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ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of Hope

ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of Hope

Author Debra Jayne East

In the past decade people all over the world have become fascinated with orbs—the opaque circular features that appear unexpectedly in photographs. In fact, the popularity of this phenomenon has risen so much that serious research has been done on them. Books have been written about what they could be, how they’re produced, and all of the scientific aspects of these beautiful spheres of light. However, one question has gone unanswered: what does their appearance mean? Orbs: Their Mission & Messages of Hope explains that these fascinating circles of light are here for a specific purpose—to bring us hope.
Written by orb expert and former Stanford and NASA materials science researcher Klaus Heinemann, together with his wife, Gundi Heinemann, a healing arts practitioner, this book is a grounded and visionary presentation of facts and experiences in orb photography. They offer convincing new results addressing the skeptic and numerous reports of meaningful orb encounters from people all over the world. This book delves deep into the magical and exciting world of orbs—how and when they appear to us—and explores what these emanations from Spirit Beings are trying to communicate.

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Suicide by Spiritual Adviser Rainbow

Suicide by Spiritual Adviser Rainbow


Rainbow speaks her mind about the topic of suicide.>

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Ben Fulford says : Torture report paves way for arrest of top Nazionists - 14 Dec 2014

Ben Fulford says : Torture report paves way for arrest of top Nazionists - 14 Dec 2014


By Ben Fulford

The 500 page report of Bush era torture issued by the US Senate marks a major turning point in US power. While much of what is in the report is old news to most aware humans, the fact that it was issued by the US Senate Intelligence Committee and the fact that it was widely reported on in the corporate propaganda media is very important. For one thing it shows that Nazi faction of the cabal no longer controls the corporate media. It confirms information given to me earlier that the Cohen faction of the cabal had broken ranks with the Bush faction.

Even more important is that, according to establishment rules, once an incident is "in the news" then action must be taken. Since the United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, it means their government is bound by law to prosecute war criminals. This means, just as we predicted last week, that George Bush Jr. and the entire Nazi (Neo-con) faction of the cabal, are headed for jail and possibly even the death penalty.

The release of this report comes as the British Crown Prince William was in Washington to "attend a World Bank conference." Japanese government sources say that while in Washington, William signed treaties that confirmed a change of ownership of the corporate government of the United States. However, MI5 sources could only confirm that William did sign some documents. The timing of the release of the torture report may have been linked to that.

Also, remember how Bush Jr. and Tony Blair each went for private audiences with pope malevolent (Benedict XVI) after they left office? They were showing the world they had a powerful protector and were beyond prosecution. Well, the new Pope Francis and the P2 have taken away their immunity and that is why war crimes trials are now possible.

The UN, UK government officials, the Chinese and many others are clamoring for this right now.

Some of the top Bush clients around the world are now, understandably, running scared because their big patron is losing. One of these is the Dalai Lama, a hypocritical Nazi murderer who was refused an audience with the pope last week. This means he has no protection. Another one is the Sultan of Brunei who, according to CIA agents in South East Asia, has always been one of the key money launderers for the Bush world wide narcotics business. A third is the Agha Khan, a descendant of the Prophet Mohamed who runs a lot of the Al Qaeda type of stuff for the Bush faction, according to MI5 sources.

The Agha Khan, the Dalai Lama and the Sultan of Brunei were all members of a secretive committee that controlled global collateral account funds that were meant to be used for the benefit of the people of the planet but were instead mostly embezzled.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Philadelphia based source who predicted such things as the attack on Malaysian airlines, is now saying the Bushes and their cabalists have stolen US dollar funds belonging to the Russian and Venezuelan governments. This comes after their recent theft of the Japanese government pension fund.

For that reason, the people who run the UK pound and Euro systems have been by-passing the US controlled SWIFT system and are routing their transactions through Hong Kong, according to Chinese sources. In public this can be confirmed by a statement issued last week by IMF director Christine Lagarde:

"The IMF’s membership has been calling on and was expecting the United States to approve the IMF’s 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms by year-end. Adoption of the reforms remains critical to strengthen the Fund’s credibility, legitimacy, and effectiveness, and to ensure it has sufficient permanent resources to meet its members' needs. I have now been informed by the U.S. Administration that the reforms are not included in the budget legislation currently before the U.S. Congress. I have expressed my disappointment to the U.S authorities and hope that they continue to work toward speedy ratification. As requested by our membership, we will now proceed to discuss alternative options for advancing quota and governance reforms and ensuring that the Fund has adequate resources, starting with an Executive Board meeting in January 2015."

Translation: the Europeans are going to dump the Americans and join the BRICS alliance starting in January.

There has also been an ongoing tectonic plate shift in the Middle East. The Pentagon has now joined with the Russians, the Turks, the Iranians to work with Syria against the Salafist forces in Syria, according to the Mossad linked Debka newsletter.

This is very bad news for Saudi Arabia and other top benefactors of the Bush controlled petro-dollar system.

The plunge in oil prices, with the market now talking $40 a barrel, is another sign the petrodollar system is in trouble. A price this low has already almost certainly bankrupted some major financial companies. Another indication that something is going down is the fact that the Baltic Dry Index is down to its lowest level since immediately after the Lehman Brothers shock. Well, remember all those dead JP Morgan bankers, most of them involved in IT and computer based algorithmic trading? There is growing talk that JP Morgan is going to be the next Lehman Brothers.

Certainly people at the Federal Reserve Board and the US Treasury Department are expecting something nasty to happen. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is seeking “survival kits for its employees.” These include emergency food supplies, blankets, water purifiers etc.

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Bitcoin Wealth Alliance

Hello Everybody.

Don't you hate it when you see a huge opportunity, and don't make a move to grab it with both hands?

You know, like that time you absolutely knew that stock was going to skyrocket, or that real estate was getting ready to boom… or when oil was at $9 a barrel!

And all you could do is stand there kicking yourself with “would've” “should've” or “could've”….

It is a terrible feeling, and if you are reading this email, there is a reason: you are about to kick yourself, because somewhere deep down you know that Bitcoin is exactly the same kind of opportunity… and it’s knocking on your door!

If you haven't already, it is vitally important that you take the time to listen to what Chris Dunn has to say about trading Bitcoin.

Chris has a unique take on Bitcoin because he is a seasoned trader. I am not - I just buy and hold my Bitcoin. But I've got to admit, I really like what Chris has to say in this excellent free video.

Watch it now and learn his killer two part secret that he claims anyone can use to exponentially increase profits and explode returns.

You absolutely must watch this video.


Standing Bear Thunder Heart

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December 2014 Breaking News DARPA Superhuman Cyborgs Transhumanism Artificial Intelligence dangers

December 2014 Breaking News DARPA Superhuman Cyborgs Transhumanism Artificial Intelligence dangers


December 2014 Breaking News World's First Robot Pilot Ready to Replace Humans

December 2014 Breaking News Computers that teach by example - New computer system enables pattern-recognition systems to convey what they learn to humans

2014 Breaking News IBM Develops First Brain-Like Computer Chip TrueNorth

December 2014 Breaking News Anyone working in artificial intelligence: "It's our responsibility to think about all of the consequences good and bad", he told me. "We've had the same debate about atomic power and nanotechnology. With any powerful technology there's always the dialogue about how do you use it deliver the most benefit and how it can be used to deliver the most harm

December 2014 Breaking News Swarms of Cooperative, Autonomous Robots to Hit Battlefields - Future wars will be fought by interconnected robots

December 2014 Breaking News Norway Joins the Race to Develop Killer Robots - Norway is a large exporter of weapons, which makes the resolution of the debate about creating killer robots an important issue for everyone

