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August 24

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I would like to ask your assistance in spreading information on what is taking place in Syria and Egypt. I believe the recent chemical weapons use in Syria that is being blamed on the government forces is false. The goal from the beginning was to take down Assad’s regime. I am no big fan of Assad but it isn’t hard to see that this is a US/NATO target. This article examines the situation in Syria: ~

I don’t know how familiar you are with the Islamic Muhjihadeen nor the Muslim Brotherhood organization but they are funding the Muhijhadeen as well as US/Saudi/Israel. Their goal is to reshape the Middle East as well. The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood is made up of Muslims of various sects include Sunni/Shi’te. The Mujihadeen are Sunni and are radical in their beliefs against Shi’te Muslims. Their goal is to keep the Islamic world free from modernization and technology. This is why you see such oppression in Afghanistan and Pakistan where they have claimed rule.

(*1) During the Afghan/Soviet conflict the US/Saudi funded the Mujihadeen in order to defeat the Soviets. They used they radical writings of a Saudi Sheikh to influence the concept of jihad as holy war. Anyone who does not agree with the ideology is deemed as an unbeliever and can be sentenced to death.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is a large network who’s leaders, as I stated, are made up of various sects and use the Mujihadeen to aid their cause of establishing ‘pure’ Islamic states in the Middle East. Their ideology is based on other Sheikh’s radical writings and their goal is to establish Egypt as a pure Islamic state.

Their ideology is that it is permissible to use suicide bombings/murder…whatever means to overthrow any government they deem as ‘unIslamic’.

As I said the Mujihadeen are totally against Shi’te and Assad is Shi’te so of course they consider him as an unbeliever. Their group has plotted to overthrow Assad’s government before and Assad killed a huge number of their followers. What government would not do the same? This is why MB has a vendetta towards Assad.

The Mujihadeen, along with MB, both being large networks give explanation to why there were so many foreigners in the FSA. The MB have their group or splinter groups in every country in the Middle East. Hamas in Palestine being one of them. They assist the murders of their fellow Muslims while sitting in posh offices in other countries with clean hands, all the while claiming we are a group who works only in charities, good will, etc.

I believe this alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria is simply to allow US/NATO to strike Syria and allow the Mujihadeen to move into Egypt.

Now Egypt and the MB comes into play: MB in Egypt was founded by Hassan Al Banna. He was Salafi sect and was a Freemason as well. Later the group splintered off into other smaller groups made up of other sects Sufi, Takfiri, etc. They all have the same goal but different ideologies of how to obtain that. Egypt has a long past with MB. Starting with Nasser, Nasser along with three other Generals teamed up with the MB to overthrow British rule in Egypt. After the success Nasser had Hassan Al Banna imprisoned (my opinion is b/c Al Banna’s ideology). Nasser established Egypt as a secular state which is totally against MB ideology. Because of these two reason MB developed hatred for Nasser. The MB attempted to assassinate Nasser and he then had Al Banna executed and cracked down on MB members and many of them fled Egypt to England and other countries. At this time they teamed with British Intel to plot to overthrow Nasser. Next comes Sadat who tried to make peace with the MB released many of the one’s Nasser had imprisoned. Members of MB assassinated Sadat b/c they opposed his signing the peace treaty with Israel.

Mubarak also had his strife with MB and they made several assassination attempts on his life as well. Even thought Mubarak had Shariah law they continued to feel it was not ‘legitimate’ Shariah. Now we come to the present and Morci; He released numerous MB members that were imprisoned; Gave Egypt a hacked up constitution…This will explain more: ~

Morci also hosted a MB convention. Here is a clip from it:

This will shed some light on the goal of MB and their supporters from the ouster of Morci: ~ MB large network is misleading the public into believing that the Egyptian military killed ‘peaceful’ protesters. No, denying there were many that were peaceful protesters but there were armed protesters amongst them as well. This is a common tactic of MB they manipulate the public into aiding their goal. There were a lot of protesters that were opposed to the ouster of Morci. They were not huge supporters of him but were rather opposed to his being ousted by the military. They were fearful of Egypt falling back into military rule. MB convinced them that their ‘democracy’ had been stolen from them and they should protest. That explains why there were so many who protested. Now after witnessing the armed militants who are MB/Morci supporters and ‘freedom fighters/Mujihadeen’ they have separated themselves from the pro Morci pack. Here is a Sheikh explaining his approval of violence against civilian: ~
This video is of a reformed MB member will explain MB/Morci’s goal for Egypt. ~
There were 16 Egyptian border guards killed in Sinai last year. These militants in the Sinai in Egypt were in fact mujihadeen and are/have been/being aided by Hamas (splinter group of MB) in Palestine.

I would also like to bring attention to this study that explains in detail how all of these militant Islamic groups have been manipulated and are tied into the US/NATO goals for the ‘new Middle East’. This is why I cannot lend any legitimacy to the MB organization. They claim to want better for their people and only want their people to live by Shariah and God’s law…but you align yourself with the most evil of people to attain that goal?
Very questionable indeed.

I know this is a lot of information to take in. I only ask for assistance in looking at the information that I have provided and judge for your self. I have spent several months trying to understand where radical Islam stems. I am an American who embraced Islam some years ago and this is not the Islam that is practiced by the majority of Muslims. The powers that be have aided in propagating these radical ideologies simply to further their evil goals to establish their NWO.

* "The author" is "known" to the "redaction".

* "The author" is "known" to the "redaction".
A Sheep No More:
"The above article titled "Your Opinion, Your Comment" is EXCELLENT and it explains most of what I've researched and gotten through my contacts overseas. Hats off to whomever this journalist is.

(*1) "During the Afghan/Soviet conflict the US/Saudi funded the Mujihadeen in order to defeat the Soviets."

^-That is correct, and they used the EXTREMIST Wahhabi brand of Islam to fight the Soviet Union and gain back the poppy fields in Afghanistan. This video clip is from Hillary Clinton herself ADMITTING that they created and funded Al Qaeda by using the Wahhabi.
Here is the SHORT video clip from the devil herself, Hillary Clinton: We created al Qaeda: ~

*The only question I have is that the Zionist Regime of Israel CREATED Hamas ...and there isn't enough BLAME for Israel's role in all this. Notice how we haven't heard much from Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu (Their ZIONIST Leader)?

Yes, the Zionists created Hamas, just like they and their Zionist friends create both sides of the conflict for maximum profit! VIDEO:

Yes MB is a CREATION from British/UK ZIONISTS. And, it seems like the author of this article doesn't understand that the US is just a puppet to the New World Order. In fact, the Zionist regime controls the US more than US controls itself.

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