Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Everything From Ego Perspective is a Dream.

“The news is saying Obama's approval rating is now 41%...”
The news is saying Santa's approval rating is now 91%. How your statement is similar to mine?
Santa, Pope and President differs by were different costumes. Being awake means operate on observe able reality not imaginary stuff and do thinks which makes life more wonderful then it is , because everything ells harms you.
Stuff you can sense is real, everything ells is imaginary and optional. Your judgments, evaluations, labeling…. It does not exist in time ore space. So please wake up you just dreaming you don’t need to follow everyone in that shared imaginary riddle, because no one can explain why.
It starts with bullshit stories for kids about Pinocchio later replaced with Gods and Governments, Kings, Zars, Leaders…. Only slaves have to, because of superior’s orders, company policy …. It is not real, we all are humans with same needs eat, poop, sleep, socialize… and no one of us can consume more then need it. and we are living in abundance.
No seriously please wake up I feel lonely in observe able reality. Humans suppose to move in order to support life make it better for all of us. But I see sleepy zombies, mind slaves playing social duties irrelevant to what support life, and engage in meaningless harmful activities wasting time and resources.
This social “theater” created by psychopath thoughts, because it is totally irrelevant to humans needs. Those man made laws and money make possible to some people live with out contributing to the harvest, they harvesting us people who create necessities for life.
Other humans are your primary source of life, not symbols on the paper. We should count not money, but each other, because we live in each others hands. Look around you, how many stuff you did by your self vs how many stuff is made with other human’s hands?
Are you awake now? We are one big mass of same species everything you know is came from other people. No one of us can survive alone. We all are humans, everything else is imaginary and optional. It is not real like Santa, Buggy man, unicorn… it is made up to believe even if everyone on the planet accept it as real, but it is still not physical, non-sense, you have to understand that world exist regardless your ego, that is how everything from ego perspective is a dream.
Wake up!"

Sylvester Zeitgeist from Kindred Spirits

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