Friday, September 25, 2009

Facts vs. Intention

Title: Facts vs. Intentions

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Have you ever thought of why people get killed for doing certain actions, and on the other hand, why people may view those same certain actions as honorable? Facts are just facts. A picture says a thousand words, but which words? A picture is worth a thousand words, but they don't tell the whole story.
For example, one day I (Bear) massaged a woman at a school, and there were adults around me who know me and my intentions were of healing the woman, and when a dozen kids saw me massaging a woman, they percieved it at me being sexual towards the woman. Yes, the fact was that I (Bear) massage a woman, and I knew my intentions were towards healing and professionalism, the adults knew my intentions clearly because I too did work on them, but the kids perceived that as being sexual because either they were taught to believe it to be so by their parents and other adults, or they were simply too young or immature to fully comprehend what my true intention of massaging a woman was. Perhaps the setting and the time in which I did the action may have been out of context because it happened in the spur of the moment, but I made my choice to take action, and regardless of what others thought of me, I was fine with it. Even though you have your intention, some people may believe you, others may not, and or may not want to, or can be fickle and change their minds, or others may not be at a level of understanding to of what your overall intention of taking certain actions.
Sure, people can know the facts, but people do not always know the story behind the facts, and or the intention behind the facts. The reason people disagree with fear and hatred that can lead up to the deaths of generations upon generations of fear and hatred is because people disagree on the actions of others even though they all can have the same intention.
For example, the Nazis slaughtering the Jews was justified for Hitler's followers because they believed it was the right thing to kill off a race outside of their own, plus his followers blamed the Jews for their economic downfall after World War One.
Another example, white Europeans enslaving dark-skinned people like Africans, Asians, Latins, indigenous/natives of all countries, etc. because they whites believed it was their birthright to do so. Some old paradigm thinking still carry this consciousness today.
Thirdly, white supremacists such as the Ku Klux Klan segregating blacks from drinking fountains, bus seating arrangements, to disrespecting blacks as beasts and even lynching them because they felt blacks were "beneath" whites. Living people still carry out hate crimes such as these today.
Fourthly, men used to treat women as powerless objects, property, sub-human because women were men's chattle or dowry, oh wait, this still happens in some parts of the world.
Fithly, Japanese Kamikaze's commit suicide with the intent of killing others they believe God believes need to be killed, this is honorable in their intention, and yes it still happens today.
Sixthly, Jihad is literally, "Holy War." People kill out of different reasons such as fun/sport, honor, love, fear, hatred, or just plain gutlessness. Animals kill for food, but some humans do it out of sick and twisted reasons. When people kill for religious, or "Godly" intentions, does this make it any more right or wrong? They can kill for the love of God, for the love of one's country, for fear that their boss/leader will hurt/kill them if they do not follow their orders. Hitler instilled fear in his soldiers that executed and slaughtered the Jews for him. Not all of Hitler's soldiers wanted to, liked to, or even loved to do these horrible executions. Most did it because they were sheep, following orders was more important to them than having their own willpower to do what they wanted versus doing what Hitler wanted.
Also, it can be the very opposite, in which that they do the same actions, but have the very opposite intentions behind those actions.
People can kill for God. People can love for God. People can kill for love. People can do things that are self-serving minus the highest good of all.
Honor. What is honorable to one culture or individual, or one species is dependent sometimes on his or her collective, or on his or her individuality. We say it's good to do things for honor. Everyone has different perspectives on the word, “honor.” This is where intentions override the facts.
Some people do not have any clarity within themselves to define what is honorable to themselves. The bottom line is that reality can be shifted through thoughts, words, and/or actions, and with each reality shift, the facts can also shift as well, as long as the facts are documented accurately, as much as possible without bias. Remember though, people involved in the actions that create the reality, creating the facts with different intentions, because that sometimes it is more important than the actions themselves.

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