Friday, November 14, 2014

3 Easy Oversights Psychics Make that Lead to Their Powers Unnecessarily Zapping People & Things Out of Control

Zapping People and things unintentionally is a symptom of you awakening to your ESP, or extra sensory powers.

1. Awareness

Are you aware that you may be causing appliances to flicker or surge high and low? Do you feel afraid to get near people because you can feel zapping from yourself to people near you, or vice versa? Most people may not see this phenomena you may be experiencing, but it doesn’t make it any less real. You are not crazy, this happens to people who are opening up to their psychic powers and may not understand what is happening to them. You are not alone. This phase may be a spiritual emergency because you need answers as to what is happening, why, and how you can feel comfortable with these experiences.

2. Grounding

Just like a heavy duty power cord needs a grounding prong, so do we as spirits in this physical human body. We may blow or cause short circuits when we are not grounded like heavy duty appliances, like a generator. Are we that electrical? How do we ground ourselves like appliances need to? One step can be as simple as utilizing hematite stone.

3. Control

The point in grounding techniques is to be in control of our energy. We have electromagnetic fields around us and within us. Our different bodies need to be trained how to stay grounded on this Earth dimension. Spacey, or absent-minded, we can incur more accidents, hurting ourselves and others. It is our own responsibility to understand these psychic phenomena and master controlling our psychic abilities for the greater good.

Learn how to take control of your powers and use them to help yourself and others. There are many healing systems and modalities psychic and healers utilize to strengthen their powers and mastery over their powers. As a stepping stone for healers transitioning from the mundane to the spiritual understanding, Usui Reiki is a great place for people new to the metaphysical healing path to start. These are possible expectations including, but not exclusive to, when you live the Usui Reiki path and practice full on:


Heal yourself, balances energy and chakras, increases energy, heals body, mind, spirit, promotion of wellness, releases stress, prevention of dis-ease, harmony, flowing chi, ease. Mastery over chi, emotions, healing, stress management.


Deeper connection with all beings, works on causes, develops positive attitude, more or wider range of connections with ease and joy, compassion grows, more patient, better communication.


Heal others, enhances personal growth, expands creativity, light hearted, conflict resolution with ease, growth, experience, teach this to others, develop a stronger and bigger aura, open to intuition, pass down attunements and knowledge, awareness, purpose, empowerment, fulfillment, leadership, grow your personal power. Attuned with power symbols.

Usui Reiki has several attunements for people who want to utilize Usui Reiki for healing self, others, and goal manifesting. At the last levels, one can teach and attune other students. If you interested in learning more about Usui Reiki, future events, and getting acquainted with us, request more information at with specifics of which course program you are inquiring about.

We love to attune people who want wellness and mastery over their self-healing who are struggling with getting stress and psychic powers under control withUsui Reiki: Healing Self & Others 90-Day Program so they can feel joy, wellness, and mastery over self-healing.

By application only. Request more information and find out when the next openings are at

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