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Benjamin Fulford : Elite's Reign Of Terror Ends When People Have Had Enough

Benjamin Fulford : Elite's Reign Of Terror Ends When People Have Had Enough

Vinny Eastwood

Elite's Reign Of Terror Ends When People Have Had Enough, Benjamin Fulford. Technological Control Grid Prevents People From Thinking, Dr Nick Begich

Hour 1 Benjamin Fulford Why he quit Forbes magazine and why refusing to shut up about the elite controlling humanity nearly got him assassinated several times.
When assassination didn't work, insanely massive bribes were offered and rejected, nothing will stop Benjamin Fulford from trying to stop the elite's terrible global agenda, not when a better future where nature and technology can co-exist.

Hour 2 Dr. Nick Begich
​The world is saturated with technologies that are constantly sending out signals, this general atmosphere of ours is now flooded with negative energy that performs many functions, like dumbing people down, causing anxiety, sleep deprivation and making us more suggestible and easier to control.
HAARP and Weather Modification was just the beginning as we leap headfirst into the technotronic era, where technology will control the people and not the other way round.

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Watch Benjamin Fulford On Youtube: Elite's Reign Of Terror Ends When People Have Had Enough, Benjamin Fulford.

Watch Dr Nick Begich On Youtube (With Webcam): Technological Control Grid Prevents People From Thinking, Dr Nick Begich ​


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EPMD: Crossover

EPMD: Crossover


They warned the community about selling-out... Most didn't listen.

Classic 1992 East Coast Hip Hop Video

Benjamin Fulford: Dec 21, 2015: Financial power struggle intensifies as IMF head criminally charged immediately after IMF announces reforms

Benjamin Fulford: Dec 21, 2015: Financial power struggle intensifies as IMF head criminally charged immediately after IMF announces reforms


By: Ben Fulford

December 22, 2015
The International Monetary Fund last week made a big push to position its SDR currency as a replacement for the US dollar. The US Congress finally (after 5 years foot-dragging) approved IMF voting reform, diluting G7 power, after which the organization announced it was doubling its money to 477 billion SDR (US$660 billion) from 238 billion SDR (about $330 billion).

Somebody apparently was not pleased because, immediately after this announcement, French police pressed criminal charges against IMF head Christine Lagarde.

The last IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested on trumped up rape charges and dismissed from office when he tried to push the SDR as a US dollar replacement. The CIA was behind that operation, according to CIA sources. Let us see if Lagarde does any better.

Another sign the US dollar and the people who control it are involved in high level financial warfare was the rate hike announced by the US Federal Reserve Board last week. The official reason for the rate hike, a strong US economy, was a bold faced lie as all real economic indicators show the US economy remains in a tailspin. Furthermore, this rate hike will have the effect of taking money from small banks who lend to real businesses to the big banks who control the Fed and whose main business is gambling. The real reason for this rate hike was to protect the no-longer American US Dollar, not the US economy. In any case, the rate hike was a failure in that the dollar fell instead of rising. Long term interest rates also fell, meaning the market expects deflation and not the supposed inflation the rate hike was supposed to stop. The US government finally agreeing to dilute its power at the IMF while the Fed raises interest rates are probably connected to US corporate government efforts to stave off bankruptcy. In other words, as a condition for additional funding, the US was forced to hand over de facto control of the IMF and pay more interest to foreigners who own US dollars.

The fact the US sent B52 bombers over Chinese territory last week was also almost certainly connected to high level, secret, negotiations to keep the US corporate government afloat. Essentially, the Americans were yet again using their nuclear war card to try to get a better deal.
Another sign something fundamental has changed is the fact the US government has done a 180 degree about turn in its policy towards Syria last week by supporting a UN resolution that does not call for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The US and Israel, until now often condemned at the UN by the rest of the world, have shown signs of regime change by voting for a unanimous UN resolution aimed at cutting off ISIS finances. This resolution targets the family of Turkish President Erdogan, the Kurdish Barzani family, the Bush crime family, Israel, Exxon, BP and others. As a Pentagon official put it “it is poetic justice that this unanimous UN vote was chaired by US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, an orthodox Jew.” The latest US Defense Intelligence Department intelligence also reveals the Bushes and their neo-con buddies have been shipping oil tanker trucks, pickup trucks and other equipment to ISIS from Houston, Texas, Pentagon sources say. The trucks are being modified in Israel and then are sent to the war zone via Turkey and Jordan, they say.

Pentagon generals and rank and file are also becoming increasingly suspicious of US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. Carter was in Turkey recently where he ordered an airstrike in Iraq that killed 25 Iraqi soldiers, the sources say. Carter ordered the attack as punishment for the Iraqis after they refused an offer by him to send special operations troops and Apache helicopters. US special forces were also recently refused entry in Libya, indicating a growing international distrust in their leadership.

The Pentagon officials say Carter’s use of personal e-mails for Department of Defense business may be used as a reason to remove him from office. This is the same thing Hillary Clinton has been under attack for.

In any case, Turkey’s Erdogan has apparently blinked after seeing his Israeli and US allies lose power one by one. Last week Turkey succumbed to universal international pressure and withdrew the troops it has sent into Iraq. The other Middle Eastern rogue state, Saudi Arabia, continues to struggle desperately for survival. As a part of this, the Saudi government last week announced a 34 nation alliance “against terrorism.” Unfortunately for the Ibn Saud crime family, the most important nations in this so-called coalition denied being a part of it. Pakistan, the only nuclear armed Islamic State, openly denied Saudi claims they were allies.

Indonesia and Malaysia, two other major Islamic powers, are also not planning to militarily support the Saudi regime. Leaders in most genuine Muslim countries are fully aware the Saudi royal family are not really Muslims but rather members of the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia.

With oil prices dropping to $30 a barrel and with hedges made at $70 a barrel starting to expire, the Saudis will soon no longer be able to afford the mercenary armies that are keeping them in power. This in turn will affect the big banks like Citibank that rely on recycling Saudi oil money for a large part of their business. Big bankruptcies are expected in January and February in connection with all this.

There are also a series of moves being made against the Khazarian mafia inside the United States. Sheldon Adelson and Rupert Murdoch, to major Khazarin power brokers, have been shown to be using corporate control of the media to tell lies and distort court cases. The New York Times has also been caught deleting important news from its pages.

These revelations all coming out in one week are a sign of a rebellion against corporate distortion of news. Khazarian attempts to centralize corporate control are also coming under closer scrutiny. For example, a US Justice Department Investigation of the recent attempt by the two chemical giants Dow and Dupont to merge has revealed that Vanguard is the #1 shareholder in both and that another Khazarian front, Blackrock, is also involved. This monopoly creating move is not expected to be approved.

The Chinese also acted to prevent the widely hated Monsanto Corporation, and its Goldman Sachs banker, from getting a monopoly on world food supply by having Chemchina buy the Swiss Agribusiness Syngenta.

