Monday, August 1, 2011

Ostrich in the Sand Programmin​g

Hi Everybody,

Yes, I know these are challenging times.

Challenging times automatically breed growth. or Death.

Your choice.

At this moment, you may not consciously want to be in this world.

Yet, at some point your soul-personality consciously chose to put
you here. You agreed.

Don't be like an ostrich. Don't bury your head in the sand. That
is programming. Let's call it "Ostrich in the Sand Programming."

You are not here to ignore the world. You are here to change the
world. You must enter into the Frequency to do this.

This is Your Mission.

This is what the Illuminati do. Enter into the Frequency of
Everything Every Way it can. There's a job to be done. If you
won't do it, someone else will. Someone else is. Someone else is
doing your job.

The recipe of Energy Streams that comprises Planet Earth is

The time is Now. This is why you are here.

You can help create the change you want, or you can ride the tide
and complain the entire way.

Your Frequency is at risk. It is being entered into. By the

Get your head out of the sand. Read the news. Be aware of your
surroundings. Because whether you acknowledge it or not, your
mind-pattern creates this world.

I told you in the last Newsletters about Blood Sacrifices. They
are happening all over the world. Little children every day are
sacrificed. Little children represent new ideas within you. When
you sacrifice your own little children/new ideas, and enough people
do the same right along with you, the outer world has no choice but
to outpicture this back.

When you inappropriately give others your Blood/Life Force so they
can live and you die, you feed outer world events.

Drop by drop.

Own your responsibility.

Do your part. Read the News. Know the Enemy because the Enemy is
always only You.

I challenge you to take your head out of the sand. "Brown X" your
programming. Hold your head high. Complete your mission.

Waiting to hear,


Ps. You are brilliant, witty, smart and insightful. Share your
thoughts and comments with your co-readers. United we Stand.
Divided, we Fall. Be on the winning side.

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Healing--It Is All That Is

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