Friday, September 5, 2014

R.I.P Joan Rivers, The world has moved on for the better.

"Alex Jones, Reverend James Manning, Dr. Bill Deagle, Jeff Rense, and many others have been saying this for years. Why is everybody surprised that Joan Rivers revealed it too?" Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Joan Rivers Dead Two Months After Calling Obama Gay, Michelle a Tranny

Comedienne Joan Rivers has died just two months after calling President Obama gay and Michelle Obama a transsexual, prompting a deluge of conspiracy theories.

Other People's comments:

Linol Anderson: She was right ... Obama is gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) and Michelle is a tranny big time!!!

Agnet Smith: Funny how anybody within his nation publicly denounces him gets wacked. Makes you wonder can he do it "YES WE CAN."

"WATCH MY NEW VIDEO FRIENDS!!! Just so yaknow i do not believe the illuminati killed Joan Rivers ... i just point out in the video how many people will think this ,... but i go in depth about this in my video ... Please watch it and give it a like so it gets to the top of the search engine right behind mark dice ... damn guy beat me to it again .... ARRRRHHH .... And as you may notice i did not say rest in peace to Joan Rivers in this video ... Why ??? Because she stated in an interview that the poor Palestinian people deserve to die and they should bomb Gaza just like they did Hiroshima ... That my friends is evil at its worst ... Either she went senial .. or she was just a prejudice hate filled lady .. either way il sleep just fine tonight i could care less about her death due to her remarks on the Palestinians ... eh , maybe it is KARMA that killed her for being a hateful soul ..." Linol Anderson


ACLA breaks down the conspiracy that is arising that Joan Rivers death at age 81 was carried out by the Illuminati due to some remarks she made against Obama and Michelle being gay and tranny ...

"I so happy this bitch is dead look what she say about peoples in Gaza!" Ahmad Oman via Hamde Abu Rahma

Watch Joan Rivers Go On Rant About Gaza Conflict: ''Palestinian Civilians Deserve To Die"!!!

Other People's comments:

Linol Anderson: Karma def bit her in the ass!!!

Ahmad Oman: Who is karma

Linol Anderson Look up what karma means bro ...

Ahmad Oman: I don't what is that

Ahmad Oman: I am so happy that she is dead

Linol Anderson: Look it up bro you should know what karma means. Pretty much what goes around comes around

Ahmad Oman: Forgive my attitude brother I just so mad

Linol Anderson: Your forgiven bro im pissed off too but we gotta remember she was 81 prob going dellusional from old age when she said that. And if she truly meant it that is her problem .. we cant let it get to us

Ahmad Oman: Going to message you on Facebook right now

Ahmad Oman: I need to tell you something

BearandRainbow ThunderHeart: Hello Ahmad. I, Bear don't blame you for being very angry at Joan Rivers. What she said about the Palestinians deserve to die in Gaza is completely off base and out of line. The problem with Rivers was that she ran off with her mouth so much that everything she said had no filters about it, nor had any sense of decorum about it. Joan Rivers represented the very things that is wrong with our society, from material superficialism to straight talking out of her butt without any thought of her having any consequences whatsoever. Hopefully, with Rivers death, many people will start to wake up and see that material superficialism alone is dangerous and irresponsible, and that we need to get back to our inner spirit and soul on how we live our lives, and at the same time learn and live with compassion for our selves and others, and that way, the world would be better off in general, without Joan Rivers. R.I.P Joan Rivers, The world has moved on for the better.

Linol Anderson: Well said BearandRainbow ThunderHeart

BearandRainbow ThunderHeart: Thanks Linol Anderson.

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