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Veritas Radio - Major Ed Dames - Hour 1 of 2 - Major Ed Dames - The Innate Ability of Remote Viewing

Veritas Radio - Major Ed Dames - Hour 1 of 2 - Major Ed Dames - The Innate Ability of Remote Viewing


Veritas Radio - Major Ed Dames - Hour 1 of 2 - Major Ed Dames Knowing the Unknowable: The Innate Ability of Remote Viewing


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S y n o p s i s

Decorated army officer Major Ed Dames tells the shocking true story of his time as operations and training officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's top-secret Psychic Intelligence Unit. Together with his PSI Spyteam, Dames used the practice of remote viewing to uncover accurate and verifiable military intelligence by going where no intel operatives on the ground could go -- into the very mind of the enemy. After retiring from the military, he turned his paranormal detective skills to finding missing persons such as millionaire pilot Steve Fossett, whose plane vanished in Nevada, and a young Colorado girl named Christina White, who disappeared seemingly without a trace. He has even located one of the most legendary missing objects in history, the Ark of the Covenant. Cosmic Columbo Major Ed Dames takes us behind the scenes of some of his most mind-bending cases. He reveals true stories and fascinating secrets uncovered by the military's remote viewing teams--from intelligence on Soviet missile sites to the whereabouts of missing POWs in Vietnam to the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Net Neutrality: Fact & Fiction -- Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

Net Neutrality: Fact & Fiction -- Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks

Join Ben and special guest Jonathan Strickland as they explore the rumors and facts surrounding the FCC's Open Internet ruling.

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GERALD CELENTE - How To Survive The Coming Apocalypse. Guns, Gold, Cash, Food & Getaway Plan (P 2)

GERALD CELENTE - How To Survive The Coming Apocalypse. Guns, Gold, Cash, Food & Getaway Plan (P 2)

Elite NWO Agenda


GERALD CELENTE - How To Survive The Coming Apocalypse. Guns, Gold, Cash, Food & Getaway Plan (P 2)

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Treasury Department was set to spend $200,000 dollars on survival kits to be delivered to every major bank in the United States which would include a solar blanket, food bar, water-purification tablets, a dust mask, bandages and medicines amongst numerous other items.

"The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country," Purchasing train tickets with cash, exiting a train before or after other passengers, or appearing calm or nervous are all examples of behavior that Amtrak "suspicious activity."

Amtrak ticket agents. JPMorgan Chase has irked its customers by imposing new capital controls that mandate identification for cash deposits and ban cash being deposited into another person’s account.

The Justice Department is ordering bank employees to consider calling the cops on customers who withdraw $5,000 dollars or more, a chilling example of how the war on cash is intensifying.

Banks are already required to file 'suspicious activity reports' on their customers, with threats of fines and even jail time for directors if financial institutions don’t meet quotas."
The move is another example of how banks are becoming increasingly invasive and restrictive with how they treat their customers, while crypto-currency alternatives like Bitcoin offer total anonymity. Chase claims it is imposing the changes to prevent money laundering, although the policy is likely to cause massive inconvenience for families, such as parents who wish to deposit cash in accounts belonging to children who are away at college.

Meanwhile, in the UK, HSBC is now interrogating its account holders on how they earn and spend their money as well as restricting large cash withdrawals for customers from £5000 upwards. A larger global currency shift is underway… "gerald celente" survival apocalypse cash tax banking "bank account" surveillance money savings "savings account" 2015 2016 "cash deposit" withdrawal investment investing hsbc u.s. "united states" usa america "goldman sachs" gold history collapse "end game" bugout plan prepper prepare food news entertainment trending "bugout plan" food society "credit card" debt credit travel adventure tent account "gold coin" funding "elite nwo agenda" jsnip4 demcad trends in the news illuminati rothschild rothchilds cashless civil war russia ww3 ukraine nuke chicago false flag attack military industrial complex fcc canada ukip election revolution we the people anonymous 1% bilderberg 2015 george soros race war

Things are definitely in motion. Call it a game of musical chairs, or an exercise in rearranging chairs on the Titanic, or just that a tilting balance of power. Just don't make the mistake of thinking this is all routine. And these are just the losses that we know about so far. It will be many months before the full scope of the financial devastation caused by the Swiss National Bank is fully revealed. But of course the same thing could be said about the crash in the price of oil that we have witnessed in recent weeks. These two “black swan events” have set financial dominoes in motion all over the globe. At this point we can only guess how bad the financial devastation will ultimately be. The "perfect-storm" of geopolitical instability, diplomatic isolation, severe currency depreciation, and economic decline now confronting Russia has profoundly damaged Moscow's international standing, and possibly for the long-term.

Because, if and when hyperinflation starts people will quickly realize that their dollars are worthless. And as we have seen time and again, and most recently in Russia, when a currency rapidly loses its value the public will have no option but to panic buy everything that isn’t nailed down in an effort to unload their diminishing purchasing power before their currency is completely worthless. Williams says you will know hyperinflation is starting by watching the dollar. Being that we are undoubtedly involved in an economic war right here and now, it certainly makes sense that Russia and China will eventually move to crush the dollar. They’re not ready yet, but they will be soon. Imagine that next time around it happens to not just EBT cards, but ATM’s and bank accounts, or that the U.S. dollar itself crashes to such an extent that it is no longer feasible as a mechanism of exchange. The only saving grace you’ll have are the physical assets in your possession – your arable land, long-term food stores, gold and silver, and the post-collapse labor skills you've developed.

