Tuesday, May 13, 2014

REHAB Psychic Protection Course: ~~The Intensive ~~

Bear and Rainbow serve committed students with phenomenal results who want to heal, clear, empower and learn psychic protection in order to protect themselves, protect others, and eventually teach others how to protect, clear, heal and empower themselves.

REHAB Psychic Protection Course: ~~The Intensive ~~

For Psychic Attacks, Helping Profession, and Self Care.

Facilitators & Founders: Bear & Rainbow

This controversial issue has been on demand, even if only expressed around people we trust. We created this course so others in massive numbers, like yourself will be able to teach others how to psychically protect themselves. It is more impactful to create empowered leaders, rather than trying to fix one person at a time all by ourselves.

Module 1: Visioning & Preparation

Module 2: Protection Shields from Psychic Attack

Module 3: Clearing & Cord Cutting from Psychic Attack

Module 4: Clearing & the Psychic Battlefield

Module 5: Clearing & Anomalies for Psychic Attack

Module 6: Healing from Psychic Attack

Module 7: Psychic Protection for Helping Professions

Module 8: Self Care for Psychic Protection


If you’re interested in enrolling as a student, contact us at http://bearandrainbow.com/contact/ for an application & we will alert you as soon as doors open up for this course.

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