Regime of Israel CREATED Hamas ...and there isn't enough BLAME for Israel's role in all this. Notice how we haven't heard much from Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu (Their ZIONIST Leader)?

Yes, the Zionists created Hamas, just like they and their Zionist friends create both sides of the conflict for maximum profit! VIDEO:

Yes MB is a CREATION from British/UK ZIONISTS. And, it seems like the author of this article doesn't understand that the US is just a puppet to the New World Order. In fact, the Zionist regime controls the US more than US controls itself.

. . .

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Divine Cosmos: CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

Divine Cosmos: CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

Dramatic new evidence reveals that a secret alliance of US military personnel are working to expose and defeat the Federal Reserve -- and the occult cabal of bankers and industrialists who...

Graham Hancock ~ Our World Could Be Interpenetrated By Other Dimensions Or Realms

Graham Hancock ~ Our World Could Be Interpenetrated By Other Dimensions Or Realms


Date: 10-2010


Graham Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures and TV appearances, including the three-hour series Quest For The Lost Civilization, have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognized as an unconventional thinker who raises legitimate questions about humanity's history and prehistory and offers an increasingly popular challenge to the entrenched views of orthodox scholars.

He graduated from Durham University with First Class Honours in Sociology. He then went on to pursue a career in quality journalism, writing for many of Britain's leading newspapers.

Author and investigator Graham Hancock talked about his research into ancient mysteries, supernatural beings, and parallel realms. He discussed the archaeological discovery of the megalithic site at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, dating back almost 12,000 years old. On a scale like Stonehenge (though far older), "the site is constructed out of giant stones which have been carved very precisely often with reliefs of animals and strange supernatural figures," he noted. There is no context for a site like this in archaeological study; "it just seems to come out of a fully formed, incredibly impressive state," almost like a buried time capsule, he said.

Our world could be interpenetrated by other dimensions or realms that are most often undetectable, Hancock stated, adding that this could account for the UFO phenomenon which seems quite elusive. These other dimensions could also include the spirit world. He cited how cave paintings dating back thousands of years depicted spirit or supernatural beings. During the medieval era people spoke about fairies, elves, and the realms they inhabited, while today alien abduction and UFO craft are reported. What we're seeing is actually one phenomena "viewed through different cultural spectacles" that originates in a parallel dimension or realm, he explained.

He also talked about his recent novel Entangled, which deals with time travel, NDEs, and the supernatural. Interestingly, in his book he featured neanderthal characters who were compassionate, and now well after he wrote the work, scientific reports have just emerged that suggest neanderthals were indeed nurturing and caring, and not the brutish thugs most people picture.

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Steve Quayle on Secrets, Stargates, Aliens & Giants

Steve Quayle on Secrets, Stargates, Aliens & Giants


Author and researcher Steve Quayle contends that most citizens in the West are unaware that they've been fed a carefully edited view of the past, tailored to prop up the powers that be and keep humanity ignorant. Comparing common strands in the legends of the North, Central, and South American native cultures, he found evidence for aliens or star people who bred with humans, the presence of stargates or interdimensional portals, and various creatures who have a supernatural aspect such as giants, Sasquatch, and skinwalkers (beings that can change shape or form). Institutions like the Smithsonian have deliberately kept such information from the public, he commented, adding that America's name didn't actually come from a European explorer, but from an Incan ruler, Tupac Amaru (glowing serpent), and their land which mapmakers of the era called Amaraca.

"Even the very name of America, North and South leads to Quetzalcoatl [feathered serpent god]...the giant who came from the East who settled Mesoamerica," according to the Aztecs, Quayle remarked. "We're talking about entities that could transform themselves into different shapes, i.e. fallen angels-- Virococha is who the Mayans worshiped in the same manner as Quetzalcoatl," he added. He also cited the term "nephilism" to describe the fallen angels who mated with Earth women to produce giants. What perhaps pioneering researchers such as Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Daniken missed is that the ancient astronauts or Annunaki were actually the Nephilim or fallen angels, described in the Bible, he argued.

