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Council of 12 Message - Accessing the Blessings of Wesak

Council of 12 Message
Accessing the Blessings of Wesak - A Thinning of the Veils

Copyright 2011 by Selacia * 4-5-11

Note from Selacia - "This is a special pre-Wesak message from The Council of 12, provided as our annual Wesak season begins. During the next several weeks leading up to May 14 - the date we celebrate Wesak with a global meditation - you can begin tapping into the auspicious Wesak blessings they speak about here. The Wesak is celebrated on different days, depending upon your culture. In Japan, for example, Buddha's birthday is typically April 8. This year we will have a post-Wesak too, offered on July 9 at the tail-end of the season - helping with the anchoring of energies we receive between now and then. As you read their words now, The Council of 12 will provide you with insights and potent energy that can help you to take advantage of our Wesak season. Remember that the Wesak is a celebration of the enlightened ones who came before us - such as the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin. It is also a celebration of our own enlightenment potential - each one of us has that very potential. We are here to realize that on an individual level and to help our planet shift into one of light and love."

Elders of diverse cultures over the ages knew about the times of great change you now face. They also knew about the dimensional shift and thinning of veils between realities. Enlightened masters like Buddha and Kuan Yin brought wisdom about a new type of path to walk-the path of love and the heart.

During Wesak season each year it's easier to access the energies and blessings of these great ones. That season is now.

For several weeks in the window of Wesak you have greater access to spiritual energies and wisdom emanating from the higher dimensions. Leading up to Wesak and for a number of weeks afterward there is an energetic doorway available to you. If you choose to focus on it and invite in the blessings of this season, you will access beneficial spiritual fuel for your journey. That energy is a potent remedy for the challenges you face, the fear you experience, and the hatred you witness in the world.

The Buddha and Wesak

The Buddha - whose birthday and enlightenment is celebrated at Wesak - did not come to create a religion or to be placed on a pedestal. He and other enlightened beings like Kuan Yin gave you a path to follow for your own liberation. As their nonphysical forms interact with humanity today, they provide a vehicle for radical transformation of consciousness.

Do not give your power away to anyone or anything. Remember your own power as a divine changemaker-your own ability to receive the goodness from the universe and to create a light-filled world. You then become a creator of the goodness you desire to see expressed. You then attract more goodness. And your light shines ever more brightly.

Why You Are Here

Your challenge in this cycle is to remain aware of why you are here. There will be many distractions, much disturbing news to process, and many nagging thoughts of self-doubt. There will be a tendency to get caught up in the minutia of outer world happenstance. Knowing that these things are probable, you will find it easier to step back and invite in the big picture view. When you consistently do this, your inner wisdom will remind you of your higher purpose and why this life is so precious.

Most likely you already have some sense about your path and aspirations. During this Wesak window, however, you can access a deeper knowing of your true self and how you are meant to express it in the world. Invite in this deeper knowing and a more expansive wisdom than you have so far realized.

Prepare to let go of long-held ideas about what your purpose is. Most likely, some of them related to a past self you have now moved beyond. Some of them may have come from ideas others gave you about your future. Now is the time to re-evaluate all things and find deeper meanings.

Crucial Time Frame

Of all the time frames you could focus on these things, these next few years are crucial. You may feel that you are not prepared for the kind of path the Buddha and other enlightened beings modeled. You may feel that you don't have enough training or that you don't have enough time. These feelings, if you have them, are coming from your fear and doubt. They come from a false sense of inadequacy and from conditioning that tells you that you are not enough.

This is the time to set aside such false notions about who you are. It is the time to embrace your divine nature and your true path. Trust that as you do this you are fully supported. Know that you are loved beyond measure.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2011 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12

Note: you are welcome to post this message to your newsgroups, blog, website, and other places as long as you accompany the full message with Selacia's name and website. We thank you for respecting this copyright.

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