Monday, August 6, 2012

Michael Tsarion: Psychic Vampirism, Destructive Man vs Creative Man - Sacred Space Show 2006


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TOPICS: Sacred Knowledge, Ego Fulfillment from Work, Your Bliss, Children of the Light, What is Psychic Vampirism, Responsibility with Material, Unaware Violence to Others, Psychic Violence, Unknown Vampirism, Loss of Humanism, Shamanic Filters, Parasitical Energies, Energy Draining, Violating Energy, Healing from an Attack, Strong Psychic Hooks, Hamlet Effect, Creative Man Vs Destructive Man, Man of Ego, Meaning to Life, Creative Person-Inner Direction, More Privileges, Adversarial Energy and Pain, 2012 Phase Shift, Dark Forces, Evil and Down with the Ship, Manufactured Fears and Crisis, The City, Inauthentic Living, Rise and Fall of Civilizations, Mystery of the Self, Weekend Warriors, 2012

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