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Black Friday Riots - The Zombie Apocalypse Begins

Hello Everybody. How was your Thanksgiving? Our Thanksgiving was celebrated a few days earlier, and we are usually thankful everyday anyways. I, Bear hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. One of the things I am very thankful about is that I have my own mind to follow my own path, rather than following the crowd and the programs from our society, the media, and the government. It's time we start to prepare ourselves for the Zombie Apocalypse, because for the past few years alone, Black Friday has been proof of what people would are "sleep-walking" would do for materials that don't really last very long, and instead ignore the importance of spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the things that really matter in life. We have been living in a materialistic society for far too long, that now it is now catching up to this society, and if we don't heal this, and wake up, many of us will literally perish, or even worse, become a Zombie.

One of the best ways to combat this is to find out what is really important to you and what do you really want out of life. It's time to stop watching so much television, because it is called television programming for a reason, and unfortunately, many people are already programmed to worry about what they can get out of Black Friday, yet they aren't paying attention of all the criminal acts that our governments are doing along with their corporate masters on Wall Street, The Military Industrial Complex, and all the secret societies who are part of New World Order scheme of things. People need to research and start to seek the truth for themselves, and re-educate themselves when they need to. We must all start to take responsibility of our thoughts, words, feelings, attitudes, lifestyles, and destiny, our own lives in general. We must know what materialism really means in order to break from it and get back to what really matters.


1. A tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than intellectual, cultural, and spiritual values.

2. The doctrine that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications. It regards matter and its motions as constituting the universe, and all phenomena, including those of mind, as due to material agencies.

We need to get back to having intellectual, cultural and spiritual values once again if we are going to be free to the fullest as mature evolved, human beings. One of the ways of feeding our intellectual values are through reading and researching the truth for yourselves. One way of feeding your cultural values are simply to go out and talk, and even interact with different kinds of people, offline and online, and learn to become compassionate towards those who are different than you, and at the same time, know thyself so you will know who you really are, rather than everybody and everything else tell you who you are. It's time to take your power back, and when you are ready to take your power back, Rainbow and I will be ready to help you do so. Until then, stay awake, stay vigilant, and stay empowered, oh, and Happy Holidays to you all. Take care and enjoy.

Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Winter Holidays, & Mark Dice with Bear

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Winter Holidays, & Mark Dice with Bear from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

Black Friday, History Manipulation, and Political Changes with Bear and Draven

Black Friday, History Manipulation, and Political Changes with Bear and Draven from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

BLACK FRIDAY RIOTS - Zombie Plague Sweeping Across America Right Now

BLACK FRIDAY SALES & RIOTS Arrive to the UK - Big Corporations Pushing Black Friday in UK


BLACK FRIDAY RIOTS - Zombie Plague Sweeping Across America Right Now

Watch black friday madness today vs. the civil people we were back in 1983. It is our sad state of reality. Prepare yourselves... Watch black friday madness today vs. the civil people we were back in 1983. It is our sad state of reality. Prepare yourselves…

While not hyperinflating, the slow and insidious diminishment of the fiat US Dollar’s purchasing power (and thus the living standards of lower- and middle-class Americans – who are not balls deep invested in the US stock ‘market’) is nowhere more evident than in the soaring costs of Thanksgiving Day dinner during the Fed’s 100 year reign…

In 1909… Thanksgiving Day Dinner cost $0.50… In 2014… Thanksgiving Day Dinner costs $30.00 Black Friday madness has once again descended, with video footage showing people viciously squabbling over TVs and other electronic goods, showcasing the very worst aspects of human nature.

If the clips below are anything to go by, the United Kingdom is now rivaling America for Black Friday insanity, with police being called out to numerous stores across the country to deal with fighting and other disturbances. However, the U.S. was by no means immune to the chaos. The clip below shows people brawling over hi-fi systems at a store in Michigan City, Indiana.

Another clip shows police tasering a man in Walmart.Another video currently going viral compares the relatively sanguine Black Friday of the 1980′s with today’s zombie-fest. The video below splices clips taken from George A. Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead with images of Black Friday. It’s hard to tell the difference. At least the zombies in Romero’s film moved a lot slower. Meanwhile, the image below, taken at an Asda store in the UK, wouldn’t look out of place in any movie about the undead, just replace the flat screen TVs with brains. No this is not a scene from Dawn of the Dead but it could be. #BlackFriday Mark Dice’s annual trolling of Black Friday shoppers who shunned their families on Thanksgiving to line up outside stores was met with the usual blank stares commonly affiliated with lobotomy patients. A Thanksgiving Message from Ron Paul Thankful for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights From Cabela’s to Wal-Mart guns will be on sale a everywhere on Black Friday, and what better time is there to load up on a firearm? The manic shopping frenzy lands right before Christmas and right in the midst of deer hunting season.

With the expected increase in gun sales the Federal Bureau of Investigation is gearing up for a dense wave of background check requests.

