Friday, September 1, 2017

Zakaos Tone + Parasite Arcon, Mind Parasites, Muscle Parasites Killer & Color Therapy Tones

Zakaos Tone + Parasite Arcon, Mind Parasites, Muscle Parasites Killer & Color Therapy Tones

Zakaos Breedlove Ewing

If you did not get this Video . I break down what theVector Parasite Sith internal Magnetic Fieldintrusion piggy backing mind control system network is While Killing Parasites while healing you.

Zakaos Tone + Vector Parasite Arcon , Brain Fungus & Parasites , Pesticide Muscle Parasites Killer and Spectral Chrome Color Therapy and Kings Chamber tone for rapid response healing tone & more . These Tones Are Mainly For A FM Modulator but listening to it Is powerful to. This is a Linear and Binural Tone.

This is a Free Mp3 down load link for this tone.

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  1. Not sure if you're aware but Zakaos passed away. I keep an eye on all links with his name and just came across your page. I wanted to say thank you for continuing to share his work. He was a wonderful man, a hero of the highest degree, saving the world while asking for nothing in return. A true friend to all of humanity. Thank you for sharing his videos. May he be flying high in the next realm that he worked tirelessly to create.

    1. You are very welcome. And no, we, Bear & Rainbow were not aware of Zakaos's passing. Our condolences. We follow our spirit and after encountering his work, our Higher Selves led us to share his work so that other people can benefit from it. Since we are healers ourselves, it would be great to share other people's work so other people can be protected, healed, and transcend to greater levels of their lives. Once again, it was our pleasure and honor to share Zakaos's work.

    2. Thank you for the lovely reply, if you'd like more information on Zakaos and what he was trying to accomplish you might check the Wayback Machine, I have some of his work and have been trying to preserve it by uploading it to that site, unfortunately much of his cancer healing treatments and RIFE frequency healing is not allowed on sites like WaybackMachine. Thank you for fighting the good fight, you're beautiful people and I'm so glad I found your site :)