Sunday, March 2, 2014

Linol Anderson: "Getting so sick of all the religious hate ..."

Linol Anderson: "Getting so sick of all the religious hate ..."

Getting so sick of all the religious hate ... That is why I never bring up religion in my videos... NEVER... People are so ridicules and hypocrites!!! I cant even read youtube comments anymore without seeing the most horrible things... Illuminati skank Katy Perry and her dark horse video, some Muslims are getting mad cause she zapped a guy wearing an Allah pendent .. If you read the comments (which I don't recommend) the hatred towards Islam is just ridicules from so called "Christians" ... remarks I cant even repeat .. Do these people realize how much violence and murder is surrounded in the history of Christianity ... Judaism .. ect... The NWO has succeeded .. They have divided the world with religion ... People HATE each other due to a belief system .. they will kill over BELIEFS .. Human beings have seemed to forget we are all HUMAN BEINGS ... We are all one... but they let a simple belief on how we got here... lead to hatred .. violence .. and murder... for the most part the Human race is a disgrace .. a pathetic disgrace .. Love everyone people.. regardless of what religion or belief they are ... its the person and the persons actions that count ... not the god they choose to believe in .. or not believe in .. STOP THE HATE!!! Like I said its all part of the NWO's plan ... to divide the world .. Down with the system!!!

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