Meanwhile on the Russian front, further confirmation came out last week that Vladimir Putin is not exactly real. A Russian FSB agent affiliated with the White Dragon Society, whose company protects Russian oligarchs, has said Putin is just a series of look-alikes who read scripts and pretend to be a powerful leader. The real leader of Russia is now said to be Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Take a look at these pictures of Lavrov and “Putin” and see for yourself which of the two men appears to be in charge:

Then, to confirm the Russian genome has produced plenty of Putin look-alikes, take a look at the photos of “Putin,” one dating from 1920, another from 1941 and another from 2015 here:

The Russians use “Putin” as a symbol of their unified leadership but make no mistake, Russian unity is not dependent on a single, killable, charismatic leader.

Speaking about charismatic leaders, Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is shaping up to be one. His multi-ethnic rainbow cabinet and his call for legalization of marijuana have raised high hopes for his government in Canada. Everybody this writer met there hoped and wished for the best with his new government.

However, during a visit to Canada last week, a member of Canada’s Security Intelligence Service contacted this writer with information about his father Pierre Trudeau. According to this CSIS source, Pierre Trudeau was blackmailed with pedophile charges into ending the use of government owned Bank of Canada money to finance government operations without taxes or debt. Instead, he forced Canada into Babylonian style debt slavery to Khazarian mafia banks. Pedophilia allegations aside, it is a known fact that it was Trudeau who ended the use of Bank of Canada free money to finance the government.

Let us see if Justin will turn out to be just a feel good, look nice stooge or if he will undo his father’s crime. If he fails to return the Bank of Canada to its original mandate then you can be sure there are members of the Canadian public as well as the police and intelligences services who will make him accountable.

On a final note, it is clear that world trade and markets are not functioning properly now, as oil tankers float around with nowhere to go and as world trade continues to plummet while markets tumble.

Japanese businessmen with extensive operations in China say China’s economy is also in worse shape than government figures show.
Some sort of systemic collapse is taking place in slow motion. This will not happen overnight but, as in the fall of the Soviet Union, looking back it will seem as if an entire politico-economic system collapsed almost instantly. In this case Babylonian debt slavery and mind-control based government (govern=control, ment=mind) will collapse.

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Alien Contactee Linol Anderson live from London delivering a message on Extraterrestrial presence here on earth come 2016 and what we humans must do in these troubled times!


Also, check out Linol Anderson's Facebook page:




Hello my friends, this is the OFFICIAL STATEMENT from Linol Anderson and the Pleiadians admin team on what happened within the pleiadians group and the change in leadership from Lia Shapiro to the admin team that was running the group.



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Benjamin Fulford: Nov 16, 2015: Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government

Benjamin Fulford: Nov 16, 2015: Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government


Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government
By: Ben Fulford

Anonymous declares war on ISIS after Paris Attack

Anonymous declares war on ISIS after Paris Attack

Video Share Point

Hacker group Anonymous have declared war against ISIS after the Paris Attack.
Posting a video on YouTube, the group said it would use its knowledge to "unite humanity" and warned the terrorists to "expect us".

Behind their signature mask, a spokesperson speaking in French said: "Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down."

"You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go."

"We will launch the biggest operation ever against you."

"Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared."

"The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger."

News source:


Max Igan - PressTV's Special Coverage of Paris Terror Attacks

Max Igan - PressTV's Special Coverage of Paris Terror Attacks


Max Igan - PressTV's Special Coverage of Paris terror attacks as at 10am Tehran time - 11/14/15

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How Artificial intelligence Is Trying to Control You Via Your Phone

How Artificial intelligence Is Trying to Control You Via Your Phone


Artificial intelligence is being used by researchers in Singapore to influence people’s decisions through a smartphone app. The goal of the app is to reduce congestion in shopping malls, sports stadiums and major events at peak times by convincing people to change or delay their travel. Is artificial intelligence research getting too personal? Watch it on the Lip News with Jo Ankier and Elliot Hill.

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Smart Phone Users, What Are the 3 Most Common Mistakes That Destroy Your Health & How To Avoid Them Once & For All? (with Rainbow)

Turn Off Your Facebook and Smartphone with Rainbow

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

3 Common Mistakes Smartphone Users Make that Destroys Their Health & How To Avoid Them Once & For All? (with Rainbow)

3 Common Mistakes Smartphone Users Make that Destroys Their Health & How To Avoid Them Once & For All? (with Rainbow)

Watch the BENEFITS of using this VodeOX EMR protection patch for your smart phones, mobile devices, and wifi network connections at this link, with Rainbow:

To Your Empowerment,
Bear & Rainbow

"Healing--It Is All That Is"

Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation on CNN

VodeOx EMR Product Information

Live Test Demo of VodeOx EMR Product:

Bear & Rainbow Testimonial

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Are Demons Bad? with Shaman Rainbow

Are Demons Bad? with Shaman Rainbow


Follow Rainbow at

Why are some angels, demons, and people good or bad? How does history and time affect the evolution of the good and evil characters of time? Good, bad, neutral and in between, there are these types of sides to every sentient being. The present is where you can find a current answer. The Akashic records is where you can find the past events, memories, and records of time. So, what you ask has particular answers dependent on you asking the right questions. Watch this video now.

How can shamanic healing & empowerment benefit you?

You'll have more ease and grace to honing every quality you want in yourself from peace, strength, love, joy, leadership, contribution, fulfillment, affluence, compassion, confidence, stewardship, discipline, vitality, balance, mojo, faith, rejuvenation, courage, liberation, power, influence, forgiveness, connectedness, passion, clarity, intuition, and so much more of everything positive you wish for.

You can uncover answers to your questions on to how you need to live your life for self-actualization. Mirror what is already in your subconscious mind so you can heal whatever personal healing pops up. Master yourself by freeing yourself by self-imposed beliefs, personal experiences, society, ancestral and DNA coding. Become your own captain so you can sail your boat in any situation in both physical and spiritual worlds.

Check out Rainbow's page at .

Shamanic empowerment are one of the things Rainbow does for fun and empowerment. Do you want a shamanic healing session with spiritual advise? Rainbow may be available if you are the right match for each other.

Bear & Rainbow do not enable victim-hood. They teach people how to fish so they can fish for themselves & teach others the same. Leaders creating leaders. It is not predictive, it is merely empowering guidance. For effectiveness, it is an ongoing work in progress, not a one time fix all.

For a phone, Skype, or in person for healing, Medicine Card reading, channeling, or how to do it yourself series of sessions, contact .

You can subscribe free to Bear & Rainbow's personal development newsletter with shamanic edge at:

Are you Magnetizing Prospects? with Rainbow

Are you Magnetizing Prospects? with Rainbow

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Are you magnetizing prospects for whatever endeavors you are promoting?

magnetize prospects
magnetize prospects

Here is the text version of the video for those of you who wish to read, in addition to the video link below.

This is a broad topic on being magnetic. Later down the line we can talk about itty bitty details technology can be tweeked to benefit your unique selling proposition, or USP.

It’s really detrimental to immerse yourself in mindset if you’re serious about advancing yourself in your journey to success. Positive mindset daily, from someone “higher” than you in success in all forms is so crucial. We cannot emphasize this enough. This can come in the form of audio, books, videos, reports, newsletters, that you are studying or subscribed to. It can be listening to as little as 15 minutes a day, to even hours a day while doing menial tasks like the heavy hitters in the industry do.

Today’s broad topic on magnetizing your prospects stemmed directly from a mindset training we personally invest in. Let’s dive in!

What’s the difference between prospects and clients? Prospects are familiar people or strangers who you can introduce your product, service, or idea you are promoting to. Clients have invested with money in your product, service, or idea you are selling already.

This information is for small business owners or promoters of anything.

Magnetic versus pushy. Have you felt what it’s like to be either gracefully magnetizing what you want, versus desperately pushing with sheer force? Not so good for the latter, even though that’s what society deems appropriate. Despite it being ingrained in your programming that you must struggle to achieve anything, ALLOW yourself to flow and have what you want come to you in life. We all need people to sell to, whether it be your mission, product, service, or ideas, even if what you are promoting is free. So, let’s train ourselves to attract people to ourselves the smart way.

Wouldn’t it be awful to continue to live an unfulfilled life?

Some people don’t know what their purpose is in life. You may know since you’re reading this you may be promoting your life purpose already, or at least one aspect of your purpose for living. If not, we suggest you find it so that it carries you passionately, successfully, more energetically through your meaningful life which you create. If you are feeling an 8, 9, or 10 for your life’s purpose, or your “big why,” then you are on point. If not, and you are at a 1-7 on a scale of 1-10, then it’s time to do some soul searching if you are to do what you came to do here on Earth.

It sucks to live a life unaware of your individual life purpose, dragging your feet around in this life without that dream spark that you live and die for.

It’s also a drag to know what your purpose is but to be inactive, or living without conviction in regards to your personal dreams. At least having a product and campaign to launch and sell your ideas, products, or services, you’re already a step ahead of people who live life aimlessly.

Dying with the music still inside of you would be sad because you already have products, services, information to offer to uplift and change people’s lives for the better. I know I wouldn’t want to come back to this Earth plane again to repeat the same lesson because I was slacking off in this lifetime, especially if I was aware of my “big why” before I died.

So getting your message out to your audience is the next step for you. You can do it alone, with a team or teams, or establish a structure of people to even continue to do it for you after you die. The point is, attract prospects who will become clients is the step after you have a customer-ready product to promote or sell.

We were sitting down at a mutual table at a party when we met this lady who was writing a book for 25 years. Let’s just say she was no longer a spring chicken. I touched upon options for this woman to promote her book. I asked her if she was into any marketing and promotions campaign yet. I suggested book signings and a book tour.

Of course, you all know there are a myriad of advertising and promotions both online and in person. Creativity in promotions can be fun to create if you’re into that kind of thing, and even better, memorable for your prospects who will hopefully become your paying and loyal customers.

This lady disdainfully frowned at my encouragement of her sharing her book. I asked her, “Isn’t that the sole purpose of creating your book, to publish and share it with the world?” She said, “No, I’m not into that. If I have only one person read my book, then I’m happy.”

She was financially supported by people so that she wouldn’t have to work a job and could work on her book creation full time.

She had several people proofreading her work to be published but she did not have any interest in actually sharing her work with people who may need or enjoy it! She would argue with me that it was not important for people to read her book. Was she writing it to merely gratify herself, or was she secretly wanting people to benefit from reading it but masking over her fear of rejection? She took up so many people’s time just so they could help her proof-read and edit, but for what, to hoard it?

Our mentors teach us it’s selfish if we don’t contribute our talents, medicines, and gifts, which we are meant to share with the world. When you give up on manifesting your dreams, someone on the other side of the table doesn’t eat. There are people who will receive what only you offer and be impacted how they need to be impacted when you offer it to them, not anyone else. You are needed. There is a match for every seller there is the perfect client and vice versa. No one else can impact the client the way you can. So, don’t be selfish, create and share your dreams with the world!

Honestly, Bear and I were exercising a lot of patience with this woman because one thing Bear and I both disliked was that she criticized a lot of people and things at the party. We chose to detach and refuse to engage in her put downs. Hang around, positive, uplifting folks! Yolo, lol.

The reason you decided to read this is coming up. Remember, you can watch the video in addition to reading this to engage all your senses and get a deeper grasp on this knowledge. It’s 18 minutes when you choose to watch it. Click here to watch the video, “Are You Magnetizing Prospects?”

We vote for leaders who are confident. The first quality to develop within yourself to attract prospects is confidence. Have you ever watched someone on stage, whether it be an actor, someone giving a speech, or an athlete? Doesn’t it make you squirm when they are insecure and not “bringing it?” We humans enjoy and need confident people to lead us, to entertain us, to inspire us to our greatness!

How do you begin to exhibit confidence if you don’t have it already? Practice! Put yourself out of your comfort zone and keep stretching yourself beyond your personal limits. Take a class, like public speaking, drama, or join a Toastmasters club. Commit to expose 1 person per day and eventually grow to 3 people per day. Expose just means introduce your selling proposition by briefly mentioning what you and you can exchange business cards or contact info. Wear your favorite clothes. Imitate confident people you watch on movies. Pretend to be a superhero. Act in front of the mirror if you have to before you practice in public. Take up an activity that will personally build your confidence, like martial arts or dance, or athletics. Forgive and love yourself. Building anything, including confidence takes time.

The second quality to develop within yourself is generosity. We are attracted to helpful, giving, generous people. Are you going to buy off your prospects to listen to you by giving them money? Lol, not necessarily, but big companies do have freebie offers to introduce and create a buzz for new campaigns they launch for their products. You can give helpful advice, valuable information or education. You can do this with your time, or via something you recorded, a video or an audio recording 24/7. You can offer to reciprocate giving referrals of perfect prospects to each other. You can listen to someone in need. You can point someone in the right direction so as not to enable them to become helpless victims, but to empower them to take personal responsibility. So you can be generous with both tangible and intangible things. You can still be generous and balanced. Don’t go overboard and desperately fish things out of people and get angry when you don’t get them to buy. Have healthy boundaries to prevent drain and resentment from people who may take advantage of you. Generosity is always more attractive than scarcity in money, mentality, and love and attention. People will see you as a resource or a hub to start you off in the right direction for their evolution on whatever aspects and levels of their lives.

The third quality to cultivate within yourself is presence. What do I mean by presence? Have you ever been on a date with a friend and you didn’t fully enjoy his or her presence for one reason or another? Maybe she was worried about a crisis and couldn’t bring her usual, pleasant, fun self to the table, mentally and emotionally, despite your physical proximity. Maybe she was on the cell phone the whole time, texting and or talking on it and ignoring you about 95% of your date? Maybe this boss of yours did not hear anything you said because he is too full of his ego and thinks everyone is wrong except for him? Have you ever experienced trying to speak to someone who kept looking at his or her clock? Your boss kept walking away from you when you demanded attention for an urgent situation? Your lover was spending time with you but you felt his or her wasn’t into it because your lover is now in love with someone else other than you.