Robot Army Mind Meld Study Leading to DARPA's Killer Robot Army

December 2014 DARPA Superhuman Cyborgs Transhumanism Artificial Intelligence dangers Telsa motors and SpaceX Elan Musk & Physicist Stephen Hawking Artificial Intelligence threat to human race demons

December 2014 Breaking News New Age Trans humanism Cyborgs deception UFO's Aliens Demons Fallen Angels Postmodernism Emerging Emergent Church Mysticism ISLAM religion mythology Black Magic Alchemy

December 2014 Breaking news Elon Musk Warns Against Developing Artificial Intelligence, Compares It to Summoning Demons

November 2014 Breaking News UFO's Fallen Angels New World Order - last days end times news update part 1 of 5

November 2014 Breaking News UFO's ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels New World Order part 2 of 5 - last days end times news prophecy update

November 2014 Breaking News UFO.s Fallen Angels New World Order - last days end times news update part 3 of 5

November 2014 Breaking News UFO's ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels New World Order part 4 of 5 - last days end times news prophecy update

November 2014 Breaking News UFO.s Nephilim Aliens Fallen Angels Channeling Spirits Demons deceit trans humanism Animal Human Hybrid NASA New World Order Anti Christ Lucifer Jesus Blood - last days end times news update part 5 of 5

November 2014 Breaking News Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA Genetic engineering Last days news

November 2014 Breaking News Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA 1 of 5 - Last days news prophecy

November 2014 Breaking News Final Hour CHRISLAM interfaith prayer Pope Francis Israel Jewish & Palestine Islam

November 2014 Breaking News Chrislam Emerging Emergent Church False Teaching Rick Warren False unbiblical Purpose Driven life

November 2014 Breaking News Bible Prophecy 666 The Mark of the beast part 1

November 2014 Breaking News 666 The Mark Unleashed - Stephen Baldwin

Robot Alchemy: Androids, Cyborgs, and the Magic of Artificial Life, In Business and In Life

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Bill Cosby from Healer Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Bill Cosby from Healer Standing Bear Thunder Heart


Standing Bear Thunder Heart speaks his mind regarding Bill Cosby and the recently allegations of sexual assaults from 22 different women since 1965, whom many of them are themselves celebrities, from Janice Dickinson to Carla Ferrigno. Bear also speaks about Cosby's background and the reasons why after so many years of these women not speaking out, now why all of the sudden are they speaking out now. Bear says that there are people behind the curtain attempting to bring Cosby down after Cosby wrote a book many years ago called, "Come On People," in which he preaches that Black people in America must free themselves from their own ignorance and take responsibility of cleaning up their communities and raising their families like they were supposed to do. Also, Bear comments on two recent videos he watched regarding Cosby from David Carroll and Stefan Molyneux from and comments on what they both said about him.

Bear speaks about a bigger conspiracy reality going on, so now sit back and enjoy the talk.

22 Bill Cosby Accusers: Complete Breakdown of the Allegations

Why Black Hate Bill Cosby (David Carroll)

The Truth About Bill Cosby (Stefan Molyneux)

Spirituality and Healing

Conspiracy Realism and Disclosure, Online Marketing Success with Bear & Rainbow

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Texting from Business Woman Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

Texting from Business Woman Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle expresses her opinion about texting as a form of communication and she feels about the level of seriousness from using texting to using a telephone, or even skyping people as a form of real, fast, serious, and effective communication, rather than wasting time via texting alone.


Abundance Nine

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Messages From Mars – by Matteo Ianneo

Messages From Mars – by Matteo Ianneo

Ancient civilizations devised ingenious methods to reach out across the vastness of space and time to send messages to the present.

How could those prehistoric societies know there would be anyone in the future to receive the messages? How could the information be preserved for eternities? What messages from the past would be of interest to the present and future?

What if the ancient civilizations were perceived by the present to be only a myth, or worse, a hoax? How could the message be transmitted in such a way as to guarantee there would be no mistaking the sender?

All great civilizations are aware that history runs in repeating cycles. Empires rise, flourish and decay. Rulers construct monumental tributes to their own lives. Time rots all that is not stone.

On Earth, many great ancient civilizations have been discovered buried in the sand, covered by the canopy of the jungle, flooded by the seas. Humans have a habit of attributing anything they cannot see with their own eyes to legend, fable and myth.

Modern technology has precluded the need for people travel to Alexandria to be certain that the Sphinx is genuine. Photographs and movies show Inca cultures abandoned for millennia and consumed by the trees.

Now, researcher Matteo Ianneo has devoted many years of his life to photo reconnoissance of Mars. Matteo’s astonishing discoveries has been featured in the media, on the news, in books and on the most popular websites in the world.

Matteo's own website profiling his Mars discovers of ancient civilizations has leaped into the top 5% of all websites, worldwide, according to independent web analytics authority ALEXA.COM.

Matteo's books are widely available and can be ordered on

Matteo's channel on youtube features incredible photo illustrations and delightful music, so enchanting that they been viewed by thousands!

We don’t know who constructed the temples and buildings on Mars, but we know they are there, thanks to the careful eye and tireless work of Matteo Ianneo.

An ancient temple on the planet Mars. ©



Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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Try Veg

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men." Alice Walker, Author and Activist

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vegan Video

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." Albert Einstein

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday Riots - The Zombie Apocalypse Begins

Hello Everybody. How was your Thanksgiving? Our Thanksgiving was celebrated a few days earlier, and we are usually thankful everyday anyways. I, Bear hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. One of the things I am very thankful about is that I have my own mind to follow my own path, rather than following the crowd and the programs from our society, the media, and the government. It's time we start to prepare ourselves for the Zombie Apocalypse, because for the past few years alone, Black Friday has been proof of what people would are "sleep-walking" would do for materials that don't really last very long, and instead ignore the importance of spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the things that really matter in life. We have been living in a materialistic society for far too long, that now it is now catching up to this society, and if we don't heal this, and wake up, many of us will literally perish, or even worse, become a Zombie.

One of the best ways to combat this is to find out what is really important to you and what do you really want out of life. It's time to stop watching so much television, because it is called television programming for a reason, and unfortunately, many people are already programmed to worry about what they can get out of Black Friday, yet they aren't paying attention of all the criminal acts that our governments are doing along with their corporate masters on Wall Street, The Military Industrial Complex, and all the secret societies who are part of New World Order scheme of things. People need to research and start to seek the truth for themselves, and re-educate themselves when they need to. We must all start to take responsibility of our thoughts, words, feelings, attitudes, lifestyles, and destiny, our own lives in general. We must know what materialism really means in order to break from it and get back to what really matters.


1. A tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than intellectual, cultural, and spiritual values.

2. The doctrine that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications. It regards matter and its motions as constituting the universe, and all phenomena, including those of mind, as due to material agencies.

We need to get back to having intellectual, cultural and spiritual values once again if we are going to be free to the fullest as mature evolved, human beings. One of the ways of feeding our intellectual values are through reading and researching the truth for yourselves. One way of feeding your cultural values are simply to go out and talk, and even interact with different kinds of people, offline and online, and learn to become compassionate towards those who are different than you, and at the same time, know thyself so you will know who you really are, rather than everybody and everything else tell you who you are. It's time to take your power back, and when you are ready to take your power back, Rainbow and I will be ready to help you do so. Until then, stay awake, stay vigilant, and stay empowered, oh, and Happy Holidays to you all. Take care and enjoy.

Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Winter Holidays, & Mark Dice with Bear

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Winter Holidays, & Mark Dice with Bear from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

Black Friday, History Manipulation, and Political Changes with Bear and Draven

Black Friday, History Manipulation, and Political Changes with Bear and Draven from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

BLACK FRIDAY RIOTS - Zombie Plague Sweeping Across America Right Now

BLACK FRIDAY SALES & RIOTS Arrive to the UK - Big Corporations Pushing Black Friday in UK


BLACK FRIDAY RIOTS - Zombie Plague Sweeping Across America Right Now

Watch black friday madness today vs. the civil people we were back in 1983. It is our sad state of reality. Prepare yourselves... Watch black friday madness today vs. the civil people we were back in 1983. It is our sad state of reality. Prepare yourselves…

While not hyperinflating, the slow and insidious diminishment of the fiat US Dollar’s purchasing power (and thus the living standards of lower- and middle-class Americans – who are not balls deep invested in the US stock ‘market’) is nowhere more evident than in the soaring costs of Thanksgiving Day dinner during the Fed’s 100 year reign…

In 1909… Thanksgiving Day Dinner cost $0.50… In 2014… Thanksgiving Day Dinner costs $30.00 Black Friday madness has once again descended, with video footage showing people viciously squabbling over TVs and other electronic goods, showcasing the very worst aspects of human nature.

If the clips below are anything to go by, the United Kingdom is now rivaling America for Black Friday insanity, with police being called out to numerous stores across the country to deal with fighting and other disturbances. However, the U.S. was by no means immune to the chaos. The clip below shows people brawling over hi-fi systems at a store in Michigan City, Indiana.

Another clip shows police tasering a man in Walmart.Another video currently going viral compares the relatively sanguine Black Friday of the 1980′s with today’s zombie-fest. The video below splices clips taken from George A. Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead with images of Black Friday. It’s hard to tell the difference. At least the zombies in Romero’s film moved a lot slower. Meanwhile, the image below, taken at an Asda store in the UK, wouldn’t look out of place in any movie about the undead, just replace the flat screen TVs with brains. No this is not a scene from Dawn of the Dead but it could be. #BlackFriday Mark Dice’s annual trolling of Black Friday shoppers who shunned their families on Thanksgiving to line up outside stores was met with the usual blank stares commonly affiliated with lobotomy patients. A Thanksgiving Message from Ron Paul Thankful for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights From Cabela’s to Wal-Mart guns will be on sale a everywhere on Black Friday, and what better time is there to load up on a firearm? The manic shopping frenzy lands right before Christmas and right in the midst of deer hunting season.

With the expected increase in gun sales the Federal Bureau of Investigation is gearing up for a dense wave of background check requests.

There are more than 48,000 gun retailers in the U.S., according to the Associated Press. For every sale, cashiers must call in a check to the FBI or to other approved agency to insure that the customer does not have a criminal record.

When the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, was implemented in 1998, the FBI oversaw around 9 million checks. Last year that number inflated to more than 21 million.

Union-backed labor campaign OUR Walmart say this Friday will be their biggest strike yet.

OUR Walmart first burst onto the scene two years ago, when it used Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, to launch an unprecedented, nationwide strike against Walmart. The group originally demanded that Walmart pay all employees a base salary of at least $25,000 per year, but has since joined with striking fast food workers in demanding at least $15 per hour.

"black friday" 2014 sales sale shopping thanksgiving chaos shop walmart target "united states" u.s. usa america "made in china" viral social society animal trends trending trendy news "collapse of society" "social media" tv tech gadgets fight battle consumer consumerism war zombie "zombie apocalypse" prepper prepare survival food supermarket shopping christmas "new year sale" "boxing day" china import export factory warehouse amazon security open 2015 "elite nwo agenda" gerald celente david icke alex jones infowars coast to coast am anonymous max keiser glenn beck demcad jsnip4 rawdogletard montegraph false flag conspiracy end game symbolism happiness

Workers affiliated with OUR Walmart claim the retailer pays so little that some employees don’t even have the means to feed their families. strikers, sometimes by firing them. Black Friday weekend is the year’s biggest promotional event for most major U.S. retailers, and yet there are prominent holdouts ignoring it — or at least being discreet about their specials.

Tiffany & Co., Dollar Tree Inc. and T.J. Maxx are among the chains that aren’t promoting Black Friday on their websites. That’s a sharp contrast with the supersized fonts advertising sales at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Macy’s Inc. and Best Buy Co. brand.

WARNING: Civil Unrest and RIOTS Coming to Your City as Economy Falls!

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Italian Unemployment Rate Rises to Record, Above Forecasts
The 2014 Black Friday Frenzy: America Goes Shopping, In Photos
Black Friday 2014: Fight breaks out at Walmart over Barbie doll, more incidents THE MADNESS OF A LOST SOCIETY
SGT SGTReport SGTBull07
Medicine and Meat Out of Reach Amid Ukrainian Price Shock
A total of 730,322 abortions were reported to CDC for 2011 Obama changes tune on immigration: Yes, I changed the law.


The Rise and Fall of the American Shopping Mall

From retail to e-tail, is Cyber Monday the new Black Friday? Indoor malls have been in decline ever since consumers discovered online shopping, and many retail spaces are either closing or being repurposed as shopping habits evolve. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports on the fate of America’s malls from Akron, Ohio.

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Glenn "Kane" Jacobs: "Our Enemy The Fed"

Glenn Jacobs explains why understanding the Federal Reserve System is one of the most important tasks facing Americans. Jacobs is an American professional wrestler and actor, known by the ring name "Kane" of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). For more information, visit the Mises Institute online at

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This video was originally published on Oct 28, 2013 and licensed under Creative Commons: Link to original video:

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Cesar L. Rodriguez aka C-Rod

"Those who seek constant approval will find constant disappointment." Cesar L. Rodriguez aka C-Rod

Robert Kiyosaki's Quotes

"Friends and family will tell you why your ideas won't work. Most are left-brained employees and specialists and NOT entrepreneurs." Robert Kiyosaki

"You need to have the courage to fail." Robert Kiyosaki

"Let Andy Tanner show you how to annihilate the biggest financial lie of all – that it takes money to make money." Robert Kiyosaki To learn more:

"The Federal Reserve and the IRS were both created at the same time in 1913. A COINCIDENCE or by DESIGN?" Robert Kiyosaki

"Every child has a genius; it's your job as a parent to bring that genius out and not allow school to crush it." Robert Kiyosaki

"If you think financial education is expensive; try ignorance." Robert Kiyosaki

"Genius is seen when the spirit is activated." Robert Kiyosaki

"Investing is a team sport, and team sports are all about spirit." Robert Kiyosaki

"I hated school because no one in school ever asked me what I was interested in. They only told me what I must read and study." Robert Kiyosaki

"Education is what you learn after you leave School." Robert Kiyosaki

"Schools were designed to create employees for the big corporations." Robert Kiyosaki

"True education makes you feel stupid. It makes you realize you have so much more to learn." Robert Kiyosaki

"There's the rich, the poor, and the tax payers...also known as the middle class." Robert Kiyosaki

"The losers in life think they have all the answers. They can't learn because they're too busy telling everyone what they know." Robert Kiyosaki

"If you expect the government to solve your problems, you have a problem." Robert Kiyosaki

"Failure inspires winners but defeats losers." Robert Kiyosaki

Jim Carrey: Illuminati Mission FULLY REVEALED! NWO Mind Control for Masses


Please share this video with everyone you know. We need to wake people up to the POISON that is Popular Culture and the MIND CONTROL that most are under. Thank you! Leave comments below!

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The Children of Now Evolution

In the first half, expert in the metaphysical and the paranormal, Meg Blackburn Losey discussed how many new influences in our environment are evolving the next generation of children in unexpected ways, such as we've seen in the Indigo and Crystalline Children. Now, we are seeing children being born with really high frequency energy fields, and they are being greatly damaged by society, schools, and ingredients in vaccines, she stated. Modern medicine does not consider the subtle energy field, and with these high frequency kids, "the conductive material [in vaccines] is literally expanding consciousness away from the body to different degrees, and that's why we're having such a spectrum of autism, and Aspergers," she asserted.