There are more than 48,000 gun retailers in the U.S., according to the Associated Press. For every sale, cashiers must call in a check to the FBI or to other approved agency to insure that the customer does not have a criminal record.

When the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, was implemented in 1998, the FBI oversaw around 9 million checks. Last year that number inflated to more than 21 million.

Union-backed labor campaign OUR Walmart say this Friday will be their biggest strike yet.

OUR Walmart first burst onto the scene two years ago, when it used Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, to launch an unprecedented, nationwide strike against Walmart. The group originally demanded that Walmart pay all employees a base salary of at least $25,000 per year, but has since joined with striking fast food workers in demanding at least $15 per hour.

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Workers affiliated with OUR Walmart claim the retailer pays so little that some employees don’t even have the means to feed their families. strikers, sometimes by firing them. Black Friday weekend is the year’s biggest promotional event for most major U.S. retailers, and yet there are prominent holdouts ignoring it — or at least being discreet about their specials.

Tiffany & Co., Dollar Tree Inc. and T.J. Maxx are among the chains that aren’t promoting Black Friday on their websites. That’s a sharp contrast with the supersized fonts advertising sales at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Macy’s Inc. and Best Buy Co. brand.

WARNING: Civil Unrest and RIOTS Coming to Your City as Economy Falls!

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The Rise and Fall of the American Shopping Mall

From retail to e-tail, is Cyber Monday the new Black Friday? Indoor malls have been in decline ever since consumers discovered online shopping, and many retail spaces are either closing or being repurposed as shopping habits evolve. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports on the fate of America’s malls from Akron, Ohio.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Glenn "Kane" Jacobs: "Our Enemy The Fed"

Glenn Jacobs explains why understanding the Federal Reserve System is one of the most important tasks facing Americans. Jacobs is an American professional wrestler and actor, known by the ring name "Kane" of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). For more information, visit the Mises Institute online at

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cesar L. Rodriguez aka C-Rod

"Those who seek constant approval will find constant disappointment." Cesar L. Rodriguez aka C-Rod

Robert Kiyosaki's Quotes

"Friends and family will tell you why your ideas won't work. Most are left-brained employees and specialists and NOT entrepreneurs." Robert Kiyosaki

"You need to have the courage to fail." Robert Kiyosaki

"Let Andy Tanner show you how to annihilate the biggest financial lie of all – that it takes money to make money." Robert Kiyosaki To learn more:

"The Federal Reserve and the IRS were both created at the same time in 1913. A COINCIDENCE or by DESIGN?" Robert Kiyosaki

"Every child has a genius; it's your job as a parent to bring that genius out and not allow school to crush it." Robert Kiyosaki

"If you think financial education is expensive; try ignorance." Robert Kiyosaki

"Genius is seen when the spirit is activated." Robert Kiyosaki

"Investing is a team sport, and team sports are all about spirit." Robert Kiyosaki

"I hated school because no one in school ever asked me what I was interested in. They only told me what I must read and study." Robert Kiyosaki

"Education is what you learn after you leave School." Robert Kiyosaki

"Schools were designed to create employees for the big corporations." Robert Kiyosaki

"True education makes you feel stupid. It makes you realize you have so much more to learn." Robert Kiyosaki

"There's the rich, the poor, and the tax payers...also known as the middle class." Robert Kiyosaki

"The losers in life think they have all the answers. They can't learn because they're too busy telling everyone what they know." Robert Kiyosaki

"If you expect the government to solve your problems, you have a problem." Robert Kiyosaki

"Failure inspires winners but defeats losers." Robert Kiyosaki

Jim Carrey: Illuminati Mission FULLY REVEALED! NWO Mind Control for Masses


Please share this video with everyone you know. We need to wake people up to the POISON that is Popular Culture and the MIND CONTROL that most are under. Thank you! Leave comments below!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Children of Now Evolution

In the first half, expert in the metaphysical and the paranormal, Meg Blackburn Losey discussed how many new influences in our environment are evolving the next generation of children in unexpected ways, such as we've seen in the Indigo and Crystalline Children. Now, we are seeing children being born with really high frequency energy fields, and they are being greatly damaged by society, schools, and ingredients in vaccines, she stated. Modern medicine does not consider the subtle energy field, and with these high frequency kids, "the conductive material [in vaccines] is literally expanding consciousness away from the body to different degrees, and that's why we're having such a spectrum of autism, and Aspergers," she asserted.

Additionally, a lot of children labeled ADD and ADHD are getting drugged to encourage more "linear" behavior and rote learning. But these kids' minds work differently-- with higher consciousness also comes higher intelligence, and they may have a different way of learning, she suggested. Another of the gifts that this new generation has is the ability to see spirits or even into other realities, Losey said, explaining that spirits know these children are sensitive, so they come and talk to them. Starting in the 2000s, human DNA began changing, with electromagnetic information appearing differently in the strands, initializing new parts that weren't functioning before, and this may be playing into the abilities of children being born now, she added.

Third hour guest, author, publisher and world traveler, Barnaby Rogerson spoke about his latest work on the study and significance of numbers - their hidden meanings, and why they permeate a range of cultural touchstones including the number 13, 666, and 11-11. The number 13 has unlucky associations from the Last Supper, and the idea that a friend may betray you, as well as from ancient timekeeping built around the 4 seasons, and the number 12-- with 13 representing disorder, he stated.

666 is first mentioned in John's Book of Revelation, described as the number of the beast, and it's now thought to be a coded reference to a Roman tyrant. What gives it an added chill, he said, is that if you add all the Roman numerals together [ I=1 + V=5 + X=10 + L=50 + C=100 + D=500 ] it produces 666. Interestingly, if you add all the numbers of a roulette table together, you also get 666, he added.

The last hour featured Open Lines.



Rogerson's Book of Numbers
The Children of Now... Evolution
Touching the Light

3 Easy Oversights Psychics Make that Lead to Their Powers Unnecessarily Zapping People & Things Out of Control

Zapping People and things unintentionally is a symptom of you awakening to your ESP, or extra sensory powers.

1. Awareness

Are you aware that you may be causing appliances to flicker or surge high and low? Do you feel afraid to get near people because you can feel zapping from yourself to people near you, or vice versa? Most people may not see this phenomena you may be experiencing, but it doesn’t make it any less real. You are not crazy, this happens to people who are opening up to their psychic powers and may not understand what is happening to them. You are not alone. This phase may be a spiritual emergency because you need answers as to what is happening, why, and how you can feel comfortable with these experiences.

2. Grounding

Just like a heavy duty power cord needs a grounding prong, so do we as spirits in this physical human body. We may blow or cause short circuits when we are not grounded like heavy duty appliances, like a generator. Are we that electrical? How do we ground ourselves like appliances need to? One step can be as simple as utilizing hematite stone.

3. Control

The point in grounding techniques is to be in control of our energy. We have electromagnetic fields around us and within us. Our different bodies need to be trained how to stay grounded on this Earth dimension. Spacey, or absent-minded, we can incur more accidents, hurting ourselves and others. It is our own responsibility to understand these psychic phenomena and master controlling our psychic abilities for the greater good.

Learn how to take control of your powers and use them to help yourself and others. There are many healing systems and modalities psychic and healers utilize to strengthen their powers and mastery over their powers. As a stepping stone for healers transitioning from the mundane to the spiritual understanding, Usui Reiki is a great place for people new to the metaphysical healing path to start. These are possible expectations including, but not exclusive to, when you live the Usui Reiki path and practice full on:


Heal yourself, balances energy and chakras, increases energy, heals body, mind, spirit, promotion of wellness, releases stress, prevention of dis-ease, harmony, flowing chi, ease. Mastery over chi, emotions, healing, stress management.


Deeper connection with all beings, works on causes, develops positive attitude, more or wider range of connections with ease and joy, compassion grows, more patient, better communication.


Heal others, enhances personal growth, expands creativity, light hearted, conflict resolution with ease, growth, experience, teach this to others, develop a stronger and bigger aura, open to intuition, pass down attunements and knowledge, awareness, purpose, empowerment, fulfillment, leadership, grow your personal power. Attuned with power symbols.

Usui Reiki has several attunements for people who want to utilize Usui Reiki for healing self, others, and goal manifesting. At the last levels, one can teach and attune other students. If you interested in learning more about Usui Reiki, future events, and getting acquainted with us, request more information at with specifics of which course program you are inquiring about.

We love to attune people who want wellness and mastery over their self-healing who are struggling with getting stress and psychic powers under control withUsui Reiki: Healing Self & Others 90-Day Program so they can feel joy, wellness, and mastery over self-healing.

By application only. Request more information and find out when the next openings are at

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Peaceful Conviction with Bear

Bear speaks to the world about how to stand in your power while being peaceful and respectful at the same time, when it is necessary of course. Bear speaks about standing in your power so you won’t be manipulated easily through mind control on all levels, and to be aware of the forces that can bring you down on all levels if you are not empowered enough to stand up to the negative forces, human and/or non-human. Stand in your power folks, it is a great way to protect yourself.


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Peaceful Conviction with Rainbow

Have you ever had so much conviction for something you stood for and believed in your life that it attracted a higher intensity of both lovers and haters?

Let's see some signs of when you know your conviction/ seriousness/commitment to your mission/ life purpose is expanding.

Maybe you can relate when you feel so strongly or passionately about something.
Comment and share your stories!


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Transhumanism - Rapture of the Geeks

Transhumanism - Rapture of the Geeks

Freeman Fly

Don't panic, it's just Satanic! Can we have immortality through Transhumanism? Will upgrading the human form with technology lead to liberation or create a new matrix of control? - See more at: