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Uplifting Message From An Inspired Reader

Uplifting Message From An Inspired Reader
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Title: Uplifting Message From An Inspired Reader

Hi Everyone. We received an appreciative & touching email from someone who has been reading our works. Thank you, Lakshmi, we are definitely inspired. We both felt it was not only meant for us. We agreed it is a universal message that applies to all of you. My, all the people who give us feedback all have very different personalities, we love it!!! xoxo Enjoy, you're creme of the crop people ~Bear & Rainbow

My Dearest Respected Special, Patient, Courageous and Cheerful Friends,

I just read your works and was inspired to write to you. I am a Elementary School Teacher by profession. Out of my Deep love for Humanity, I wanted to share some Thoughts of Spiritual Love, Respect, Best Wishes and Upliftment with you, my dear friends...

I am very proud of being an Indian and to belong to a Heritage which is so Rich in Spirituality and Value Education. Always know my dear friend, that you are very Unique Souls and very special and Loved to your Family and Friends. You make them Happy and you make their World have Meaning. So your Role in life is very PURPOSEFUL and BENEFICIAL. And, with Courage and Enthusiasm you will always Play your Part well. Be a Good Hero Actor on this Unlimited World Stage. My friends, Life is a Game of Obstacles, so do not be Disheartened by Life's challenges, they are Temporary Exams to make you Better Players. Be Determined to Overcome All Obstacles, they have come only to Issue a Challenge to your Courage and to Test your Will Power.

My dear friends, if you Reflect back into your Valuable life, you will See all the Challenges that you have Crossed. You are Much Stronger Persons Today because of Earning and Accumulating All those Valuable Experiences. Always See The CONTRAST of your PAST and PRESENT. BE PROUD of All that you have ACHIEVED. It is no Small Task to Swim through this Ocean called 'Life'. CONGRATULATIONS my dear friends. Keep Moving on, never stand still, keep taking the Bold Step of Courage and then GOD, THE SUPREME FATHER and The SUPREME SOUL Will ALWAYS Help You. We SOULS are All His SPECIAL BELOVED LOVING CHILDREN. My friends, IF AT PRESENT YOU LIVE IN THE PAST THEN HOW WILL YOU SEE YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE ? Always remain a Deep Sea diver and a Long distance Runner. Explore the Depths of Experience through The Power of Love, Humilty, Patience, Enthusiasm and WILL POWER. NEVER Lose HOPE in Yourselves. GOD and HUMANITY is Always with You and is VERY PROUD of YOU !!! :)

If you do get some time out from your busy schedule, Please do Visit a Uniquely Powerful Spiritual School called the 'Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University'. It Teaches us to Become Pure, Peaceful, Virtuous and Courageous Independent Leaders of our OWN INDIVIDUAL LIVES. From it's Original Inception in 1936, this University does not charge a single Penny from it's Students.

BKWSU.ORG { International }, BRAHMAKUMARIS.COM { India }

It is spread accross 90 Nations. It Teaches RAJA YOGA MEDITATION. Essentially, The MASTERY over The MIND Through UNDERSTANDING The SELF by LOVING The Self and Through SILENCE. Thereby, Practically Living a Life of : Values, Harmony Towards ALL RELIGIONS, FAITHS and BELIEFS, SPIRITUAL LOVE AND HUMILITY. RAJA YOGA Teaches us to always Stay in our INDIVIDUAL SELF RESPECT. My Patient friends, you will Experience much Peace of Mind and Happiness.

My Fortunate friends, since Recorded Time Immemorial All Human Souls have been Searching for Peace and Happiness, like Moths in search of an Imperishable Flame. All souls have been Seeking The Answer to Life's Most Fundamental Question, "WHO AM I" ? My Sweet friend, You are a Soul, whose Original Religion is PEACE and whose Original Nature is PURITY and FREEDOM. The Soul is a Tiny Point of Light, a Star on Earth. Your Soul Controls this Body, Like a Driver in a Car. The Soul is The Observor, The Doer and The Experiencer. It is the Consciousness of the Body that causes Impurity, Peacelessness and Unhappiness. The Soul never dies, but sheds one human body after another. It is the Life Force. The Soul contains The Mind The Intellect The Personality.

