Monday, January 11, 2016

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals (Black Ops)

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals (Black Ops)


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The targeted individual reality is a very dark one. This is a very real happening on Earth right now. Black Ops relating to torture with advanced technology could be the biggest injustice going on in our world right now.... The groups behind the military's and intelligence agencies have inherited a full evil agenda. They are not worthy of leading mankind. I hope this video can help some TIs out there that are looking for answers. I'm sure many of the gangstalked will reject what I say, but maybe someday they can reflect on things and see truth to my words...

The music that was made by me in this video can be found here:

The two other songs I used in this video were made by the Hip Hop group Outkast. The song I did not name in the video at the beginning of it is: "Da Art of Storytellin pt 2" by Outkast off their album Aquemini.

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