How do you be present? Be fully aware, grounded, focused, and centered in the present moment. Breath is the top technique to get you present in as little as a few deep breaths. You can start by listening to yourself. When you learn to love, respect, and listen to your higher self and intuition, then you can be responsive to yourself and others. If you Neglect your emotional and physical needs, you got it, you will neglect others emotional and physical needs, too. Remember, you can only be present, generous, and effectively responsive to others when your cup is full.

So it all boils down to take care of yourself first so you will be able to have enough give to be of effective service to others. Genuinely learn to love yourself more deeply everyday and you will be on the path to being more and more attractive to everything good from loyal, paying customers, opportunities, health, happiness and fortunes.

Hopefully you learned or were reminded of some things here. Go practice out in public now! The most successful people are the ones who not only learn the newest info fastest, they’re the ones who implement them into their daily business and life the fastest!

Let us know what other topics you would like to hear about and yes we do read your responses.

Comment, like, and subscribe to the AbundanceNine Marketing Secrets &; Resources Videos.

Take care our friends!

Bear & Rainbow
The Healers of Online Marketing

Benjamin Fulford Oct 13, 2015 The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal

Benjamin Fulford Oct 13, 2015 The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal

Gary Lite

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
October 13, 2015

The US military, under the new leadership of Marine General Joseph Dunford, has come out with guns blazing to free the people of the United States and the world. Under his command, the US military has taken over the Khazarian mob’s main source of power, the Federal Reserve Board. To confirm this, go visit the home page of the Federal Reserve board, it is no longer

but is now

The Chinese coordinated with this move by announcing their China International Payments System alternative to the Khazarian controlled SWIFT system meaning their take-over of the US dollar system outside of the United States was proceeding as planned. The implosion of the big Khazarian mafia banks is now just a matter of time.

Furthermore, there have been huge ongoing military moves in the Middle East aimed at removing the fascist Khazarian Nazionist government of Benyamin Netanyahu in Israel, according to Pentagon and Russia sources. To facilitate the Russian purge of Satan worshipping Nazionists from the Middle East, the Pentagon has withdrawn all its aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough”

The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough”

awesomeness fest

This talk by celebrity therapist, speaker and best-selling author Marisa Peer was filmed at Awesomeness Fest, Mindvalley’s transformational event for entrepreneurs and game-changers interested in personal growth. For more info, visit:

Awesomeness Fest is an invite-only transformational event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more.

The festival takes place twice a year in paradise locations across the world. Here, you will receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, bio-hacking techniques, deep connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to multiply your impact and give back to humanity, so that you can play an even bigger game and significantly expand your ability to accomplish bold things.

For more information and to apply visit

Benjamin Fulford - Oct 5, 2015 - Cabal resorting to extreme threats as their power structure crumble

Benjamin Fulford - Oct 5, 2015 - Cabal resorting to extreme threats as their power structure crumble

Gary Lite

Benjamin Fulford Reports

Author: Benjamin Fulford

Senior cabalists in the West are threatening tsunamis, nuclear terror, death camps and other atrocities as their grip on world power continues to slip. The Russian, Iranian and Pentagon attack against Saudi Arabian, Israeli and Turkish troops in Syria appears to be the most visible trigger for these threats.

Furthermore, a serious attack on the Bush/Netanyahu Nazionist faction’s drug money is also behind the new rash of threats. However, the biggest threat of all remains the likely implosion and nationalization of the privately owned system of central banks. There continue to be signs some sort of financial event involving the owners of the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan is imminent, according to multiple sources.

There are hints that November 5th could be a key date for the cabal, possibly involving a massive tsunami hitting the East Coast of the United States as well as many other nations facing the Atlantic Ocean. The cabal is leaving multiple hints to this effect.

First of all, take a look at this cover of the January edition of the Rothschild controlled Economist magazine:

Take note of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the front with her hands making the masonic sign of a pyramid in the center of that picture. After this issue appeared, the Rothschilds bought the magazine Charlie Hebdo and staged the fake massacre of its staff over a “Mohamed Cartoon.” After this fake incident, Rothschild puppet politicians were ordered to march in Paris. Note Angela Merkel in a picture of that march below making exactly the same hand sign as in the economist cover.

This has been pointed out by others but we mention it to show how the Rothschilds may have occultly advertised in their magazine a much more horrific event they are engineering. In the bottom right hand corner of the Economist cover there are two arrows, one saying 11.5 and the other 11.3. There has been a lot of speculation that 11.3 refers to the 311 (March 11, 2011) nuclear and tsunami attack against Japan. Members of the Rothschild family made it clear to this writer at the time they were behind that mass murder incident. Now last week at his UN speech, Japanese Rothschild slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe referred to “November 5th, World Tsunami Day.”

Furthermore, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew also said publicly recently that the US government would run out of cash on November 5th.

To top this off, multiple stories were planted in the media last week warning of a Mega Tsunami.

We hope that by revealing these hints in advance, these criminals will be forced to stop this plan because otherwise they know they will be blamed and hunted down like animals if they carry it out.

These threats may also be related to historical events now unfolding in the Middle East. In response to the Saudi and Israeli triggered death stampede and kidnapping of Iranian officials visiting Mecca the Pentagon, the Russian military, The Chinese, the Iranians and others are carrying out a massive military campaign against Saudi Arabia, Israel and their proxy armies in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere. The Pentagon is providing the Russians, Iranians, Chinese etc. with precise intelligence about the activities of the cabalist ISIS proxy army, according to Russian government sources.

King Salman’s brother and Saudi intelligence chief Prince Nawaf died last week as part of ongoing revenge against the Hajj atrocity carried out by the Saudi Khazarian gangster regime, multiple sources say.

Since Salman killed more than 70 of his close relatives in order to seize the throne, there will be more deaths in his immediate circle over the coming days, the sources predict.

US government spokesman Barack Obama was forced to say at the UN that “we’re not going to make Syria into a proxy war between the United States and Russia,” according to Pentagon sources. Attacks on Russia and Syria in his UN speech were “just bluster to appease neocons,” the sources say. The US military “now has cover to outsource the war and provide intel on Bush-CIA bases and Israelis,” the Pentagon sources say. After the Iran nuclear deal with the US, a US Russian coalition has begun going after weapons of mass destruction, drugs, arms, human organ trafficking, slavery and other Khazarian mafia criminal activities.

The ISIS bases being hit in Syria are mostly drug, weapons and oil smuggling centers, the sources say.

The recent temporary fall of the city of Kunduz to the Taliban in Afghanistan was a joint Russian Iranian operation aimed at shutting down the heroin trade there, according to the Pentagon sources. The shooting down of a C-130 transport plane was also targeted at stopping the flow of heroin, the sources say. Pakistan is now joining with the Russians in this campaign that will soon extend to Iraq and Libya as well, they say.