Additionally, a lot of children labeled ADD and ADHD are getting drugged to encourage more "linear" behavior and rote learning. But these kids' minds work differently-- with higher consciousness also comes higher intelligence, and they may have a different way of learning, she suggested. Another of the gifts that this new generation has is the ability to see spirits or even into other realities, Losey said, explaining that spirits know these children are sensitive, so they come and talk to them. Starting in the 2000s, human DNA began changing, with electromagnetic information appearing differently in the strands, initializing new parts that weren't functioning before, and this may be playing into the abilities of children being born now, she added.

Third hour guest, author, publisher and world traveler, Barnaby Rogerson spoke about his latest work on the study and significance of numbers - their hidden meanings, and why they permeate a range of cultural touchstones including the number 13, 666, and 11-11. The number 13 has unlucky associations from the Last Supper, and the idea that a friend may betray you, as well as from ancient timekeeping built around the 4 seasons, and the number 12-- with 13 representing disorder, he stated.

666 is first mentioned in John's Book of Revelation, described as the number of the beast, and it's now thought to be a coded reference to a Roman tyrant. What gives it an added chill, he said, is that if you add all the Roman numerals together [ I=1 + V=5 + X=10 + L=50 + C=100 + D=500 ] it produces 666. Interestingly, if you add all the numbers of a roulette table together, you also get 666, he added.

The last hour featured Open Lines.



Rogerson's Book of Numbers
The Children of Now... Evolution
Touching the Light

3 Easy Oversights Psychics Make that Lead to Their Powers Unnecessarily Zapping People & Things Out of Control

Zapping People and things unintentionally is a symptom of you awakening to your ESP, or extra sensory powers.

1. Awareness

Are you aware that you may be causing appliances to flicker or surge high and low? Do you feel afraid to get near people because you can feel zapping from yourself to people near you, or vice versa? Most people may not see this phenomena you may be experiencing, but it doesn’t make it any less real. You are not crazy, this happens to people who are opening up to their psychic powers and may not understand what is happening to them. You are not alone. This phase may be a spiritual emergency because you need answers as to what is happening, why, and how you can feel comfortable with these experiences.

2. Grounding

Just like a heavy duty power cord needs a grounding prong, so do we as spirits in this physical human body. We may blow or cause short circuits when we are not grounded like heavy duty appliances, like a generator. Are we that electrical? How do we ground ourselves like appliances need to? One step can be as simple as utilizing hematite stone.

3. Control

The point in grounding techniques is to be in control of our energy. We have electromagnetic fields around us and within us. Our different bodies need to be trained how to stay grounded on this Earth dimension. Spacey, or absent-minded, we can incur more accidents, hurting ourselves and others. It is our own responsibility to understand these psychic phenomena and master controlling our psychic abilities for the greater good.

Learn how to take control of your powers and use them to help yourself and others. There are many healing systems and modalities psychic and healers utilize to strengthen their powers and mastery over their powers. As a stepping stone for healers transitioning from the mundane to the spiritual understanding, Usui Reiki is a great place for people new to the metaphysical healing path to start. These are possible expectations including, but not exclusive to, when you live the Usui Reiki path and practice full on:


Heal yourself, balances energy and chakras, increases energy, heals body, mind, spirit, promotion of wellness, releases stress, prevention of dis-ease, harmony, flowing chi, ease. Mastery over chi, emotions, healing, stress management.


Deeper connection with all beings, works on causes, develops positive attitude, more or wider range of connections with ease and joy, compassion grows, more patient, better communication.


Heal others, enhances personal growth, expands creativity, light hearted, conflict resolution with ease, growth, experience, teach this to others, develop a stronger and bigger aura, open to intuition, pass down attunements and knowledge, awareness, purpose, empowerment, fulfillment, leadership, grow your personal power. Attuned with power symbols.

Usui Reiki has several attunements for people who want to utilize Usui Reiki for healing self, others, and goal manifesting. At the last levels, one can teach and attune other students. If you interested in learning more about Usui Reiki, future events, and getting acquainted with us, request more information at with specifics of which course program you are inquiring about.

We love to attune people who want wellness and mastery over their self-healing who are struggling with getting stress and psychic powers under control withUsui Reiki: Healing Self & Others 90-Day Program so they can feel joy, wellness, and mastery over self-healing.

By application only. Request more information and find out when the next openings are at

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Peaceful Conviction with Bear

Bear speaks to the world about how to stand in your power while being peaceful and respectful at the same time, when it is necessary of course. Bear speaks about standing in your power so you won’t be manipulated easily through mind control on all levels, and to be aware of the forces that can bring you down on all levels if you are not empowered enough to stand up to the negative forces, human and/or non-human. Stand in your power folks, it is a great way to protect yourself.


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Monday, November 3, 2014

Transhumanism - Rapture of the Geeks

Transhumanism - Rapture of the Geeks

Freeman Fly

Don't panic, it's just Satanic! Can we have immortality through Transhumanism? Will upgrading the human form with technology lead to liberation or create a new matrix of control? - See more at:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal Part Three: New Readings

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal Part Three: New Readings


As we have briefly covered in this article, The Synchronicity Key provides compelling evidence that history is following a structured plan for our spiritual evolution.

We have identified multiple cases of noteworthy leaders re-appearing in precise intervals of time, such as 2160 years and 539 years.

Not only do they look the same, but they do very similar things -- at almost the exact same times they did them in the previous cycles.

Some people, like Jimmy Carter, improve upon their former deeds. Others, like Nixon and Hitler, repeat exactly the same lessons.

Watergate is an almost pitch-perfect repetition of a scandal 2160 years earlier in Rome, where Scipio Africanus was caught in an act of treason and resigned.

One of the only criticisms of The Synchronicity Key, for a few people who read and understood it, was this:

"Why is this mass reincarnation only happening to world leaders? Is this some elite thing? What about the rest of us?"

To Be Continued.....

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal Part Two: Bloodline of Cain

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal Part Two: Bloodline of Cain -- An Extraterrestrial Lineage?


As we argued in Part One, history is repeating itself with astonishing precision -- in cycles such as 2160 years and its quarter-cycle, 539 years.

Although the Zodiac quarter-cycle would "ideally" be 540 years, i.e. 2160 divided by 4, it only lines up with the measurable data once you shave off one year.

This is a mystery that seems to have a definite purpose -- as it allows for sub-cycles of seven years to fit into it quite perfectly.

A student uprising in 1960s France precisely repeated the events surrounding Joan of Arc, exactly 539 years later -- almost down to the day.

This student uprising inspired eight million workers to go on indefinite strike, almost brought down the French government, and inspired many other revolts worldwide.

Amazingly, French astrologer Michel Helmer predicted this event, almost to the day, years before it happened -- by identifying the cycle connections in France.

To Be Continued......

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

After a much-needed ten-week sabbatical, here we are -- with a message of hope, positivity and a future far greater than our wildest expectations.

In spite of the headlines we are now seeing, is it possible that we are witnessing the fulfillment of a vast, cosmic plan -- with a remarkably positive outcome?

Hollywood movies are exposing the Cabal like never before -- suggesting a highly positive change is coming. Strap in and prepare for takeoff!

To Be Continued.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Re-Grow Brain and Nerve Cells with this Smart Mushroom

Re-Grow Brain and Nerve Cells with this Smart Mushroom

Dear REHAB Inc. Readers,

Do you want to enhance your brainpower and improve your memory? If so, I strongly recommend reading the message below and seeing what my friend, Dr. Earl Mindell, has to say.


David Riklan

Dear soon-to-be mentally sharper friend,

A few years ago, I broke the news about a remarkable nutrient - found exclusively in mushrooms - that infuses 86,400 times more healing power to your cells.

