Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Archetype of _________ Represents the Parasitic & Abusive...

The archetype of _________???________ (to find out the "blank," get our book,"Standing Bear & Rainbow Heart Speak on Everyday Empowerment," coming in the future), is everywhere. She represents the parasitic and abusive ideological lifestyle of America herself. This consciousness is what we are fighting against. It is injustices and actions of lack of love you commit to yourself, to your family and friends, and what your family and friends commit to you as well. It is the government and system taking your power, your money, freedom, your peace of mind, through feeding you lies and causing you to live in ignorance when some corrupt people in the media, politics, abusive corporations, and any other abused places of power steal your life, your identity, your power, because you give it to them, directly, or indirectly whether you’re conscious of this or not. The corrupt beings are not only hurting you, but themselves, too and our planet on top of everything. The stone people, the two-leggeds, the winged people, the plant people, all of us will die together. If we don’t learn how to love ourselves, our planet will never graduate in this Universe, and we will die together.
But you cannot fight it until you firstly, fight it, secondly, clear it, thirdly, heal it, within yourself, personally, first. That is why this revolution starts with healing your past abuses, your inner demons. Only once you are clean and strong will you better be able to lead your fellow humans the way. Then, we can all conquer the malevolent forces outside of us, outside of Mother Earth together, when the time comes. That is why if you fail, I fail, and if I fail you fail. We are all in this together people!
Do you see what multi-dimensional revolution is about now? We are all citizens of a global community.
But some of you still like to throw tortillas at each other on the football field just because you hate the rich white people who live on side A of the valley and river and you hate the poor Hispanics who live on side B of the valley and river. What the fuck! We either live together, or we die together, out with your tortilla wars!!!

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Healing--It Is All That Is

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~Shamanic EMPOWERMENT : Unconventional,Revolutionary~

Bear and Rainbow do Revolutionary Eclectic Healing & Beyond (REHAB) Shamanic EMPOWERMENT services because they love to see people take their power back on all levels. They remind people of their personal power that they already know, not to remember, but to LIVE it. Self-empowerment helps people reclaim their power on all levels. They don't just give you a fish. They teach you how to fish so you help elevate those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lifes path.


1. Bring justice to all injustices on every and all levels possible, from personal, to institutional, to global, to universal

2. Personal development / Self-improvement

Healing--It Is All That Is

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