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Angel of Destiny

Title: Angel of Destiny

Channeled on: Friday September 8, 2006, (through Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle & Standing Bear Thunder Heart)

Hello, my Adamic friends! My name is Atikula, one of the angels of destiny. I am here to tell you that you are reaching a critical time right now, not just in your hisotry, but in your evolution as well. Now, my people and I don't usually come down and do something like this, but we felt now it is the time for me at least, to tell you what needs to be said. The reason I am here is because I do need to let you know that you do have the power to alter your own destiny when you choose to do so. See, there was a time when we did not interfere or didn't even pay much attention to you guys, not to insult you guys, but the fact that you were created in your Creator's image, and therefore you guys had the ability to create your own destinies and your own reality's in your own lives. Of course somewherre down the line, you guys have gotten away from that, ie, gotten from being connected with the Supreme Creator Source, and so as a result, your lives within and outside yourselves have become imbalanced throughout the few millenia. Since you guys care about power through controlling others, rather than mastery over yourselves, you have forgotten how to control your own fate, but more importantly you stopped believing and applying what you knew in your heart all along of your own power but choose not to use it. You know how the old saying goes. You either make decisions in life, or life will make decisions for you. But I'll take this further. Not only will life make decisions for you, but other people that lack self mastery, and domniate others will control you as well. Do you honestly think that it just happens on individual levels? No! It happens on individuals, collectives, cultural, familial, institutional, oh hell, all life around you. You can make this more ridiculous than it already is. If you don't start believing in yourselves no one else will. And that's how much longer it will take for you to re-vamp this world. Now what would you rather have? A life full of disease that you complacently allowed to happen, or a life with problems that you know you can easily fix? It's all a matter of your attitude. And if you keep up this attitude of complacency and lack of caring for yourselves and others in the world around you, you will be the cause of the death of your own people and planet faster than the regeneration of your people. If you humans don't care enough to help yourselves, tell me, why should we angels, your ancestors, other extra-terrestrials, and forces of the highest good even care to help you? This can be a win-win for all. But if you don't do your part, everyone fails. And I do mean everyone. The balance, the natural order of the world and the cosmos, believe it or not are affected by you, and you are affected by it. We are a team, us outside forces and you Adamic humans. If you can't get along with your own brethren, what makes you think you can get along with us? You might as well do many of us a favor and shoot yourrselves if you want to continue to create the imbalance in the world and the cosmos. You have a choice. What will it take for you to step up to the plate and fight for justice in your daily lives no matter how big or small? If you could see things from our point of view, you wouldn't be living in stupidity. AIDS, wars, natural disasters, and many other misfortunes and tragedies happen to bring you and the world back to balance, but some of you still don't budge, while having this mentality of "this is not my problem." I'll give you a good example of what I'm talking about. As many of you should be aware by now, that Russell Simmons' campaign fight for the AIDS epidemic in Africa, he said it best when he said this, "If the people there are dying, then so are we." But not just that, but it's also a huge problem for the rest of the world, and you have a lot of nerve to think, "that is not my problem?" Too many of you are selfish and ungrateful and even abusive to yourselves, to your so called loved ones, and everything around you. You have empty lives because you trash each other to your own graves. Nothing makes you happy anymore because you have forgotten your roots, not ethnic, or cultural, or geographical, but as a child of God. Instead you like to focus on despair and hopelessness, living out of fear. You think you have no control of your lives, but you do beyond your beliefs, that's why the few corrupt in power must dominate you, because of the power you possess. Domination, that is the exact opposite of your true nature. When you fight this oppressive power of a consciousness, you give not only yourselves a chance, but the entire Universe a chance to graduate. Not that we're counting on you, but that's partially why we're invested in helping you, too. Now look, consider this as just simply a warning, not a teaching. Why? Because you have to want to be taught. You have to want to learn. You have to want to evolve, heal, learn, and transcend yourselves. One of the ways that you can do so is to be in connection not only with your inner selves, and also the Supreme Creator Source, and all of its helpers of the highest good of all, to create balance and to help you teach the ways of self mastery, in order to create the balance that is needed. It is up to all of you as a collective. My peace here is done. Hopefully I will be seeing you guys on better terms. Truth does not always have to hurt, but you can use it to transcend yourselves. Stop hoping and praying only. Hope is a crutch. Start to take action by looking at yourselves in the mirror. It is up to you now to make the decisions that you need to make. Quit pointing fingers and start facing the real problems that are in front of you, and start taking responsibility for your own lives. Despite what society, religion, institutions, your so called family members, associates, friends, authority figures, and your own governments of this world program you to believe that you have no power within you at all, you have more so than sometimes you want to believe. The power to run your destiny to the fullest. You just have to believe it, know it, and own up to it. Let me put it to you this way, the same type of people that program you about not having power, how can they even tell you who has the power and who doesn't? Those figures that I just mentioned don't even have the power to help themselves, or to run their own destinies. That is the reason why they're running yours. Now, are you gonna take that, or are you gonna rise up and take your power back in any way, shape, or form, as long as it is going towards having balance for yourself and all life around you. It is up to you to figure out how you are going to do this. And not all of you are going to do it the same way. As long as you are able to find common ground, despite your differences you all can evolve and continue to evolve to new levels. Now you guys have a lot to do and you have short time to make the corrections that are needed to be made. So I suggest you get started and get moving. So I am done for right now. I must ascend now. I am Atikula, Angel of Destiny, one of the angels of destiny.

© 2006, We The People, Now!!!

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