Researchers uncovered mushrooms that contained a potent antioxidant called L-Ergothioneine (pronounced El-ur-go-thy-own-ene)- or "Ergo" for short.

Ergo was scientifically shown to OUTLAST popular antioxidants like CoQ10... Vitamin A, C & E... and alpha lipoic acid-by a whopping 28,800%!

Folks taking this SUPER DUPER antioxidant soon began experiencing amazing results from problems with:

High blood pressure!
Blood sugar imbalances!
Out of control cholesterol!
Poor breathing!
Low energy and stamina!
Anxiety and nervousness!

This was a revolutionary discovery - and bona fide health miracle - but now - new research reveals it's JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!
Now, there is a new miracle mushroom scientifically proven to RE-GROW brain cells!

Yes, it is quite amazing but new research has uncovered particular medicinal mushroom that may soon help put an end age-related memory decline... foggy thinking... forgetfulness... and brain decay! In fact...Cognatol

...the superstar mushroom you're about to discover has now been meticulously tested numerous times and the results have been consistent and stellar. This "smart" mushroom contains the power to... REGENERATE and CREATE new healthy BRAIN and NERVE CELLS!

That's not a typo - and it's not science fiction!

It's happening NOW - to folks just like you - who once suffered from poor memory... lousy concentration... and decreased cognitive function!

My name is Dr. Earl Mindell - and for over 40 years - I've revealed cutting edge natural therapies to health-conscious folks to help you live longer... stronger... and healthier. But I'm telling you right now...

...Hold on to your hat - because you're going to be blown away by this remarkable, new discovery that can virtually help you REVERSE brain aging... and turn the clock back 10... 20... 30 years or more - to the days of clearer and sharper thinking and powerful memory! Cognatol

Internationally regarded as the #1 authority on nutritional supplements and natural Health Solutions for life-extension.

Author of 57 health and nutrition books including his New York Times best-seller, The Vitamin Bible, published in 34 languages. Has been guest on Oprah, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, Good Morning America, CNN and Fox News. Written numerous health and nutrition articles for The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and Good Housekeeping. Sought after expert on medicinal mushrooms and formulator of Cognatol.

The remarkable mushroom- called "Lion's Mane" - is revolutionizing the way cutting edge doctors treat Age-Related Memory Decline... poor concentration... forgetfulness... and a host of other brain-related health problems!

The Journal of Health Science broke the news when scientists discovered Lion's Mane contains a group of potent compounds that can stimulate the re-growth of neurons and nerve cells! In other words...

...this medicinal mushroom can help you GAIN DECADES of sharper thinking... powerful concentration... amazing memory recall-and FIGHT OFF Age- Related Mental Decline-starting NOW-and well into your 90's and beyond! Here's how:

Scientists discovered Lion's Mane contains two biological compounds that stimulate nerve regeneration: "hericenones" and "erinacines". Several clinical trials and tests show these 2 potent compounds stimulate Nerve Growth Factor activity.

In one double-blind, placebo controlled trial reported in the journal Phytotherapy Research, the scientific team at the Hokuto Corporation and the Isogo Central and Neurological Hospital, reported:

"...patients with mild cognitive impairment results in significant benefits for as long as they consumed Lion's mane". In other words...

...these folks went from foggy thinking and forgetfulness-to sharper decision making skills... revved up concentration... and crisper memory recall! WOW!

But that's not all...
Removes plaque on your brain!

Researchers have long claimed that an excess of beta amyloid plaque formation on brain cells is a major cause of Age-Related Memory Decline.

That's because this type of plaque can inflame brain tissue... interfere with healthy neuron transmission... and cause nerve degeneration.

Well guess what?

Lion's Mane has been shown to reduce plaque formation on patients already experiencing Age-Related Memory Decline!

Now to prove this - of course, scientists couldn't use humans - so they tested it on laboratory mice. Here's what happened:

Mice were injected with a potent brain toxic peptide - yes, a poison. This was to replicate the type of amyloid plaque formation normally seen in patients with Age-Related Memory Decline. Are you following me?

Researchers poisoned the brain of these mice to destroy neurons responsible for memory recall, attention to details and clear thinking!

The mice were then put in a standard Y maze that's designed for testing memory.

Mice fed with a normal diet were compared to those supplemented with Lion's Mane mushrooms.

As the peptide-induced plaque developed, the mice lost the ability to memorize the maze. But get this...

...When these memory- impaired mice were fed a diet containing 5 percent dried Lion's Mane mushrooms for 23 days- the mice performed significantly better in the Y maze test! Do you really get what that means?

Lion's Mane helped UNDO the damage of a poisoned brain! Whoa - that's POWERFUL stuff!

What's more...

...researchers noticed these mice regained another important cognitive capacity-they became curious! Yes, the mice spent greater time exploring and becoming fascinated with new objects compared to familiar ones!

The researchers concluded:

"The reduction of beta amyloid plaques in the brains of mushroom- fed mice vs. the mice not fed any mushrooms was remarkable." Cognatol

Remarkable? Ha! I call that a bona fide brain-saving MIRACLE!
Speeds brain communication!

Lion's Mane is also a powerful neuro-protector that helps stimulate brain communication. Here's why...
...The biologically-active compounds in Lion's Mane helps preserve the myelin sheath- that's the protective covering on nerve fibers. The myelin sheath increases the speed your brain cells "talk" to each other.

As you get older-the myelin sheath gets worn down and functions poorly. Think about it this way:

When someone asks you a question-it can take just a few milli-seconds for you to respond. That's because a healthy myelin sheath keeps your brain communicating at lightning speed.

Now, as you get older - it may take several seconds... a minute... or MORE for brain cells to "connect"-so that you understand the question.

Meanwhile-you give off that blank "DUH" stare... squinting eyes trying to focus on the question... confused look on your face... or even worse- you completely FORGET the question!

That's a sure sign of poor myelin sheath function!

With Lion's Mane-you protect and regenerate healthy cells that protect your myelin sheath-and you feel mentally sharper!

The remarkable new discoveries about the brain-enhancing power of Lion's Mane is a MAJOR reason I just had to write and update you on how this medicinal mushroom can help SAVE YOUR BRAIN POWER!

It's also why I've been working with Nutricell Health-the leaders in cutting edge nutritional therapies to create an exclusive formula that can help you boost brain energy... enhance concentration... and fight off age-related memory decline-so you can think, act and feel mentally sharp well into your 90's and beyond! Cognatol

This breakthrough formula is called Cognatol - and it's available exclusively through Nutricell Health!

In this spectacular formula-you get optimum levels of Lion's Mane- yes, the optimal levels tested and confirmed by scientific researchers - to GROW healthy brain and nerve cells! But that's not all...

Lion's Mane is just ONE of the 5 spectacular medicinal mushrooms you'll get in every serving of Cognatol!

Scientists have also discovered 4 other powerful mushrooms that ignite brain activity... enhance mental performance... and infuse energy into your brain cells!

And you'll get them all in Cognatol! Take a look... Protect brain "headquarters" with Reishi!

The hub of brain activity is in your central nervous system-that's where all of the coordination of activities to your body occurs. So a malfunction in this area can mean SERIOUS problems such as...

...memory loss... lack of focus and concentration... foggy thinking... misdirected signals to your heart and organs... and even equilibrium problems that can lead to dangerous falls! But guess what?

The remarkable super mushroom called Reishi is the ultimate central nervous system protector! In fact, Reishi is so highly regarded in Traditional Chinese Medicine - it's called "The medicine of kings"!

Here's how Reishi works to protect your central nervous system:

Your brain and spinal column depends on active immune defenders called microglia cells to seek out plaque deposits... damaged neurons... and infectious agents that can negatively impact your brain health.

But microglia cells can quickly become damaged or worn out from this heavy duty scavenging job.