My Brave friends, always know that it is our own Self Created Thoughts { originating from the Mind } which Trick us and Deceive us and Take us on the Path of Peacelessness. Weaknesses always Enter First through the Door of The Mind. Let your Intellect { The Decision maker and Discriminator } Not ACCEPT these Thoughts of Weakness and SELF DEFEAT. This is Possible my friends when you are INTROSPECTIVE and Enjoy going into SILENCE. Then, with MUCH LOVE and PATIENCE, TEACH AND TRAIN your Mind and Intellect to Not accept Negative and Waste Thoughts. Negative thoughts are those which bring you Sorrow. Thoughts that End with a Question mark "?" are Waste Thoughts. Why, What, Whom, Where and How are all Waste thoughts. Both type of thoughts Deplete the Soul of it's Power to Perform Good Actions of Benefit to the Self and Others.

My wise friend, If a SEED of Positive Thought is put into ACTION, The Result will always lead to Peace and Happiness. For Every Seed that is SOWN in Life bears a fruit, which grows at it's own Season. So whatever it is that you Sow, you will most definetly get it's Return. This is The Foundation of The KARMA PHILOSOPHY and The Beginning of Self Realization and Self Transformation. So my Hardworking friends, may you always be Beautiful Gardners in the creation of your Individual Tree like Life. May you eat fruits of Happiness and spread the Flower like Fragrance of your Virtues to all souls who come to Seek your Shade and Comfort.

This Altruistic Service of Raja Yoga Meditation is for The Benefit and Upliftment for all of Humanity. Only when we change Ourselves, will The World Change. Because of this, our Spiritual University charges no fees from any of it's students.

My Loving friends, I wish you all the best in all your Endeavours in life. May you attain all your needs, fulfill all your desires and Accomplish all your Valued Goals. Yet do them all by being Confident, Non Violent and Merciful. Keep being Cheerful and Keep Smiling. Be Simple and LET THINGS GO AS THE DAY GOES. DO NOT COMPARE Yourself with Anyone, Do not Compete with anyone and Expect as Little from others. YOU ARE UNIQUE and THE BEST. Always STAY in your SELF RESPECT !!! Continue to Fulfill all your Duties in Life with Love, Courage, Patience and Determination. Difficulties in the Form of Test Papers wiil arise, yet you Must Pass them Well in order to move to a Higher Class.

My Fearless friends, you have constantly used all 8 Powers of your Soul on a daily basis : The Power to Pack up and Merge all The Past, The waste and Negativite Thoughts, The Powers to - Tolerate, Face, Withdraw, Adapt, Discern, Judge and Cooperate. Keep using these Incognito weapons of yours and you will become a more Resilient Spiritual Warrior on this World stage. Double Congratulations !!! My Sweet friends, make EFFORT not to GIVE SORROW to any Soul, nor to TAKE SORROW from any Soul. Through the Power of Love, Tolerance and Patience your ATTITUDE will Change and Then Your VISION Will Change and Then Finally your WORLD Will also have to CHANGE. Always Tie the Seat Belt of Determination and Self Respect and you will always remain Safe and Set.

My Determined friends, May you Remain : Tolerant and Nurturing as The Mother Earth. Constant, Powerful and Transformatory as The Sun. Generous Hearted, Deep and Adaptable as The Ocean. Steady, Unshakeable and Fearless as The Mountain. Unlimited, Light and Worryfree as The Sky. Cool, Peaceful and Loving as The Moon. And, Lastly, Merciful, Forgiving, Truthful and Pure as GOD - The Lovely Supreme Father of All Human Souls. The Altruistic Supreme Soul "SHIVA", Which Means - The BENEVOLENT BENEFACTOR - The Remover of Sorrow and The Bestower of Happiness { In the Indian Language }.

The All Mighty Authority, The OCEAN of Powers and Virtues Salutes you and Loves you Dearly, for you are His Most Beloved Child.

Well My Dearest friend, Thank you so much for all your valuable time. May you continue to Become a Master Ocean of Powers and Virtues. Be A Tower of Purity, Peace, Love and Respect towards all of Mankind and Nature.

Always with Utmost Spiritual Love, Respect, Best Wishes and Hugs,


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