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DAVID WILCOCK NEWs Coast to Coast AM Interview - May 2016

DAVID WILCOCK NEWs Coast to Coast AM Interview - May 2016

Economic News

DAVID WILCOCK NEWs Coast to Coast AM Interview

Benjamin Fulford: May 23, 2016 The Head Of The Khazarian...

Benjamin Fulford: May 23, 2016 The Head Of The Khazarian...


Benjamin Fulford Report - May 23, 2016.
The Head Of The Khazarian Mafia Is Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild.


Benjamin Fulford: May 19, 2016 Greetings From The Director General

Benjamin Fulford: May 19, 2016 Greetings From The Director General


Benjamin Fulford - May 19, 2016
Greetings From The Director General

Alex Jones: Glenn Beck Is New American Psycho

Alex Jones: Glenn Beck Is New American Psycho

The Alex Jones Channel

Glenn Beck continues to deceive Americans. This time he claims there are progressives in the conservative movement and that facebook censorship doesn't exist. Alex Jones points out the overwhelming evidence that censorship does exist and how Beck's behavior closely resembles that of any psychopath.

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Here are 7 Ways To Connect With The Angelic Realm

Here are 7 Ways To Connect With The Angelic Realm

By the Daily Health Dose

Angels are messengers, healers, and protectors and help us with just about every area in our lives. They can help us restore our faith, trust ourselves as well as our path and even help us open up to unconditional love. They are easily accessible with the human race. I have listed 7 ways to connect with the angelic realm that are so simple that anyone can use these tips for an instant connection.

Angels are of a different frequency than spirit guides or crossed over loved ones. They have not had physical life experiences and we do need to invite them in to help us with our lives. They follow the do-not-violate humans’ free will code unless there is a situation where the person is going down a path which is not for the highest and best good of that individual. They are ready to jump into action to the best of their abilities. They may reveal themselves to us as light, orbs, colors, feathers, or even being of light with wings.

Crystals – Holding or wearing certain crystals connect us with the angels. Some of these crystals are – hiddenite, angelite, celestite, amethyst, rose quartz, iolite, petalite, lapis lazuli, orange elsestial, elestials, selenite, sodalite, seraphanite, and prehnite.

Bells – Ringing a bell 3 times calls in angels instantly.

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy in the form of using essential oils, burning incense and or herbs such as frankincense, lavender, benzoin, rose,geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, and geranium assists in the connection with your angels.

Prayers and Meditation – Prayer and meditation prepare you to energetically be in spiritual alignment with angelic beings. These practices also help you quiet your mind so you can hear, see and feel the angels more clearly.

Angel Cards – The use of angel oracle cards are a simple way to receive guidance and develop a dialog with the angelic realm. You can select a card a day for daily guidance, to see what an obstacle may be, before bed place the card under your pillow or next to your bed for a message to come through dream time or before making a decision, select 3 cards requesting guidance from the angelic realm.

Candles Colors – Using specific colored candles do make a difference in your connection with the angels. Blue – Haniel and Raguel, pink – Ariel, orange – Gabriel, white – all angels, purple – Michael and Jeremiel, magenta – Jophiel, silver – Haniel, yellow – Uriel, green – Raphael, and Chamuel, gold– Metatron and silver – Zadkiel.

Ask and Trust – You instantly connect with the angelic realm by asking for guidance and assistance. You may ask specifically for an angel by name or you can ask whoever is in charge with this area for help. For example – Calling upon Raphael can help you with healing matters. You may also ask for the angel who is in charge of finding lost items to help you find your keys. After asking for assistance, you must the trust the divine process. Sometimes we see the results instantly and sometimes there are other factors that must be in place before we see results.


Pharaoh - HollyWood

Pharaoh - HollyWood

Pharaoh Allah

Public Enemy ft Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube - Burn Hollywood.

5 Reasons Why Psychics are Sexy

5 Reasons Why Psychics are Sexy

by OMTimes Magazine

by Colby Psychic Rebel

Five Reasons Why Psychics Are Sexy

1. Psychics and the Aura.

Have you ever heard of an aura? This is the energetic field around a person. There are seven layers to the aura, which together, create our energetic fields. Psychics naturally project their auras. This energy can be healing, providing a feeling of euphoric love. Anyone within the physical presence of a psychic may just “feel” better around them, without a logical explanation. This is because the psychic naturally connects to the physical auric layer of that person. As the first layer of the auric field, it is the connection to physical pleasure and overall health of a person. If a psychic connects to this layer and the person starts to feel the physical energy of the psychic, it can make the light worker more appealing to them simply by the sheer essence of feeling good within their presence.

The same is true for the seventh layer: the spiritual auric layer. This layer is referred to as the universal truth. Psychics may help a person connect to their deepest and most personal spiritual layer, their universal truth. Helping a person reconnect in a spiritual way allows them to feel a deep connection within themselves. This is sexy as we all love to feel good in the presence of another. The feeling can be euphoric so the heightened sensation becomes like a moth to a flame. We all want to feel that “energetic high” so it’s only natural that someone who makes us feel the tingle will seem sexier to us.

2. Claircognizance knows Sexy.

Psychics tend to just “know things”. This is called claircognizance. They also have a clear understanding of the universe. They seemingly have the ability to answer some of life’s deepest questions. This is because their “just knowing” sense is kicking in. Those who exude a presence of knowing appear confident to us. Some will perceive this as a very attractive and sexy quality. We all love the person who has the answers. A person who seems to have the answers without hesitation or self-doubt naturally exudes a presence of being grounded and secure. When we feel lost, having that confident person around, one that we can look to for the answers, can just feel sexy to us.

3. Divine Goddess Speaks.

Many psychics have become very in touch and connected with their inner goddess, the divine feminine as some may call it. For this reason, they allow both their masculine and feminine sides to hold residency within, giving both sides space to be completely independent, yet one. They do this without trying to overcompensate in either direction. This balance can be attractive for anyone struggling to find his or her own personal balance. It gives them an opportunity to see how both sides work together to create completeness within.

4. The Nurturer.

The nurturing and empathic qualities of a psychic can be overwhelmingly attractive as their caring nature to understand and relate can make one feel validated. In a world where we sometimes struggle to be heard, a psychic not only hears a person physically, but they also hear the soul of that person. Nurturing may take us back to our days as being a child. That feeling of being loved and protected by a mother can reignite with the kindness we experience as an adult. Psychics can use their nurturing and empathetic nature to really show someone that they are loved and cared for in a healthy way. This5. Individuality is Magnetic.

Most psychics have had many life experiences. It is these life experiences that have helped them along their path of helping and healing others. Through these challenges, the psychic has had to reflect and build within. Through this process, they have gained experience with their own voice. Each psychic is unique in personality, style and soul. Having the confidence to embrace one’s individuality can appear to some as sexy. This owning of ones’ self without apologies or explanations can seemingly state "here I am".

Although the perception of sexy is subjective, it’s undeniable that so many psychics hold such similar characteristics historically referred to sexy. Owning ones’ self and helping others with answers, clarity, closure, and personal progress, can be nothing short of a sexy quality.

About the Author

Colby is a master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD and a certified and tested member of Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby serves as a professional psychic, medium, teacher, author, and public speaker. She currently hosts REBELations on iOM radio on Shay Parker’s BEST of the BEST every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Learn more at www.psychicrebel.com selflessness by the psychic in their actions is an enticing quality that can make them attractive to those in their presence.

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8 Signs the World is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

8 Signs the World is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Higher Self

8 Signs the World is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift
by Tim Bryant
May 16, 2016

The Benjamin Fulford Report, May 16, 2016

The Benjamin Fulford Report, May 16, 2016

Higher Self

The Benjamin Fulford Report, May 16, 2016
by Benjamin Fulford
May 16, 2016








Why and How We Need To End The TSA RIGHT NOW!

Why and How We Need To End The TSA RIGHT NOW!


In this video Luke Rudkowski rips the TSA a new one by documenting not only the latest long line scandals but makes a definitive case to end the TSA right now. We go over the history of illicit, illegal activities by the agency and how useless the actual agency is. Share this video and create a loud enough outrage that will help airports hire private security and finally get rid of this illegal inept government extortion racket. Support and invest in us on http://wearechange.org/donate/ so we can go against this criminal enterprize.













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