Tuesday, May 6, 2014

REHAB Psychic Protection: Introductory Course

Bear and Rainbow serve committed students with phenomenal results who want to heal, clear, empower and learn psychic protection in order to protect themselves, protect others, and eventually teach others how to protect, clear, heal and empower themselves.

REHAB Psychic Protection: Introductory Course

Facilitators & Founders: Bear & Rainbow

For People Who Want to Heal & Prevent Psychic Attacks Quickly & Easily.

Module 1: Preparation

Module 2: Removal Techniques

Module 3: Healing the Energy Body After Removals

Module 4: Prevention of Psychic Attack


If you’re interested in enrolling as a student, contact us at http://bearandrainbow.com/contact/ for an application & we will alert you as soon as doors open up for this course.

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