Friday, December 6, 2013

Americas Voice Now Full Show 12/4

Americas Voice Now Full Show 12/4


1: Cato: People CAN Overthrow Their Gov't

2: Obamacare Security: A National Crisis

3: Immigration: The Next Act Of Treason?

4: Freedom For Security Is A Suicide Pact | |

"Our Forefathers pledged their Lives, Fortunes & Sacred Honor to Create & Defend Our Nation. Where do YOU Stand? As God is my witness I will fight to the death to save the Light of Liberty in Our Republic!" Michael Evans

Plus: YOU Can Help AVN get onto IHeart Radio.
We've been podcasting the show via our new Spreaker application for those who want to listen as a download to mobile phone or computer. We need a minimum of 100 followers to apply to be hosted on IHeart. It will dramatically expand our potential audience. Please go to and hit the FOLLOW button right below the main picture. Login with your facebook, google, twitter or plain jane email account. Once we hit 100 followers, we'll be on our way!

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