Many Native Americans have reported seeing portals opening before their eyes, and their oral histories detail a race of giants who were cannibals, Quayle stated. They also describe Bigfoot or Sasquatch as highly intelligent creatures that can travel dimensionally (according to Quayle's military sources the creatures can communicate telepathically). The Book of Enoch writes that when giants were killed, they became disembodied spirits, which Quayle suggested are the incubus and sucubus, predatory sex demons that sometimes plague humans while they sleep.


Stephen Quayle is the author of five books. For over thirty years, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and biological warfare as they relate to the future of mankind. Stephen discusses the coming worst-case scenarios approaching this world and how they interrelate to each other. Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear and biological terrorism, coupled with the planned financial meltdown of the U.S. dollar will thrust us into unimagined tribulations. Stephen Quayle is on record as stating that we have moved from the realm of natural threats into the arena of supernaturally guided events of the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events of unfathomable proportions.

Quetzalcoatl is a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and means "feathered serpent". The worship of a feathered serpent deity is first documented in Teotihuacan in the first century BC or first century AD. That period lies within the Late Preclassic to Early Classic period (400 BC--600 AD) of Mesoamerican chronology, and veneration of the figure appears to have spread throughout Mesoamerica by the Late Classic (600--900 AD).

In the Postclassic period (900 -- 1519 AD), the worship of the feathered serpent deity was based in the primary Mexican religious center of Cholula. It is in this period that the deity is known to have been named "Quetzalcoatl" by his Nahua followers. In the Maya area he was approximately equivalent to Kukulcan and Gukumatz, names that also roughly translate as "feathered serpent" in different Mayan languages.

In the era following the 16th-century Spanish Conquest, a number of sources were written that conflate Quetzalcoatl with Ce Acatl Topiltzin, a ruler of the mythico-historic city of Tollan. It is a matter of much debate among historians to which degree, or whether at all, these narratives about this legendary Toltec ruler describe historical events. Furthermore, early Spanish sources written by clerics tend to identify the god-ruler Quetzalcoatl of these narratives with either Hernán Cortés or St. Thomas—an identification which is also a source of diversity of opinions about the nature of Quetzalcoatl.

Among the Aztecs, whose beliefs are the best-documented in the historical sources, Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind, of Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts and knowledge. He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge. Quetzalcoatl was one of several important gods in the Aztec pantheon, along with the gods Tlaloc, Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli.

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Benjamin Fulford Message, "Who's Who"

Benjamin Fulford Message, "Who's Who"


This is The Link to purchase Benjamin Fulford Videos Please Help the cause. - There will be no more free Videos from - - This was a Sample Only - (22 Days Old when posted) The one sample on the site makes one think that all the videos will be similar to that one, now with this sample You know that there is a lot more than that, please buy the up coming videos.

Some one post a comment in Rumor Mill, this person make a critic of the fact of posting this valuable information in YouTube, no mention that is for people with visual impairments who only listens to the sound - -
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Also, Check out Benjamin Fulford August 19 2013 - Why the "just following orders" mentality allowed...

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1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video — It's THEY LIVE!

1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video — It's THEY LIVE!


Hoax or not, they're still doing this today. Check out the Iron Chef episode where they flashed the McDonald's golden arches right in the middle. Totally stupid, thinking that bright red background was going to blend in, lol. Hell, just look at advertising and media in general, how it sells the dream and not the product - the status, not the car; the girl, not the beer; the image, not the burger. If it all works on tricks, do you think they'd stop there?


Also, it's NOT debunked (unfortunately...we wish it was):

Twitter: @TruthstreamNews


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Hello Everybody, this is a message from Sky IndigoStarseed Wanderer:

Help spread the word to your English friends about RAW FEST - OR

If they'd like to come and work at the festival for free food and indoor accommodation, or help us promote and spread the word. Thanks.

