Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SuperNovaOx & VodeOx, Video Email and Video Conferencing

What is VodeOx Corporation?

VodeOX (OX) is based in Singapore and has cutting edge flagship products that include Video Email and Video Conferencing. Digital and iCloud based products are the mainstay of this organization, which allows for international member benefits and utilization. The Ox product offerings will also include a built-in, high quality Digital Greetings Card & Calendar. Everything will be accessible with the integrated quality Mobile App created for Ox. Imagine the power of the best home business marketing organization propelling forward its own MLM company? This is now what you are getting, with two dynamic companies being offered together as one!

"We anticipate that the Synergies of TeamVinh & VodeOX Will Lead to the Massive Growth of Both Companies!" ~excerpt from e-homebusiness.com

Where Does SuperNovaOx Fit Into the Equation?

SuperNovaOx is the "stand alone" PreLaunch for VodeOx.com. Here, interested potential members are able to become a part of an ever growing powerline as Pre-Enrollees. Those who see the enormous potential of TV/Ox will be transferred into VodeOx (via TeamVinh.com) on Ox's Grand Launch day, in their order of SuperNovaOx (SNO) registration. As all who join AFTER you will be UNDER you in our VodeOx straightline, can you imagine how quickly your VodeOx team will grow and build your residual income ??

So don't delay...... Every second you wait to join SNO is another second someone else is jumping ahead of you!

In SuperNovaOx , you will not only have the chance to earn for each and every Free Pre-Enrollee you bring into SNO, but will also be able to join our Facebook site to receive support, ask questions and make "Super"friends.

Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly support team via the Member Support link in the SNO Menu.

TeamVinh/VodeOx International Company Details:

Headquarters - Singapore:

TeamVinh.com International P/L
c/o: Samuel Seow Law Corporation
15 Hoe Chiang Road
Tower Fifteen, #26-02
Singapore 089316
Phone: 1-877-333-1019

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