Researchers have now discovered that Reishi can BOOST the health of microglia cells! That's right! You get better immune protection for microglia cells so they can deliver high- powered protection for your central nervous system and spinal cord! Wow!

It's no wonder the results of this mega protection include STRONGER brain power! But that's not all...Cognatol The ultimate "chill pill" - even under major stress!

Scientists also report Reishi mushrooms are powerful adaptogens. That means they can help you handle whatever comes your way. If you're feeling down-they lift you up. If you're stressed out-they calm you down!

They "adapt" to whatever you need AT THE TIME to maintain healthy thinking and cognitive function! And think about this...

...Researchers report as you get older-your brain gets bombarded with oxidative stress-that's literally a rusting away of your brain cells!

Even a good thing like exercise-can cause oxidative stress to your brain-if you don't have optimum levels of antioxidants to protect you.

Well, Reishi contains an array of potent antioxidants that protect against free radical damage. That's why optimum levels of Reishi deliver MEGA brain protection! But that's not all...

...Clinical studies-including the ones published in the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences- confirm Reshi can also:

Open up arteries!
Increase blood flow!
Improve circulation!
Help red blood cells process oxygen more efficiently!
Prevent "sticky" blood platelets-that can cause a brain or heart disaster!
Balance cholesterol levels!
Relieve altitude sickness!

That's why I just had to include this miracle mushroom - in optimum doses - in Cognatol formula! Rev up brain energy with Cordyceps!

Ever feel like your brain is full of cobwebs?

Not thinking clearly? Or just can't seem to "connect" with the conversations you're having with people?

Maybe people think you're not paying attention... ignoring them... or just don't care?

You're trying to focus-but it's just not happening!

Want to know the real reason why?

Your brain is suffocating!

That's right - your oxygen levels may be too low for optimum brain function! But guess what?

Researchers have discovered that Cordyceps Mushrooms can increase brain energy levels and optimize oxygen intake! Here's how:

For any energy production to occur in your body-you need adenosine-5-triphosphate - or ATP. It's ATP that transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. As you get older - ATP transportation declines significantly. And that's why you start to experience those annoying "senior moments"!

Scientists have now discovered active ingredients found in Cordyceps enhance the synthesis of ATP to REV up energy transportation! But that's not all...

Cordyceps have also been shown to increase the efficiency of oxygen absorption in your red blood cells!Cognatol More oxygen = more energy = CLEARER THINKING!

Wow - mind blowing, right? Take a look at what the research shows...

...Clinical studies of elderly patients experiencing fatigue and other age-related symptoms were split into 2 groups. Group 1 was given Cordyceps to help with their problems. Group 2 was given a placebo. The results?

The Cordyceps patients showed clinical improvements in their ability to fight fatigue... tolerate cold temperature... dizziness... ringing of the ears... sleep problems... and memory loss. And get this-they even reported a new found libido!

The placebo-treated patients exhibited no improvement in their symptoms.

Cordyceps have been used for over 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicines-and finally-these miracle mushrooms are now available to you to help...

Improve cellular energy production for maximum utilization of oxygen!

Increase vitality and energy!
Enhance blood flow!
Balance cholesterol levels!
Boost blood circulation!
Protect lung and kidneys!
Fight stress!
Control blood sugar levels!
Balance blood pressure!

The research is simply overwhelming on the power of Cordyceps - even the famous afternoon TV Doctor recently named Cordyceps as "one of the 5 Best Cures from Around the World"!

So plan to experience a boost in mental energy - when you start taking Cognatol! This phenomenal formula is loaded with Cordyceps!
Fight brain aging and boost immune health with Shiitake Mushrooms!

One of the many potent compounds found in Shiitake is called lentinan. Japanese studies show lentinan stimulates your immune system to stay on guard against foreign invaders and nasty bugs. What's more...

...lentinan can help eliminate abnormal cell growth - before they cause serious problems for your body! Now think about this...Cognatol

...With this immune boosting power - you can:

Keep healthy cells younger, LONGER!
Eliminate sick and damaged cells-and fight off aging!
Activate protective cells to defend against "old age" health problems!
And feel YOUNGER than ever!
What's more...

...Shiitake contains all 8 essential amino acids in a higher, more condensed proportion than soy beans, meat, milk or eggs. It's also a rich source of protein, B Vitamins, Vitamin D, minerals and several antioxidants including selenium, selenomethionine and ergothioneine!

In other words... get optimum levels of "brain food" for decades of memory power! And you get it every day in Cognatol! Clear out residue from prescription and over-the- counter drugs-with Turkey Tail Mushrooms!

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long known that Turkey Tail mushroom is an age-old immune booster. But researchers now discovered this powerful medicinal mushroom can undo damages of modern day pharmaceuticals! That's right!

Turns out Turkey Tail can actually help your liver remove toxic by - products of drugs you may be currently taking! Do you know what that means?

The Department of Health and Human Services reports that at least half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug daily. Five out of six folks 65 and older are taking at least three drugs a day!

Taking prescription drugs - or even over-the-counter medicines - daily can really wreck the health of your liver. And if your liver isn't functioning properly - toxins can get into your blood stream and head straight to your brain!

So, I've included Turkey Tail in the Cognatol formula as a little "insurance" to protect your brain health - and boost your immune function!
Ready to think clearer... focus better... recall names... remember where you left those dang blasted car keys - starting in 30 minutes or less?

Just 30 minutes! That's how fast Cognatol starts to work to boost your memory power... concentration and focus! What's more... you keep taking Cognatol - you'll protect neurons that store future memory - so you can stay mentally sharp well into your 90s and beyond!

I've dedicated my life to studying natural healing - and I've written over 57 books... on natural discoveries - but I can tell you this:

The powerful medicinal mushrooms - found exclusively in Cognatol - may just be the "missing link" scientists have been searching for to combat the onslaught of Age Related Memory Decline facing our nation!

That's a strong statement - I know. But I stand behind it 100% - just like I stand behind the positive results you're going to experience when you try Cognatol!

In fact-here's my promise to you:
Try Cognatol today - 100% No-Risk!

If you don't FEEL mentally sharper...

If you don't easily recall memories of days gone by...

If you don't feel focused when working on a task...

If your concentration doesn't significantly improve...

Then you pay NOTHING! Not a red cent!

Now to be completely fair - you will start to notice an improvement in your memory recall-starting in just 30 minutes - but for sustained and potent memory power - you have to use Cognatol for at least 90 days. In fact, the longer you use it - the BETTER! And your satisfaction is GUARANTEED for as long as you use Cognatol!

So give it time to work-and you'll be guaranteed positive results! Fair enough?

What's more...

...During this limited time opportunity - you get... Experience sharper thinking... stronger memory recall... focused concentration- starting in 30 minutes! Plus you'll continue to boost your brain power and protect brain cells for decades to come!

I've seen firsthand how these 5 potent medicinal mushrooms make your brain come alive... give you nerves of steel... and infuse energy into your brain cells!

That's why I KNOW Cognatol will work for you!

So give Cognatol a fair try - and YOU be the judge!

The more you use Cognatol - the more you'll continue to feel and see an improvement in your ability to make smarter decisions... stay mentally sharp for hours... and remember numbers, faces, dates and names!

You know the saying: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". Take action NOW to protect your brain cells and memory - so you can continue to enjoy decades of active and vibrant living - and remember those experiences on demand!

It's the very BEST thing you can do today!

Yours for a lifetime of memories!

Dr. Earl Mindell,
R Ph., M.H., Ph.D


Monday, October 20, 2014

Adolf Hitler's Message To The New World Order

Adolf Hitler's Message To The New World Order


Please send all donations to:

The Northwest Front
PO Box 4856
Washington State

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Anonymous vs ISIS

Anonymous vs ISIS

We are prepared to take a strong stance on those who assist terrorists.

