Sunday, August 23, 2020

Bevelyn Beatty Exposes Black Lives Matter

Bevelyn Beatty Exposes Black Lives Matter

Hello Everybody! This is Standing Bear Thunder Heart, of course you all know me by now as Bear. This woman has the Holy Spirit, you can see it in her eyes. Calling out the deceitful schemes of satan, and the satanic humans and beings attempting to ruin, and conquer our world and us in general. Some Christians, some metaphysical healers / Lightworkers, Shamans, etc., and other types of people fall for this BLM stuff. Get right Americans, and Humanity. I am well aware that Bevelyn Beatty is Christian and she would like to convert humanity to Christianity, and I for one am walking my own Spiritual-Mystical-Shamanic Healing path just fine, and continuing to evolve that way, so I am in no way promoting Christianity, and / or Jesus is the only way of being spiritually powerful as a disclaimer. At the same time, Listen To This Woman! I am not the only person who is bring this message to light, because I had spoke about BLM, Antifa, etc., in a few of my previous videos. She has a very important message for all of us as it pertains to BLM, Antifa, The Democratic Party (Syndicate), and all other Satanic groups of people / beings attempting to destroy America before taking over the world. She also has a message for Melanated, black people, and many other people here in America how to take their power back. Creator uncover their eyes!

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Bevelyn Beatty Exposes Black Lives Matter

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