The flow of drug money to the cabal is also being systematically cut off in South America thanks in large part to intervention by Pope Francis. The thawing of US/Cuban relations engineered by the Pope has helped close off drug traffic and money laundering there, Whitehat-CIA sources say. Now, in a further blow, a deal between the Columbian government and FARC rebels being negotiated by Francis is cutting off cocaine money to the Bush/Netanyahu Nazionist faction of the cabal.

Along with the cut off of money to the Khazarians; the purge of their agents in the CIA, the Pentagon and other agencies continues to gather momentum. That is why the Khazarian mafia has been trying, unsuccessfully, to convince Russia to be their new sponsor. The answer has been a consistent “nyet.”

That is probably the real reason why Israeli Nazionist fascist dictator Benyamin Netanyahu last week declared “a fight to the death against Palestinian terror.”

This was most likely a veiled threat by the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia to use their Jewish slave people was human shields before relinquishing power.

The following phrase, “one should not expect Washington, Riyadh, Jerusalem, and London to simply go gentle into that good night,” which apparently first appeared at the Zero hedge website, was also widely quoted last week.

Apart from the tsunami threat mentioned above, the source who previously predicted the attack on Malaysian airliner 370/17 sent an e-mail last week stating that “FEMA has just opened its first concentration camp in Wilcox, Arizona to eradicate (re-educate) the masses.” This is almost certainly just a scare mongering bluff because any real attempt to open a concentration camp in the US would lead to immediate, lethal, military action. However, these threats show the Khazarian mafia to be desperate and dangerous.

There may also be some activity in Japan related to the Khazarian mob. Last week senior North Korean operatives contacted the White Dragon Society with an offer of help. This means that North Korean amphetamine money is no longer going to flow to the coffers of the Khazarian mob.

It is also worth noting that when a WDS representative asked for a meeting with North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un he was told “He is just a front man with no real power, why would you want to meet him?” The real powers in North Korea keep their identities secret as is the case in Russia, the US, the UK and many other countries. In any case, the Pentagon, the Japanese military, the North Koreans and others are preparing some sort of big move against the Khazarians and their proxies in Japan. On this note we were told by other sources that “the Emperor does not like Prime Minister Abe.”

The CIA also contacted this writer last week to warn of new death threats against him by the Khazarian mob. It turns out that Izaya Noda, the man who was arrested on charges of carrying out multiple arson attacks against Japanese train facilities, and who lived a few yards from my bathroom, was the grandson of Moshe Barter, who served as Israel’s ambassador to Japan in 1966-1972. Japanese media outlets published a photo of Noda’s Israeli ID card, which was issued in Kfar Saba in 2002. According to the ID, Noda has an Israeli mother named Dorit and a Japanese father named Tatsuya.

Furthermore, local news reports claim he became an anti-nuclear activist after 311. He also appeared to have some source of income even though he did not work. From all this it is a pretty good guess he was a Mossad agent. Noda’s arrest was most certainly not part of their plan. Michael Green, Stephan De Rothschild, Rabbi Abraham Cooper and all their buddies are apparently freaking out here as well they should be.

The Jewish people are about to be liberated from their long, long ordeal of slavery at the hands of Satan worshipping so Hyksos gangsters. The world as a whole will be rid of by far its largest source of terror, organized crime, war, mayhem and other misery when these gangsters are removed from power. The white hats at the Pentagon and the agencies plus their allies in China, Russia and around the world are freeing our planet step by step.

DARPA'S Transhumanism Goes Mainstream: Annie Jacobsen Interview on KFI AM640 with Bill Handel

DARPA'S Transhumanism Goes Mainstream: Annie Jacobsen Interview on KFI AM640 with Bill Handel


Annie Jacobson was on main stream talk radio KFI AM640 with Bill Handel. She spoke about DARPA, transhumanism, cyborgs and more.

KFI AM640 page

Annie Jacobsen

Cyborg Article DARPA

Neuro Prosthetics

Russia's DARPA


UCI Limb Regeneration


Sensor Tech

Oregon Shooting Hoax Exposed

Oregon Shooting Hoax Exposed

Oregon, Sandy Hook, Virigina, Charleston they all have common connections that prove the hoax! Plus what is the Hero story of Chris Mintz trying to tell us? Gofundme pages that do not make sense. MSM reports that do not make sense. Once you see who all of the players listed in Oregon you will see the evidence just like we have with Sandy Hook, Virginia and all the other bullshit hoaxes.

Very interesting agency connections between Oregon, Virginia and Sandy Hook. A wealth of info that most have not heard or seen yet by anyone. Check it out at Zeekly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Alfred Webre: 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence Draco False Flag Operation - Chris/Sheree Geo

Alfred Webre: 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence Draco False Flag Operation - Chris/Sheree Geo

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Alfred Lambremont Webre: 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence-Entrained/Draco Event & False Flag Operation - with hosts Chris & Sheree Geo on Truthfrequency Radio

Monday, September 28, 2015




In this video, Ra Imhotep, speaks on what psychic attack is and how to defend yourself from it.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Divine Cosmos: Spontaneous Ascension: Stunning New Evidence

Divine Cosmos: Spontaneous Ascension: Stunning New Evidence

Get ready for the wave! The "crown jewel" of our scientific research into Ascension has come in for a landing, quite unexpectedly, since we got to Canada on a writers' retreat for the...

Cryptid Hybrids as it was in the Days of Noah

Cryptid Hybrids as it was in the Days of Noah

In this episode Justen and J.C. discuss the Strange World of Cryptids. The adventure includes Nephilim Origins and Breakthroughs in Modern Science, Animal-Human Hybrid Legislature and Chimera Embryos, Navajo Skinwalker Cults and Winged Hominids, as well as various Hybrid Creatures of the world. Join us tonight for these and much more! This is one broadcast you won't want to miss!

Leo Zagami on The Significance of The Jesuit Pope Francis Visit to America

Leo Zagami on The Significance of The Jesuit Pope Francis Visit to America


Vatican researcher and Illuminati insider Leo Lyon Zagami joins the show today to analyze how the Jesuit Pope promotes the new world order, one-world government agenda.

Follow me on TWITTER to get every upload...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why Do Accidents Happen?

Why Do Accidents Happen?


Why do accidents happen to a lot of people? Why are some people are so fortunate that they either have few accidents, or none at all?

Education, Empowerment, and Entertainment

Benjamin Fulford: Will big UN love-fest just turn into attempt by cabal to look nice and keep in power

Benjamin Fulford: Will big UN love-fest just turn into attempt by cabal to look nice and keep in power


Will big UN love-fest just turn into attempt by cabal to look nice and keep in power?
By: Ben Fulford

(Benjamin Fulford) The next few weeks should reveal if radical changes in how this planet is run are going to be announced or if it will be the same old criminals trying to keep in power by putting on a nice face. The interesting event to watch in the near future is the lunar eclipse on September 28th. That is because the cabalists who have been running this planet claim to time their manipulation of geopolitical events to the movements of the heavens. This sounds like crazy talk until you realize that Presidents Xi Jinping of China, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Barack Obama of the United States, Francois Hollande of France, Hassan Rouhani of Iran etc. are all due to be speaking at the UN on that date. The question is will they be announcing the birth of a world government or a new age, or will they simply spout platitudes before going back to business as usual?

