Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bill Cosby from Healer Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Bill Cosby from Healer Standing Bear Thunder Heart


Standing Bear Thunder Heart speaks his mind regarding Bill Cosby and the recently allegations of sexual assaults from 22 different women since 1965, whom many of them are themselves celebrities, from Janice Dickinson to Carla Ferrigno. Bear also speaks about Cosby's background and the reasons why after so many years of these women not speaking out, now why all of the sudden are they speaking out now. Bear says that there are people behind the curtain attempting to bring Cosby down after Cosby wrote a book many years ago called, "Come On People," in which he preaches that Black people in America must free themselves from their own ignorance and take responsibility of cleaning up their communities and raising their families like they were supposed to do. Also, Bear comments on two recent videos he watched regarding Cosby from David Carroll and Stefan Molyneux from and comments on what they both said about him.

Bear speaks about a bigger conspiracy reality going on, so now sit back and enjoy the talk.

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The Truth About Bill Cosby (Stefan Molyneux)

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