Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cashflow 101 Game with Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

Cashflow game from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

Rich Dad Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki created this board or e-game, called Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202, for adult version and kids versions. This is educational fun in a box! On a board or an e-game for the entire family, this is quality time well spent alone or with others, worth investing in this game for you and your loved ones. Let's see Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle's testimonial video.

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Healing--It Is All That Is

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Meanwhile, order Llewellyn 2008 Magical Almanac featuring MY MAN'S NAME (Standing Bear) in print - is out Now! They picked up Bear's client's article on DNA Dowsing and in fact many contributing authors have some DNA work in this issue!

~Shamanic EMPOWERMENT : Unconventional,Revolutionary~

Bear and Rainbow do Revolutionary Eclectic Healing & Beyond (REHAB) Shamanic EMPOWERMENT services because they love to see people take their power back on all levels. They remind people of their personal power that they already know, not to remember, but to LIVE it. Self-empowerment helps people reclaim their power on all levels. They don't just give you a fish. They teach you how to fish so you help elevate those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lifes path.


1. Bring justice to all injustices on every and all levels possible, from personal, to institutional, to global, to universal

2. Personal development / Self-improvement

Healing--It Is All That Is

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