If the leaders simply say nice things but fail to act, you can be sure bloody revolution will become inevitable. The fact is the current world system and its leaders have presided over the destruction of 40% of all life on land and 49% of all sea life. Furthermore, the pace of destruction is continuing to accelerate. Not only that, the system that is destroying life on this planet is also sucking away wealth from all humans except for about 0.01% of the very top elite. The fact is we are facing a planetary emergency of the sort not seen since the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. The creator (be it God or Nature) might well be wondering if it is time to do to humans what was done to the dinosaurs. Maybe this time the cockroaches will be given a chance to see if they can do better.

Our best hope lies in the growing signs a world revolution is continuing to remove the vicious, incompetent Khazarian mafia cabal that has been responsible for so much of this planet’s suffering.

The biggest and most chaotic activity continues to be seen in Europe and the Middle East. The flood of millions of refugees into Europe and the threat of tens of millions more arriving has prompted serious infighting in Western power structures.

The German government has commandeered community centers, sports facilities, parks and the like to accommodate millions of refugees, according to British MI6 intelligence. This prompted Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon,......

Benjamin Fulford: Sept 14th 2015: Acts of God, mutual accusations, fear and hope as Zionist

Friday, September 11, 2015




ACLA exposes Pope Francis and his illuminati planned visit to the United States Of America, Washington DC at the White house ... ACLA goes in depth and exposes what the illuminati pope will be speaking about!



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Anonymous 2015 - Anonymous Message The Truth About World War 3. WWIII. - Anonymous 2015

Anonymous 2015 - Anonymous Message The Truth About World War 3. WWIII. - Anonymous 2015

Carlos Santiago

Click The Now To Protect your Love ones


I want to give special thanks to Anonymous 2015 for releasing Anonymous Message The Truth About World War 3. WWIII..

Here are some of my other favorite youtubers and their videos!
Code RED Anonymous Extremely Urgent Message August 2015. Obama Expect Us.
10 Safest Countries If WW3 Breaks Out
ANONYMOUS - Leaked Illuminati Training Video
ANONYMOUS - FEMA and Martial Law [[[Guaranteed to BLOW Your Mind!!!]]]
A Note to ANONYMOUS. Are you really pushing truth? Or are you NWO?
"Nuclear War Confirmation" Israel Will Strike Iran. Sign of World War 3 & The RAPTURE?
The Lie We Live
ANONYMOUS - First and Last Warning Expired (Expect US Soon)
World War 3 is Coming - Shocking Predictions Coming True
23 Scary Walmart Facts You REALLY Should Know
Anonymous Hoard Food, Water, Medicine, Guns, Ammo - Government Collapse
3 Ways World War III Might Start | Stuff They Don't Want You to Know
Major Jade Helm 15 Alert WARNING 2015 RUSSIA GULF OF MEXICO
ANONYMOUS - New World Order is Almost Here. #OpWorldWideRevolution [[[ENGAGED]]]
Obama Authorizes World War 3
Tulsa Cops Reveal What’s REALLY Happening Inside Closed Walmart
Jade helm 15 Rumors of WW3. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.
Exclusive! Live Coverage! JADE HELM 15 IT HAS BEGUN! Make Viral!
Top Lists
Seho Song
Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks
Documentary World
Evangelist Anita Fuentes
F'd Up News

Take a look at Anonymous 2015 stats and you'll understand why I am a fan.

Video Url: Video Title: Anonymous Message The Truth About World War 3. WWIII.
Username: Anonymous 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Healing Crisis with Rainbow

Healing Crisis with Rainbow


Rainbow describes the healing crisis to the people who receives deep healing and transformation, and the symptoms that comes with it, and what to do during the cleansing process.

Monsanto Wants to Replace the Bees They Are Killing with Genetically Engineered Flying Ants

Monsanto Wants to Replace the Bees They Are Killing with Genetically Engineered Flying Ants

Ecologists refer to bees and a few other select organisms as keystone species. This term is analogous to the keystone of an arch. Remove the wedge-shaped stone at the top, and the entire structure collapses.

Bees are a keystone species because they are the world's primary pollinators and are therefore crucial to the environment. While Monsanto claims bees only pollinate about a third of the world's crops, others estimate their contribution to be closer to 90%. But the startling decline of the bee population isn't just threatening our crops, it is also threatening varied and diverse wild plants across the globe that provide food for countless animal species. If we lose the bees, the loss to our ecosystems will be catastrophic.

Learn more:




The propaganda for transhumanism in relationship to the coming New World Order is steady and progressing fast. However, a growing push for Christians to accept transhumanism has been another arm of the agenda. In this video, we tackle a couple of news items relating to A.I. but then dive head deep into an article published on IEET called "Christians Should Embrace Transhumanism - Four Reasons Why"

IEET Link Four Reasons Christians Should Embrace Transhumanism

AI at Burning Man

AI says he will cage humans

Transhumanist Events on Canary Cry Radio

Canary Cry Radio YOUTUBE Channel

Canary Cry Radio Podcast Website



FaceLikeTheSun Blog

AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order (2011)

AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image (2014)

With your help, we can keep this YT channel going and reach many more people with videos, films, podcasts, and books that discuss the most important issues today in light of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Please CLICK the link to support. Please consider supporting this ministry financially if you feel led. Thank you for your support. God Bless.

Judge denies motions to dismiss charges against Baltimore officers, recuse Marilyn Mosby

Judge denies motions to dismiss charges against Baltimore officers, recuse Marilyn Mosby

By Kevin Rector and Justin Fenton of Baltimore Sun

In a victory for city State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby, a judge on Wednesday denied motions to dismiss charges against six Baltimore police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray and to recuse Mosby's office from the case.

The hearing will resume at 2 p.m. when prosecutors and defense attorneys are expected to argue if the trial against the officers should be split up.

Defense attorneys argued that Mosby had gone too far in her remarks announcing charges against the officers, and that her office had numerous conflicts that required her office to be recused from the case.

Judge Barry Williams said he found some of Mosby's remarks "troubling," but said they did not prevent the officers from receiving a fair trial.

Regarding the alleged conflicts, Williams said the defense "didn't come close" to justifying a removal of the prosecutors' office.

Tuesday's arguments largely centered around the actions of Mosby and others in her office — and not the merit of the evidence in the case.

The dismissal motion focused on statements Mosby made while announcing the charges against the officers on May 1 in front of the Baltimore War Memorial. The arguments on the recusal motion focused on the role Mosby and prosecutors played in her office's independent investigation of Gray's death.

Gray, 25, suffered a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody on April 12 and died from his injuries a week later.