Government-owned websites belonging to Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Follow @TheAnonMessage for immediate updates.


To the citizens of the world,
We are Anonymous.

The events currently transpiring in Iraq have made us as a collective re-evaluate our priorities in regards to recent operations. The Iraqi people have gone through almost two weeks of sheer terror most of us will never know nor experience. We are held by a code of honor to protect those who are defenseless, both in the cyber world and the real world.

Before our inception, the Iraq war was well underway and crimes against humanity were rampant. The United States had no small part in this. When the United States government decided to begin an unnecessary war with the promise of oil and funds to the military industrial complex, it failed to realize the severity of taking out a leader who controlled a strong internal security force. This led to the power vacuum we witnessed after his capture. Yes, Saddam Hussein was ruthless and violent, but with this war, the US was guilty of the same crimes (i.e. Blackwater, Abu Ghraib, etc.).

Fast forward to today, and Iraq is descending into chaos yet again thanks to the dastardly ruthless gang aiming to establish an "Islamic" state combining both Iraq and Syria, thus doing away with the post-WWI borders. They call themselves ISIS. These savages who have no religion or morality are bent on burning everything in their path, killing and pillaging as they go. They must be stopped.

Several days ago, their electronic division assumed control of one of our twitter accounts (@TheAnonMessage) claiming it for themselves and releasing several graphic photos of their assault near Baghdad. These tweets have since been deleted. We sincerely apologize to the twitter followers who had to witness this without warning. This was an unfortunate, unprecedented takeover and steps have been taken to further secure this account from any future attempted hacks.

We would also like to comment on the mainstream media who are pushing the division of Iraqis even further. The Iraqi public is made up of two Islamic sects: Sunnis and Shias. There are also other groups which include Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians, Christians and others. The media would want us to believe that ISIS is made up of strictly Sunnis and the Iraqi army is a majority-controlled and operated Shia faction. This is false. The groups that have been listed INCLUDING Sunnis are enlisted in the Iraqi army and Sunni clerics in Iraq have also called for their followers to join ranks with their Shia brothers to defend their homelands.

ISIS is a group made up of a Takfiri sect which is regarded by many prestigious clerics and organizations including Al-Azhar, as unislamic. In fact, they have denounced them as "Khawarij" and declared that they must be exterminated from Islamic lands. This is why we urge the American mainstream media to stop releasing false information and further escalating the violence with their ignorant journalism.

In conclusion, we stand by every righteous being when we say that we have also declared complete solidarity against those who affiliate themselves with ISIS and those who control them.
Aljazeera; you have tarnished your reputation by spewing your lies and your treasonous support to ISIS. You will not escape us.
To the state of Qatar, Turkey, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; you will not escape our wrath. Evidence shows your continued support and supply to ISIS. If this does not promptly stop, we will be forced to unleash our entire legion against your pathetic excuse of a cyber-security.
And to the United States; another attempt at fueling your military industrial complex for the sake of security and democracy will be grounds for our complete assault against your virtual government infrastructure. You have been warned.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Follow us on Twitter:
Get Your Anonymous Mask in US:
Get Your Anonymous Mask in UK:
Get Your Anonymous Mask in Canada:
Get Your Anonymous Mask in Germany:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

No settlement with liars! Sign the petition to urge the estate managers to hire Tom Mesereau and Susan Yu

No settlement with liars! Sign the petition to urge the estate managers to hire Tom Mesereau and Susan Yu

Concerning the pending trials (W. Robson and J. Safechuck) the fans of Michael Jackson urge the estate managers to hire or at least consult Tom Mesereau and Susan Yu.... please sign the petition and share it everywhere, invite all your Facebook friends to do the same, this is probably the most important petition ever.... no settlement with the liars! Michael's legacy, his reputation and his money is at stake.

Friday, October 10, 2014

37 Lies Americans Tell Themselves To Avoid Confronting Reality

37 Lies Americans Tell Themselves To Avoid Confronting Reality

Have you noticed the incredible detachment from reality exhibited by the masses these days? The continued operation of modern society, it seems, depends on people making sure they don’t acknowledge reality (or try to deal with it). "Denial" is what keeps every sector of civilization humming along: medicine, finance, government, agriculture and more.

The trouble with the denial approach is that eventually the lies collide with reality. Until that day comes, however, happy-go-lucky Americans are merrily enjoying their courtship with self delusion, repeating the following 37 lies to themselves as if they were true:

Lie #1) All FDA-approved medications are safe to consume in any combination, because the FDA protects the public.

Lie #2) Food prices keep going up because inflation is a natural force that can’t be halted.

Lie #3) The mainstream media is telling me the truth when it reports on world events.

Lie #4) Chemical food additives are tested for their safety before being widely used across the food supply.

Lie #5) We can all pump groundwater out of the ground forever, and it will never run out.

Lie #6) We can also pump fossil fuels out of the ground forever, and they will never run out, either. Why worry?

Lie #7) If anything bad happens in terms of a national emergency or natural disaster, the government will take care of me.

Lie #8) It doesn’t matter where my food comes from as long as it’s cheap and delicious.

Lie #9) GMOs must be safe to eat because a bunch of scientists paid by the biotech industry all tell each other that GMOs are safe and therefore have reached "scientific consensus."

Lie #10) Government debt doesn’t matter because the government can simply create more money any time they want.

Lie #11) Mercury in vaccines must be safe to inject into children, otherwise the CDC and FDA wouldn’t allow it to be used in vaccines.

Lie #12) Organic produce is a waste of money. I’ll buy conventional produce treated with pesticides and herbicides because the cost of all the cancer treatments I’ll need 20 years later will be covered by Obamacare anyway.

Lie #13) The history taught to children in public schools is a true and accurate history. Columbus was best friends with the Indians, too!

Lie #14) Swallowing fluoride chemicals is good for babies and children, and that’s why cities put fluoride into public water supplies.

Lie #15) Flu shots prevent the flu. That’s why the package inserts for flu vaccines openly state there is no scientific evidence to support any conclusion that influenza vaccines prevent influenza.

Lie #16) Whatever is backed by "science" must be true. Science is never falsified by corrupt scientists or corporate agendas, and scientific conclusions are never wrong.

Lie #17) The global ecosystem can handle unlimited human pollution without any negative consequences. We can all continue to dump unlimited toxins into the environment.

Lie #18) Cell phone radiation is harmless. The reason we know that is because the cell phone companies hired scientists to say so.

Lie #19) If everybody else is doing something, it must be the right thing to do. After all, how could so many people be wrong?

Lie #20) We don’t need to store food for emergencies because there will always be more food available at the grocery store.

Lie #21) There’s no need to be concerned about Ebola or other infectious diseases in America because the vaccine companies can always and instantly create a new vaccine that works 100% of the time, with zero side effects.

Lie #22) Local police departments need battlefield military weapons, armored cars and body armor because the drug war demands it.

Lie #23) If I buy something at Whole Foods, it must be healthy and free from contaminants like toxic heavy metals. (Or is it really?)

Lie #24) My vote really counts in national elections. We live in a democracy where the People have power over the government.

Lie #25) My checking and savings accounts are perfectly safe no matter what happens because my bank is FDIC insured.

Lie #26) Raw dairy products are dangerous and deadly because the FDA told me so. Those horrible farmers selling raw dairy products should be locked away in prison.

Lie #27) My oncologist recommends chemotherapy treatment for me only because he cares about my wellbeing, not because his clinic sells the chemotherapy drugs at a huge profit.

Lie #28) The government isn’t secretly recording my phone calls or reading my emails. Why would they? I’ve done nothing wrong!

Lie #29) Commercial dog food is healthy and nutritious for dogs. Dog treats made in China are also trustworthy and free from contaminants like lead.

