Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quotations: Jesuit Order

"Ok guys. I'm going to have to make a little announcement here. I've been seeing people posting propaganda news articles portraying the new pope as a "good man. a hero. and man of the people."

That could not be FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!! This man is EVILE; as are all these bastards in the Vatican… The Jesuits and the Catholic church are are some of thee most nefarious people on the planet, and huge players in the New World Order construct. Don't be duped and promote these demons… Please. read some of these quotes by famous historical figures about these charlatans in the link below.

The only reason i'm even commenting on this is because people are supporting something very dangerous and harmful to mankind.. It's kind of like saying how great fluoride is in the tap water. Or vaccines are good. Or how GMO's are going to save starving people. That kind of ignorance has a direct negative effect on people, and I can't just sit here and let it go unnoticed. We all remember how people got caught it in the Obomba "hope and change" booshiet…(i sure didn't) And now we see what a disaster that has become! WAKE UP folks! Do your homework. Don't fall for the LIES."

Masta Ling

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