Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why Unity?

Kanesh through Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle
December 13, 2009 Sunday
Title: “Why Unity?”

A lot of people have parts of the truth. No one person can give us the whole truth in its entirety because we all are parts that compose the whole.

Adamic humans talk about the good and the evil, as if life were lived in black and white. Time is not linear. Time is a concept that has multiple facets such as layers, and dimensions such as past, present, future, shifting, and non-existence all at the same time. It everywhere and everything, yet nothing at the same time. Good versus evil is obsolete. There are not two sides to the story, there are multiple angles. Whether you’re aware of other beings’ perspectives outside yourselves, it does not make them any less valid.

This duality philosophy that humans have is falling to the wayside. Nature does not judge anything as good nor bad. Nature just flows. Tragedgies and injustices are lessons to be experienced and learned from. The soul would not learn how to evolve itself if it did not experience misfortunes and the harder experiences in life.

All this separation of yellow-skinned humans, against black-skinned, against white skinned, against red-skinned is comical and scary. The other beings outside of ourselves are laughing, some are disheartened, some are compassionate at your ignorance of the separation, or prejudices, you choose to create as your reality. Other more aware humans already understand that humans are equal to each other, equal to every living thing, equal to every sentient being. Even a rock has a direct and equal connection to humans, to animals, to the waters, to the sky, to outer space, and all the beings in different dimensions that not all humans can see or realize yet.

The point is if humans cannot cease fighting amongst each other, Adamic humans then have no business populating and colonizing other domains and territories outside of planet Earth. This is happening despite the fact that certain people in power have been hiding this fact from you for a long time. Yes, this is dangerous. You should not fear the malevolent beings outside of the physically alive Adamic humans as much as you should first fear yourselves. You are a self-destructive race and cannot even come together as a unanimous collective to support one another. If you do help each other and help in preventing the self-destruction of your planet, there are too few of you helping this cause and it is still not enough.

This is your responsibility. No one else is responsible to fix your destiny but yourselves. You need to bail yourselves out, this is not for anyone or anything outside yourselves to take responsibility for. Some of you feel powerless, this is fatalistic view to give up your power to something and someone outside yourself. The ones that are fearless and have confidence in your power to change the course of the destruction of your planet and all living things on it need to help wake everyone else up to tell them anything is possible, but we must first believe in ourselves, and unite. Believe in yourselves. Believe in your power to heal the human race and every other life form, animate and inanimate, living on planet Earth. Confidence and unity is the key. Confidence in yourself, and uniting with all of life, including all Adamic human races.

If you get anything from this message it is 2 important things.
1. Have enough faith in yourselves that each one of you as individuals are powerful enough to change your world
2. You must unite with all living creatures, including your brothers and sisters

Healing--It Is All That Is

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