Sunday, April 11, 2010

MMA Middleweight Champ Silva makes entertainment of sport

Hello Everybody. This is Standing Bear Thunder Heart, and last night, I was out at a sports bar and I saw UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) 112: Invincible, and it was a great event overall, with UFC have a new Lightweight champion beating BJ Penn and Matt Hughes victory over another Gracie member, Renzo Gracie. Anderson Silva successfully defended his UFC Middleweight championship beating Demain Maia, dispite his unorthodox antics in the ring in all five rounds of the fight, the fight judges giving Silva an Unanimous Decision victory. Yet, the UFC fans, and UFC's co-owner and president, Dana White expressed anger towards Silva that he refused to give Silva the belt, instead White had Silva's manager give him to wrap the belt around Silva's waist, and yes, Dana admitted to that during his post-fight press conference. Regarding Anderson Silva's antics, I personally think the antics were humorous. Oh boo-hoohoohoo. Dana White and the rest of this society need to lighten up. Anderson Silva went inside Maia's head with his antics and still dominated the fight, even broke his nose, so what's the difference anyway. Silva could have finished the fight anytime he wanted, but Maia did disrespect him months ago and verbally said that he could break Silva's arm, but yet, nobody said anything about that. Brock Lesnar was attacked by Dana White and UFC fans for his post fight comments, but his opponent he defeated Frank Mir, was bad mouthing Lesnar mocking his pro-wrestling part of his past, and even made ridiculous skits of him being a real figher who beat up a fake wrestler on YouTube, and yet not one word was said toward Mir. Come on now, enough is enough. The only reason why nobody is quick to attack, let's just say, Tito Ortiz, is because Tito stood up to Dana White and nearly had a boxing match with him. If the UFC is going the thrive further than where it is already is, then fairness must be for everybody, and not just a selected few fighters that people want to target. For example, Frank Mir disrepected Brock Lesnar weeks, even months before their second fight, then when UFC 100 came along, Lesnar successfully defended his UFC Heavyweight title and at the same time, made Mir pay for his stupidy through physical brutality and verbal bashing, then everybody labeled him a "bad guy", or "an embarrassment to the sport." Good for Silva for speaking his mind and not apologizing for his actions, I wouldn't either. What's wrong with a little clowning around during the fight, it was humorous and it was entertaining. I'm sorry, but too many people have sticks up their you know what and need to realize that their are bigger and worst things in the world to get angry at than Silva's funny antics. Anderson Silva is still the best pound for pound fighter in the world, and now that he made people angry, now his status of being the "best pound for pound fighter in the world," will no longer be acknowledged. That right there is such hippocracy and obviously if people start punishing him because of what he did, then the UFC, its owners, and fans don't deserve to have a figher as gifted as Anderson Silva, period. He is better off going to many other Mix Martial Arts organizations where many of their owners would be more than happy to have him on board. If the UFC, or the sport of MMA will ever thrive beyond this point, it needs to let the fighters display more of their personalities in the ring, outside the ring, and while in their interviews, whether it offends people or not. That's how boxing thrived for many decades, by not only have quality fights, but by also they showed their personalities through showmanship and sometimes even talking trash. Mohammad Ali was a great example of what I am talking about. He talked trash, he bragged in interviews, he mocked his opponents, and he got inside his opponents' heads and not only is he the greatest fighter that ever live, he is still considered one of the best champions of all time. Yet nobody is hating on him now. I am keeping things in perspective. This is Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle now. If you want robots to fight and not any personality to shine through, then create a UFC specifically for that. But, if you want your fight to thrive with hints to flares of personality and entertainment, ie, to flow with Spirit, then create a different MMA organization when and where personality is allowed and can thrive. Not all, but most successful people, whether they be entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, entertainers have edge, have a trademark, and are memorable, not flat, talented, robots. There you have it from Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle. Now, I, Standing Bear have one more thing to say before I finished my point. I love the Mix Martial Arts, both as an effective fighting art and as a sport, and the sport of MMA and the organization of UFC is still growing, but it is the MMA fans and the rest of this society that needs to lighted up, get over it, stop crying over spilled milk, and GROW UP.

Dana White Needs to Apologize to Anderson Silva by Matthew Fleischer

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