Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness, or Random Acts of Guilt?

Have you ever noticed that people help others because they love to do it?

Have you also noticed when people do things they do not really want to do that go against words they previously said, they say they feel "guilty," or "well, it's the right thing to do."

What do you think of this? Would it matter to you if you were the recepient of these acts whether it was done out of resistance, or love?

Some people are motivated by fear, guilt, shame, manipulation, control, or fear of rejection, or even fame or fortune. Sometimes the same people are motivated by love, love to help or uplift others.

So, does it really matter even if you feel or know that someone does something for you when they really don't want to? Would you rather they not do it at all and be true with their feelings when they offer a "kind" gesture? Do you accept the gesture, or turn it down?

Would you rather be the type of person who has the freedom to do what's right in your heart for you at that present moment without caring what others' negativity would perceive? Would you rather be the person who is conflicted by doing a good action, but feeling resentment and resistance in the mind-body-heart & soul because at that moment you truly did not feel generous, you just felt obliged, whether it was out of guilt, debt, or "for show" to fit in? Does it matter to you what others' judge of you? Does it matter to you what you think of yourself? Do you hold yourself accountable for your thoughts, feelings, & actions? Are you happy with the person you are now? Does it matter to you how you uphold yourself & live your life?

Is it wrong or right? Who cares? Grey, nothing black nor white. Food for contemplation.

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