Lie #30) The only way to prevent infectious disease is with a vaccine. Vitamin D and healthy immune support have nothing to do with it.

Lie #31) After I pay off my house, I own it free and clear. (Think again: Property taxes mean you’re only "leasing" it from the county. Stop paying those taxes and you’ll find out very quickly who really owns your home.)

Lie #32) Google will do no evil, and the fact that the company is developing humanoid battlefield robots, autonomous drones and super-human quantum computing brain chips is nothing to worry about.

Lie #33) Cancer is caused entirely by bad luck (or smoking) and has nothing to do with the food I eat or chemicals in my personal environment.

Lie #34) The radiation release from Fukushima wasn’t that bad. Sure, it was many times larger than the Chernobyl disaster, but authorities say we have nothing to worry about.

Lie #35) Autism isn’t caused by vaccines, and the way we know is because the CDC scientist who admitted to a massive conspiracy of scientific fraud to bury the evidence linking vaccines to autism should not be believed.

Lie #36) All foods certified as "organic" are automatically free of toxic heavy metals and contaminants.

Lie #37) Human civilization is the only intelligent civilization in the entire galaxy. Anything else would simply be too scary to contemplate.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ben Fulford, October 6, 2014: The White Hats Control the Weather, Now it is Time to Control the Rest

Ben Fulford, October 6, 2014: The White Hats Control the Weather, Now it is Time to Control the Rest

A.I. Reader

As this article goes to press in Tokyo, Japan, Monday, October 6th, 2014, the night skies above are clear, following a sunny day of idyllic mild autumn weather. The problem was the Japanese meteorological agency (JMA) and all the corporate news outlets were saying Tokyo was supposed to be hit by a monster typhoon Phanfone today. Instead, all there was was some mildly heavy rain overnight with little or no wind. More remarkably, the JMA satellite imagery showed what appeared to be a wedge cutting the typhoon in half before it hit Tokyo.

Do you ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? Do you ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? This is not the first time a monster typhoon has vanished just before hitting Tokyo. On July 8th of this year super typhoon Neoguri was also supposed to devastate Tokyo but instead, as an astronaut watching from the International Space Station noted, “it was cut in half” and arrived as a moderate rainstorm.

Many other previous “super typhoons” have similarly vanished before hitting heavily populated areas in recent years.

In the US, no hurricane has landed in nearly 9 years (Sandy Hook was something else), something that is completely without precedent.

This is no coincidence. About 9 years ago, some people claiming to represent US special forces told the White Dragon Society they had seized the US weather warfare facilities from the cabal after a heavy gunfight. It seems they are now using the weather modification facilities to save lives, not take lives.

If any readers are still not aware that weather modification technology is real and has a long history, they should take note of the US/Soviet treaty of 1978 banning the use of weather modification for warfare.

Now that they have stopped weather modification terror attacks, it is time for the agency white hats to make another big move against the cabal. This time a clear target has emerged. If this target is hit with a bold military move, it will mean the end of cabal rule and freedom for the planet. A Pentagon psychological warfare expert who contacted this writer last week said the obvious target was the Nazionist controlled Middle Eastern oil Monarchies. The officer, Second Lieutenant Scott Bennett of the 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, opened this Pandora’s box when he was given the job of uncovering terrorist financing. His entire story can be read here:

The gist of it is that he went through a long Kafkaesque nightmare because he took his job too seriously and actually traced the source of terrorist financing to his erstwhile employers Booz Allen Hamilton, as well as the Union Bank of Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. He soon figured out that neither the US Congress, nor the US Central Command nor any of the other people at the top of his chain of command were actually interested in cutting off terrorist financing.

Bennett, having been forced to watch movies of Americans being tortured to death by the “Al-Qaeda” (now ISIS) terrorists he was supposed to be fighting, joins the long list of military and ex-military who realize they have been conned into fighting for criminals.

Well, now a clear military target has emerged and a comprehensive solution to the never ending “war on terror” is available. As the cabal puppet leaders like US President Barack Hussein Obama say, an alliance must be built to attack ISIS. However, forensic analysis by the UK’s MI6 and other intelligence make it clear ISIS is run out of Jerusalem and financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

So, if Nato is serious about ending fundamentalist pseudo-Islamic terror, they have a clear target. All they need to do is support the 1.5 million man strong secular Islamist Turkish army in a move on Saudi Arabia and the other gulf puppet monarchies. Putting these countries back under the historical Turkish umbrella will immediately cut off all flow of Middle Eastern petro-dollars to Nazi/Zionist controlled Western mega-banks. The flow of Middle Eastern oil money could then be redirected via the white hats for peaceful purposes.

Such a move would also enormously strengthen the West financially vis a vis the rising Asian powers. The Russians and Chinese would accept such a move as long as it led to a cut off of terrorists attacks they experience and as long as it did not threaten their own energy interests.

The Israelis would be able to live in complete security as a Jewish autonomous zone within the expanded Turkish republic. They would also have to choose between either accepting a two-state solution with the Palestinians or, paying vast sums of reparation money to buy them out of their remaining pockets of land within Israel.

In any case, if the white hats of the West do not make such a bold move, it is game over. A recent analysis by a group known as the Geneva Report provides convincing numerical evidence that world debt is increasing far faster than world economic growth can pay for it and so, a global default looms.

Also, the usual psy-ops and "color revolutions" the Nazionist rulers of the West have used to keep governments in line are just not working any more. The murderous agents provocateurs sent to kill civilians in the Eastern Ukraine are now being systematically hunted down and killed. For the Slavs, it is pay-back for what happened to Yugoslavia.

In China too, attempts to stir up trouble are not getting anywhere. The so-called "Umbrella revolution" in Hong Kong is fizzling out. When the amount of demonstrators dwindled to a few hundred, some “triad gangsters” showed up and started beating the demonstrators. This was followed by a massive social media campaign saying “help, poor student protesters are being attacked by gangsters and the police are doing nothing.” It is almost certain these gangsters were paid by the Nazionists to boost protester numbers by creating sympathy. It is an old trick but it is not working as well as it used to.

Likewise, attempts to stir up trouble between North and South Korea are no longer working. Last week saw a surprise visit by a senior North Korean delegation to South Korea. According to a top communist Chinese agent, North Korea’s de facto leader is General O Kuk Ryol,

a Russian and Chinese speaking intelligence officer who is very close to the ruling Kim dynasty. Kim Jong Un is more of a figure-head, who has not appeared in public for over a month because of a foot operation, he said. In any case, the North Koreans want peace, prosperity, and the harmonious reunification of the Korean peninsula, not war.

In Japan, as well, cabal attempts to stir up war feelings under the Abe slave regime have backfired. Abe and his regime have lost public support because of it. Furthermore, the Americans have been told by their Chinese creditors to jerk Abe’s chain and they did, which is why the Japanese regime has stopped its China baiting.

The other big cabal campaign is the ongoing so-called ebola outbreak. This however, is not producing the expected panic and obedience the cabal expected. People just do not believe their pandemic story. Overall, it is not a happy time to be a Nazionist cabalist.

In the back-ground, representatives of both the P2 Freemason lodge and the British committee of 300 are trying to negotiate a new financial system that reflects current global realities. They are also seriously considering a jubilee, or one-time write off of all debts, public and private for the entire planet.

The White Dragon Society is proposing setting up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency with an annual budget of trillions of dollars to plan a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and build a new age of wonder. Such an agency would absorb the healthy parts of the World Bank, the IMF and the BIS. It would work in harmony with the new BRICS economic institutions.

It is not clear when public announcements of the changes will be made but, there is a growing understanding among power brokers that love and friendship is winning over the traditional cabal control mechanisms of fear, hate, greed and lust.