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Messages From Mars – by Matteo Ianneo

Messages From Mars – by Matteo Ianneo

Ancient civilizations devised ingenious methods to reach out across the vastness of space and time to send messages to the present.

How could those prehistoric societies know there would be anyone in the future to receive the messages? How could the information be preserved for eternities? What messages from the past would be of interest to the present and future?

What if the ancient civilizations were perceived by the present to be only a myth, or worse, a hoax? How could the message be transmitted in such a way as to guarantee there would be no mistaking the sender?

All great civilizations are aware that history runs in repeating cycles. Empires rise, flourish and decay. Rulers construct monumental tributes to their own lives. Time rots all that is not stone.

On Earth, many great ancient civilizations have been discovered buried in the sand, covered by the canopy of the jungle, flooded by the seas. Humans have a habit of attributing anything they cannot see with their own eyes to legend, fable and myth.

Modern technology has precluded the need for people travel to Alexandria to be certain that the Sphinx is genuine. Photographs and movies show Inca cultures abandoned for millennia and consumed by the trees.

Now, researcher Matteo Ianneo has devoted many years of his life to photo reconnoissance of Mars. Matteo’s astonishing discoveries has been featured in the media, on the news, in books and on the most popular websites in the world.

Matteo's own website profiling his Mars discovers of ancient civilizations has leaped into the top 5% of all websites, worldwide, according to independent web analytics authority ALEXA.COM.

Matteo's books are widely available and can be ordered on

Matteo's channel on youtube features incredible photo illustrations and delightful music, so enchanting that they been viewed by thousands!

We don’t know who constructed the temples and buildings on Mars, but we know they are there, thanks to the careful eye and tireless work of Matteo Ianneo.

An ancient temple on the planet Mars. ©



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