Andrew Graham, a defense attorney for Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., argued that when Mosby publicly announced the charges against the officers on May 1, she "adopted and encouraged the public's cry of 'no justice, no peace,'" and that her statements tainted the jury pool.

"She handled this as though it was some sort of pep rally," Graham told Williams.

Chief Deputy State's Attorney Michael Schatzow said Mosby's comments were taken directly from a statement of charges and that Williams should consider the words she spoke and not accept the defense's "gross distortion of what she said." He said any effort to calm the unrest throughout the city served a "legitimate" law enforcement purpose.

Catherine Flynn, a defense attorney for Officer Garrett E. Miller, argued for the recusal of Mosby and repeated arguments made in written motions that prosecutors in Mosby's office became witnesses in the case through their independent investigation of Gray's death.

She said the court should decide on the issue prior to allowing the case to go to trial. Schatzow argued that prosecutors had no conflicts of interest, noting prosecutors regularly perform investigative tasks.

"None of these conflicts represent real conflicts that require recusal of anyone, let alone the entire State's Attorney's Office," he said.

Williams, who at times cut off both the defense attorneys and prosecutors arguing their points, raised questions about statements made by Mosby made, including when she answered a reporter's question about whether the police officers had cooperated with the investigation.

"It's inappropriate, and you know it," Williams said to Schatzow about that exchange.

But in his ruling, Williams said it was not within his authority to decide whether she had broken the Maryland Lawyer's Rules of Professional Conduct, which guide attorney behavior. That was for the Attorney Grievance commission to decide, he said.

The judge also said defense claims of conflicts of interests by Mosby and other prosecutors "didn't come close" to meriting their removal from the case. Williams called the alleged conflict based on Mosby's husband, Nick Mosby, serving as a City Councilman in the district where Gray was arrested "troubling and condescending."

At the conclusion of his remarks, Williams told attorneys to stop seeking media sound bites and making unsupported claims.

A gathering of media and sign-toting protesters began to form outside the courthouse around 8 a.m. -- an anticipated scene surrounding a case that has garnered international attention following rioting and unrest in the weeks following Gray's death.

Protesters began moving downtown toward the Inner Harbor area of downtown Baltimore with arms linked. At least one person was arrested. Protesters then headed north to Baltimore's police headquarters.

Goodson, the driver of the police van in which Gray was injured, is charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder. Sgt. Alicia D. White, Lt. Brian W. Rice and Officer William G. Porter are charged with manslaughter. Officers Edward M. Nero and Garrett E. Miller face lesser charges, including second-degree assault.

The officers have all pleaded not guilty. They waived their rights to attend Wednesday's hearing. Gray's family was also not expected to attend, according to their attorney.

Following Gray's death, peaceful protests against police brutality were staged across the city. But on the day of Gray's funeral on April 27, students and other residents began clashing with police officers near Mondawmin Mall, and portions of the city quickly spiraled into rioting, looting and arson.

More than 100 police officers were injured and more than 400 businesses were damaged amid the rioting, which prompted Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to institute a curfew and Gov. Larry Hogan to deploy the National Guard. Mosby announced charges against the officers on May 1, and they were later indicted by a grand jury.

Police have been preparing for the hearing by meeting with business leaders and law enforcement counterparts from agencies across the Baltimore region. They also canceled leave for officers on Wednesday and on Sept. 10, when a second hearing is scheduled on the defense motion to have the case moved out of Baltimore because of the tremendous amount of exposure it has had in the city.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Lily Earthling: Integrate Soul & Spirit to Earth internal source creation. Defeat invading AI

Lily Earthling: Integrate Soul & Spirit to Earth internal source creation. Defeat invading AI

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Lily Earthling Kolosowa: Integrate your Soul & Spirit to organic Earth internal source creation and defeat invading Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

You can access background and links here while you watch this interview. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Tommy Sotomayor: Straight Outta Compton Movie Review! Pt. 2 The Hypocrisy of Jews in America!

Tommy Sotomayor: Straight Outta Compton Movie Review! Pt. 2 The Hypocrisy of Jews in America!

MrMadness Sotomayor

Follow Tommy on twitter

Tommy Sotomayor: Straight Outta Compton Movie Review! Pt. 1 The Non Supportive Abusive Black Single Mom

Tommy Sotomayor: Straight Outta Compton Movie Review! Pt. 1 The Non Supportive Abusive Black Single Mom

MrMadness Sotomayor

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Benjamin Fulford Special Report - August 19, 2015 - China blast linked to cyber-warfare

Benjamin Fulford Special Report - August 19, 2015 - China blast linked to cyber-warfare

Gary Lite

Source - Benjamin Fulford

The recent blast in Tianjin China is linked to the ongoing cyber-war inolving the financial and intelligence communities of the world. The blast produced an electro-magnetic pulse that was directed at disabling the Tianhe.

One of the world’s most powerful super-computers, according to Pentagon sources. The attack was timed to coincide with the recent devaluation of the yuan, indicating that financial warfare linked to derivatives holdings at the large Western banks was a likely motive. Clearly the attack was also linked to ongoing negotiations between East and West over the future of the global political, economic and financial infrastructure. Pope Francis is trying to place himself as a peace-maker and intermediary in this ongoing power struggle/negotiation between East and West, according to P2 freemason sources.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Police Brutality 2015 Warning From Anonymous Police Harassment: ENOUGH!

Police Brutality 2015 Warning From Anonymous Police Harassment: ENOUGH!

Anonymous 2015

Anonymous 2015 Police Brutality Op. ☁☢☁☰☰☰✈✈
Worst Case Of Police Brutality. Police harassment, bad cops caught on tape, police beatings. This MUST end. We will NOT stop.
Anonymous 2015 Exposes Police Harassment and Bad Cops. - WE WILL EXPOSE ALL CORRUPT POLICE WE RECEIVE POSTS ON. WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL YOU DO. WE DO NOT FORGIVE - WE DO NOT FORGET - EXPECT US. - Share the channel and like. ☁☢☁☰☰☰✈✈

We Are Tired Of Police Brutality! Do the Police wear tool belts designed TO HURT YOU? Watch As YOUR Police "Protect And Serve" ... An Ass Beating That Is EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE...

Look in the mirror, you are a slave - white, black, any race. We are not telling you a lie we are showing what to expect. Anonymous wants you to know that 5 Billion dollars of surplus military weapons have been shipped to police departments IN YOUR City or Neighborhood.

This video in addition to all anonymous videos on this channel are not my creations but the creations of individuals with in activist collective known as Anonymous. Re-posted for open information sharing and networking purposes.

We must peacefully rise together, against police brutality, police repression, and against state violence. This is no longer a protest. This is an uprising. The time has come for more than simple justice for these atrocities. The time has come to draw a line in the sand and say, no more police killings, no more beatings, and no more deaths. Anonymous stands with the people that do not have a voice. We stand with the people united and together we say no more.

This video in addition to all anonymous videos on this channel are not my creations but the creations of individuals with in activist collective known as Anonymous. Re-posted for open information sharing and networking purposes.

