Thursday, November 28, 2013

Divine Cosmos: The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn


Only a few weeks earlier, another story came out revealing that the Kardashian family has taken an active interest in UFOs -- and even tried to visit Area 51.

This is another sign that America's most widely popular "reality TV family" is directly involved in the mass awakening we are discussing.

As the true scope and depth of government corruption and secrecy becomes common knowledge, the idea that they would cover up UFOs is no longer far-fetched.

This is precisely what the Kardashian family has now realized... and they are only one of a rising chorus of people who are now taking this seriously.

Kardashian Family Visits Area 51, Hunting for UFOs

Part of keeping up with America's most watched reality TV family, the Kardashians, means we now know that several members of the family have a strong belief in UFOs and aliens.

On Sunday's episode of the E! channel's long-running "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," the Kardashian/Jenner family set out on a trip to hunt for aliens at America's top secret -- and legendary -- military base, known as Area 51.

Back in March, reported how Kendall Jenner had revealed her own UFO sighting, followed by her sister Khloe Kardashian's disclosure of her belief in UFOs.

At the same time, the CIA revealed that Area 51 actually existed in the Nevada desert where, for decades, America built and tested high altitude spy aircraft technology. It also bred decades of rumors and speculation that the CIA was researching alleged alien technology at Area 51.

Put it all together and this is where the Kardashians wanted to go.

WAS JFK ASSASSINATED BY HIS OWN GOVERNMENT -- AND DID THE MEDIA COVER IT UP? Divine Cosmos: The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn to be continued...

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