Sky IndigoStarseed Wanderer

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Giving and Receiving On the Astral Planes

"Giving and Receiving On the Astral Planes" by Tish Ann Lightworker

It is a known fact to many people who are on a spiritual path that when we give unconditionally without expecting anything in return, the universe eventually gives to us what we have given to others. Oftentimes, what we give to others is given to us multiplied several times. What we give does not have to be monetary in value. It can be something as simple as holding the door open for someone when we are entering a store. Soon thereafter, if we watch closely, we may notice that someone will then hold the door open for us upon exiting the store or soon thereafter while we are somewhere else. This principle of unconditional giving without expecting anything in return and receiving is not limited to the third dimension Earth however. It also occurs while one is on the astral planes.

As an example of this phenomenon, one day, I wanted to overcome an issue that I was experiencing in my present life. I decided to do some Past Life Regression to regress backwards in time in my soul's memory to the root cause of the issue. After I took care of the issue, a scene from my past life came before my closed eyes. In the scene, I saw a street in the 1800's that was bustling with activity and busy with people, horses, and carriages. I noticed two little boys who appeared to be hungry and possibly homeless. Without thinking of receiving anything in return, I gave them some money. I watched as they bought a couple of loaves of French bread with the money that I had given to them, and then I watched as they ate the bread hungrily. A few days after I had done the Past Life Regression session, a friend visited my home and gave me a couple of loaves of French bread as a gift. My act of giving money unconditionally without expecting anything in return in the past life scene in the 1800's so that the little boys could buy loaves of French bread manifested into my receiving a couple of loaves of French bread in my present life a few days later.

On another occasion, while I was astral traveling, I ended up in a place that was not very pleasant. I saw a building in which souls were housed that was colored completely black. Just looking at it, made me feel uncomfortable. It seemed so dark and depressing. I noticed, however, that there were windows in the building. So, I decided to brighten the place up. Since I have been blessed during my current lifetime to have been able to travel to some of the Earth's most beautiful places, I decided to recreated my memory of those beautiful places that I have visited so that others could enjoy them. I figured that some people may not have been fortunate enough to visit such beautiful places while they were incarnated on the Earth. Since those places gave me so much joy, I decided to share my memories with the people who have passed away and were not fortunate enough to visit those places while they were incarnated on the Earth. So, outside of the building, I created from my memory The Grand Canyon, Bryce's Canyon, a beach with palm trees overlooking the ocean, and a beautiful rainbow. I had heard that our creations continue to exist on the astral planes for as long as we want them to exist. Therefore, I kept my intent of their continued existence intact so that as many people as possible could enjoy them . To my pleasant surprise, a few days after I had shared my creations with others on the astral planes, I was visiting my mother when she decided to share with me several dozens of photos that were taken while she was on vacation at The Grand Canyon, Bryce's Canyon, and in Florida. I noticed that as was the case with my creations that I had made on the astral planes, my mother's photos of Florida included some in which there was a beach with palm trees overlooking the ocean. I also noticed a couple of photos in which there was a rainbow. My mother wanted to give me all of her photos as a gift. However, I insisted that she keep them, as they were memories of the vacations that she had taken. I found it very interesting that shortly after I had shared my memories of specific places and specific settings with souls on the astral planes, the universe offered to give to me someone else's memories (photos) of those very same places and those very same settings.

From those experiences, I learned that the universe truly does give to us what we give to others unconditionally, and I also learned that the giving and receiving is not only limited to the third dimension Earth. The giving and receiving also occurs on the astral planes. From the experience that I had with the loaves of French bread that I helped the young boys to purchase while exploring my past life in the 1800's, I also learned that the giving and receiving is not limited to our present time neither. The giving and receiving occurs everywhere. It transcends time, space, and dimensions. The key is that no matter where we do the giving, we must do it unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.

Ascension house of light group

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