Gerald Celente -- We Are Living In The Last Days of America

Gerald Celente -- We Are Living In The Last Days of America

Soros Documentary

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Greatest video of Soros
George Soros Predictions - Analysis for Economics All Time

George Soros Insight for future

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Soros Prediction futures

George Soros Mortgage Crisis, And The Credit Crash Solution

George Soros 'a New Economic Reality'

Davos: Is Market Safer on 2015? Starring George

Prediction of Gold in future George Soros at World Economic Forum

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Why People CAN'T Fight Back Against the Bankers and New World Order's Global Control!

Why People CAN'T Fight Back Against the Bankers and New World Order's Global Control!

The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth

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The New World Order has complete control over the world, toppling nations governments, destroying sovereignty, murdering, stealing, and every other negative possibility. Economically, the power structure has been able to maintain full control as we see the regulations benefiting the bankers as they prepare to perform bail-in, a levy, a "one off" tax, and countless other schemes of devaluation of our savings. The general public is unfortunately, too busy, too preoccupied with the Rockefeller, Carnegie and other globalists program of an overloaded busy lifestyle, countless distractions such as TV, paying the bills, etc. The general public CAN'T fight back against this system of control.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Benjamin Fulford, Was World War 3 Called Off?

Benjamin Fulford, Was World War 3 Called Off?

Vincent Eastwood


HOUR 1: Benjamin Fulford discusses the growing resistance among some elites to the New World Order and how this is not a cause to sit back and relax for the rest of us, but a crucial time to join the fight and push back as hard as we can while we still can!


HOUR 1: Benjamin Fulford, Was World War 3 Called Off?

Gay Rappers & Rituals

Gay Rappers & Rituals

Ridder K

How things go down in Hollywood.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Health News & AI Advancements: Coast To Coast AM - March 16, 2015

Health News & AI Advancements: Coast To Coast AM - March 16, 2015

Conflict March

In the first half, biomedical research pioneer Dr. Joel Wallach spoke about the human body's innate ability to heal itself through natural means and supplementation. Our current health care system does not encourage people to take care of themselves, and Big Pharma seeks to treat people over long periods of time, as they wouldn't make as much money curing people of their ailments in a matter of months, he commented. For thousands of years, humans unknowingly supplemented their diet with minerals by putting wood ashes in their gardens, but with the advent of electricity, people stopped burning wood, and encountered more health problems from mineral deficiencies, he said.

The top 20 cultures for longevity around the world all have rare earth (trace minerals) in their soil, he reported. Vegans, he noted, need to supplement their diet with extra nutrients, unless they're living in an environment that is very high in minerals. Wallach argued that cholesterol is an essential nutrient, and not actually the source of problems. But the statin drugs that are prescribed to millions cause a variety of diseases and disorders including Alzheimer's and hormonal imbalances, he remarked. For more, check out Dr. Wallach's show, Dead Doctors Radio.


In the second half, author James Barrat talked about the quickly approaching time when we will share our planet with intelligent machines, and addressed how corporations and government agencies are pouring billions into AI, and the possible dangers that may come with this technology. Artificial neural networks based on the way the human mind works have dramatically increased the power of AI software in the last year, and big players like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are acquiring AI companies, with plans to harness the technology for business purposes, he detailed.

While inventor Ray Kurzweil and roboticist Rodney Brooks told Barrat they're optimistic about the coming of AI-- they believe it's not an alien invasion but machines we create ourselves, sci-fi legend Arthur C. Clarke's comment that "intelligence will win out in whatever form," planted a seed of doubt in Barrat's mind. As all electronic products become "cognitized" in a smart grid, users will have incredible conveniences, yet they will also become more vulnerable and dependent, he cautioned. While Kurzweil believes we can create all the nuances of the human brain in a machine, Barrat expressed concern, and suggested that we shouldn't anthropomorphise robots-- they are machines who do not think like us, and may have their own goals and agendas as their intelligence expands.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Robert Felix

Dead Doctors Don't Lie

Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures

Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era

Last, but not least, go check out Robot Alchemy: Androids, Cyborgs, and the Magic of Artificial Life, In Business and In Life

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Have fun. Win prizes. Make Money.

Have fun. Win prizes. Make Money. It's free to join and that means it's affordable...

Spin - Win - Make Money

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Synthetic People Transhumanism BioDigital Humans Robotoids Hybrids

Synthetic People Transhumanism BioDigital Humans Robotoids Hybrids


REAL HUMANS BEINGS will be a thing of the PAST!! She could be an organic robotoid, if not she is the symbolization for THEM that I believe are a reality its all classified they only show us movie props and say look at the latest tech we have and its ridiculous like the tech NASA show us on the ISS lol its all just cheap 2dollar props ... regardless of what and who she is under serve Masonic Mind Control to the point of a robotic personality like all of THEM , fake and plastic persona's with one function to enforce the satanic New World Order and sell shit they keep the masses distracted.

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Sorry to all that clicked on to watch but could not... I will have to look into uploaded in a different format next video its unbelievable how you tube cant or wont change format automatically to suit players.

Last, but not least, go check out Robot Alchemy: Androids, Cyborgs, and the Magic of Artificial Life, In Business and In Life