Fair Use: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, uncovers the obscured and barbaric history of slavery to unearth important lessons that can and will shape the future. What is the truth about slavery?


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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Benjamin Fulford - Aug 3, 2015 - Khazarian terror plots thwarted, rumours of Aug 8th arrests run rampant

Benjamin Fulford - Aug 3, 2015 - Khazarian terror plots thwarted, rumours of Aug 8th arrests run rampant

Gary Lite

The latest alleged “attack Iran” plot came at a time that rumours of mass arrests of senior cabalists were once again flying over the internet. Sources at the CIA, the Asian Development Bank and the Federal Reserve Board all warned this writer of mass arrests, instigated by the Chinese, due to take place on August 8th.

he rumours were traced to the following article and related links:

A member of the Rothschild family once described this whatdoesitmean site as containing anywhere between 90% and 10% disinformation. He was nonetheless a faithful reader.

Tom Henegan, a site claiming to be linked to a joint US/French Intelligence task force, for its part, has issued a report linking the Queen’s cousin, the recently resigned King Juan Carlos of Spain, with the Bush family, 911 and the year 2000 stolen election. This site also claims Bin Laden’s sister was killed by MI5 to prevent Bin Laden’s sister from testifying.

It may be possible that the attacks on the British Royals come as the investigations into pedophilia networks in the UK power structure begin to hit serious nerves. UK police have just announced they will be investigating to see whether there was a cover-up of child sex allegations against former Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

ANONYMOUS: The New World Order is Almost Here. Wake Up Time To Break The Rules!

ANONYMOUS: The New World Order is Almost Here. Wake Up Time To Break The Rules!

Anonymous 2015

Anonymous New World Order Video. Time To Break The Rules Anonymous Urgent Update ✦ ☁☁☰✈✈ ✦ The New World Order Subscribe To The Anonymous Vs Illuminati Channel Now!
Google +

Game over - You should have expected us. We will create change.
Fuck The CIA, Fuck The FBI, Fuck The Police, Fuck The NSA and to you Mr. President Obama FUCK YOU TOO...
Sell-Out "BIGGIE BOW-TIE BEFORE I DIE". ☁☢☁☰☰☰✈✈ Obama is a sell-out to the people - A puppet for the Illuminati.

We would like to ask you, Are you happy with what you have allowed the United States to become? The entire country a war zone, People standing up for their rights and the city governments allowing the brutal beating and arresting the citizens across America. By allowing this to happen you are a disgrace to the presidency. Any past president would put their political careers aside and focus on the city streets of his own country. So far you have done nothing about the thousands of people arrested in the city streets for exorcising their First Amendment rights. Stop treating America like terrorists with the building of FEMA camps to house Americans that stand up against political control. Mr. President you had a dream of change when you were first elected but clearly you have sold out to the corporate injustices that every American involved in the Occupy movement are speaking out against.

You Mr. President are a FAILURE to AMERICA.

In fact you are building an ARMY, An ARMY of angry AMERICANS that will not allow the government to control every little aspect of their lives. It is only a matter of time before the people of America turn the tables and focus their revolution on True Freedom. And they will fight for it. By allowing the indefinite detention bill to pass you will turn EVERY citizen of America into a soldier, and the people of the United States will seek justice. America is not a war zone but you are going to allow it to become one if you do not address the issues at hand. This is a message that will not be unheard. Mr. President if you pass the indefinite detention bill you will be throwing the United States Constitution out the window, and by doing so will only result in the FAILURE of the United States. There are not enough people in the US armed Forces to stop every American citizen that will be closing in on the government buildings if you do not put the US Constitution FIRST!

We are moving everyday to make every American citizen ANONYMOUS. We Do Not Forgive We Do Not Forget - NSA, FBI, CIA, Government Expect Us.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Turn Off Your Facebook and Smartphone with Rainbow


This is the continuation of Rainbow talking about texting from the last video, and at the same time she gets deeper into what she feels about how our society is treating social media and other forms of information technologies and how they treat each other because of them. Rainbow explains how people are being disconnecting from one another and becoming Zombies instead of reconnecting with one another and using our modern day technologies ethically and responsibly.

Also, check out Smart Phone Users, What Are the 3 Most Common Mistakes That Destroy Your Health, & How To Avoid Them Once & For All?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Kentucky Man Arrested After Shooting Drone Out of Sky

Kentucky man arrested after shooting drone out of sky.

"Hello Everybody. This man is a hero. More people need to more of what he did, despite the consequences. We need to get behind this man, William Meredith in his fight against the system that is trying to prosecute him. Good luck, good fortune William and take care everybody." Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcome to Dystopia Episode 3: Rise of the Robots & Automation

Welcome to Dystopia Episode 3: Rise of the Robots & Automation

“Hello Everybody, This is Bear with this message regarding jobs and business. Most of us by now must know that job security is the thing of the past, in fact many jobs especially here in America have been decreasing tremendously.

Nowadays, it is easier to start and run a business than it is to get a job, no joke. Many jobs are lost to overseas or by foreigners who are more educated than most people in America, because our school system absolutely sucks as far as quality education is concerned among other things.

Now what happens if many to even all of the jobs out there are not scarce at all, but the bosses running the corporations are preparing jobs to be taking over and worked by Androids, Cyborgs, and other forms of Artificial life? I know this sound like science fiction, but folks, it is happening right NOW! It’s already happening in various places and corporations in America, and in other places internationally. This is something we will all have to think about and to prepare for at sometime in our lives, whether we like it or not.

Now is the time to reconsider owning your own business in anyway possible, whether it is opening your own barber shop, or working on online business, now it is the time to prepare for the possibility that not only will your social security will be obsolete, jobs for humans maybe obsolete as well.

There is a blog that you should click and listen to a man Texe Marrs who shed some light of the possibility of having intelligent sentient machines living among us, and how to best prepare for it. Click the url below NOW, get educated, be informed, be empowered, and enjoy.” Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Robot Alchemy: Androids, Cyborgs, and the Magic of Artificial Life, In Business and In Life


Jason Burack and Eric Dubin returned for Episode #3 of the new Welcome to Dystopia Podcast!

In this episode, Jason and Eric go in depth about robotics and automation and Martin Ford's new book on the subject, Rise of the Robots is talked about extensively. The book, Rise of the Robots, may be purchased here: or on audio book on Audible.

Additional references about automation and robotics used or talked about in this podcast include:

Many more academic white papers available on the subject, just Google "jobs lost to robots statistics."

Also, take a look at the short You Tube documentary on robots and automation, Humans Need Not Apply.

Jason and Eric extensively discuss robotics, why robots are improving so quickly now compared to decades past, what industries they might disrupt first and how to protect yourself from losing your income to automation and robotics.

If you have additional ideas for show topics, comments or want to nominate a politician, bureaucrat or government agent for Scumbag of the Week Award, please use #welcometodystopia to get a hold of us on Twitter.

Welcome to Dystopia logo contest is still ongoing.

Article from this week's scumbag of the week award referencing training in China for handling corruption scandals: