Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who is Rick Sanford?

Who is Rick Sanford?
Hello Everybody. Bear and Rainbow are here introducing Rick Sanford. Rick has a health blog site from his perspective as well as his team of experts, who not only deal in the field of health, at the same time, they deal with finances and investments, helping and educating people on how to be financially independent. Rick also deals with environmental issues as well, as we all should do at this time of our lives, and you will find all of the information out about Rick at

Also, for anybody looking for properties in Central California, you’re in luck. Rick is also a Certified Real Estate Appraiser in Monterey California. So anybody looking for properties in California, contact Rick at

Healing--It Is All That Is

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Meanwhile, order Llewellyn 2008 Magical Almanac featuring MY MAN'S NAME (Standing Bear) in print - is out Now! They picked up Bear's client's article on DNA Dowsing and in fact many contributing authors have some DNA work in this issue!

~Shamanic EMPOWERMENT : Unconventional,Revolutionary~

Bear and Rainbow do Revolutionary Eclectic Healing & Beyond (REHAB) Shamanic EMPOWERMENT services because we love to see people take their power back on all levels. We remind people of their personal power that they already know, not to remember, but to LIVE it. Self-empowerment helps people reclaim their power on all levels. We don't just give you a fish. We teach you how to fish so you help elevate those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lifes path.


1. Bring justice to all injustices on every and all levels possible, from personal, to institutional, to global, to universal

2. Personal development / Self-improvement

Healing--It Is All That Is

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