Thursday, October 15, 2015

Are Demons Bad? with Shaman Rainbow

Are Demons Bad? with Shaman Rainbow


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Why are some angels, demons, and people good or bad? How does history and time affect the evolution of the good and evil characters of time? Good, bad, neutral and in between, there are these types of sides to every sentient being. The present is where you can find a current answer. The Akashic records is where you can find the past events, memories, and records of time. So, what you ask has particular answers dependent on you asking the right questions. Watch this video now.

How can shamanic healing & empowerment benefit you?

You'll have more ease and grace to honing every quality you want in yourself from peace, strength, love, joy, leadership, contribution, fulfillment, affluence, compassion, confidence, stewardship, discipline, vitality, balance, mojo, faith, rejuvenation, courage, liberation, power, influence, forgiveness, connectedness, passion, clarity, intuition, and so much more of everything positive you wish for.

You can uncover answers to your questions on to how you need to live your life for self-actualization. Mirror what is already in your subconscious mind so you can heal whatever personal healing pops up. Master yourself by freeing yourself by self-imposed beliefs, personal experiences, society, ancestral and DNA coding. Become your own captain so you can sail your boat in any situation in both physical and spiritual worlds.

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Shamanic empowerment are one of the things Rainbow does for fun and empowerment. Do you want a shamanic healing session with spiritual advise? Rainbow may be available if you are the right match for each other.

Bear & Rainbow do not enable victim-hood. They teach people how to fish so they can fish for themselves & teach others the same. Leaders creating leaders. It is not predictive, it is merely empowering guidance. For effectiveness, it is an ongoing work in progress, not a one time fix all.

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