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Are you Magnetizing Prospects? with Rainbow

Are you Magnetizing Prospects? with Rainbow

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Are you magnetizing prospects for whatever endeavors you are promoting?

magnetize prospects
magnetize prospects

Here is the text version of the video for those of you who wish to read, in addition to the video link below.

This is a broad topic on being magnetic. Later down the line we can talk about itty bitty details technology can be tweeked to benefit your unique selling proposition, or USP.

It’s really detrimental to immerse yourself in mindset if you’re serious about advancing yourself in your journey to success. Positive mindset daily, from someone “higher” than you in success in all forms is so crucial. We cannot emphasize this enough. This can come in the form of audio, books, videos, reports, newsletters, that you are studying or subscribed to. It can be listening to as little as 15 minutes a day, to even hours a day while doing menial tasks like the heavy hitters in the industry do.

Today’s broad topic on magnetizing your prospects stemmed directly from a mindset training we personally invest in. Let’s dive in!

What’s the difference between prospects and clients? Prospects are familiar people or strangers who you can introduce your product, service, or idea you are promoting to. Clients have invested with money in your product, service, or idea you are selling already.

This information is for small business owners or promoters of anything.

Magnetic versus pushy. Have you felt what it’s like to be either gracefully magnetizing what you want, versus desperately pushing with sheer force? Not so good for the latter, even though that’s what society deems appropriate. Despite it being ingrained in your programming that you must struggle to achieve anything, ALLOW yourself to flow and have what you want come to you in life. We all need people to sell to, whether it be your mission, product, service, or ideas, even if what you are promoting is free. So, let’s train ourselves to attract people to ourselves the smart way.

Wouldn’t it be awful to continue to live an unfulfilled life?

Some people don’t know what their purpose is in life. You may know since you’re reading this you may be promoting your life purpose already, or at least one aspect of your purpose for living. If not, we suggest you find it so that it carries you passionately, successfully, more energetically through your meaningful life which you create. If you are feeling an 8, 9, or 10 for your life’s purpose, or your “big why,” then you are on point. If not, and you are at a 1-7 on a scale of 1-10, then it’s time to do some soul searching if you are to do what you came to do here on Earth.

It sucks to live a life unaware of your individual life purpose, dragging your feet around in this life without that dream spark that you live and die for.

It’s also a drag to know what your purpose is but to be inactive, or living without conviction in regards to your personal dreams. At least having a product and campaign to launch and sell your ideas, products, or services, you’re already a step ahead of people who live life aimlessly.

Dying with the music still inside of you would be sad because you already have products, services, information to offer to uplift and change people’s lives for the better. I know I wouldn’t want to come back to this Earth plane again to repeat the same lesson because I was slacking off in this lifetime, especially if I was aware of my “big why” before I died.

So getting your message out to your audience is the next step for you. You can do it alone, with a team or teams, or establish a structure of people to even continue to do it for you after you die. The point is, attract prospects who will become clients is the step after you have a customer-ready product to promote or sell.

We were sitting down at a mutual table at a party when we met this lady who was writing a book for 25 years. Let’s just say she was no longer a spring chicken. I touched upon options for this woman to promote her book. I asked her if she was into any marketing and promotions campaign yet. I suggested book signings and a book tour.

Of course, you all know there are a myriad of advertising and promotions both online and in person. Creativity in promotions can be fun to create if you’re into that kind of thing, and even better, memorable for your prospects who will hopefully become your paying and loyal customers.

This lady disdainfully frowned at my encouragement of her sharing her book. I asked her, “Isn’t that the sole purpose of creating your book, to publish and share it with the world?” She said, “No, I’m not into that. If I have only one person read my book, then I’m happy.”

She was financially supported by people so that she wouldn’t have to work a job and could work on her book creation full time.

She had several people proofreading her work to be published but she did not have any interest in actually sharing her work with people who may need or enjoy it! She would argue with me that it was not important for people to read her book. Was she writing it to merely gratify herself, or was she secretly wanting people to benefit from reading it but masking over her fear of rejection? She took up so many people’s time just so they could help her proof-read and edit, but for what, to hoard it?

Our mentors teach us it’s selfish if we don’t contribute our talents, medicines, and gifts, which we are meant to share with the world. When you give up on manifesting your dreams, someone on the other side of the table doesn’t eat. There are people who will receive what only you offer and be impacted how they need to be impacted when you offer it to them, not anyone else. You are needed. There is a match for every seller there is the perfect client and vice versa. No one else can impact the client the way you can. So, don’t be selfish, create and share your dreams with the world!

Honestly, Bear and I were exercising a lot of patience with this woman because one thing Bear and I both disliked was that she criticized a lot of people and things at the party. We chose to detach and refuse to engage in her put downs. Hang around, positive, uplifting folks! Yolo, lol.

The reason you decided to read this is coming up. Remember, you can watch the video in addition to reading this to engage all your senses and get a deeper grasp on this knowledge. It’s 18 minutes when you choose to watch it. Click here to watch the video, “Are You Magnetizing Prospects?”

We vote for leaders who are confident. The first quality to develop within yourself to attract prospects is confidence. Have you ever watched someone on stage, whether it be an actor, someone giving a speech, or an athlete? Doesn’t it make you squirm when they are insecure and not “bringing it?” We humans enjoy and need confident people to lead us, to entertain us, to inspire us to our greatness!

How do you begin to exhibit confidence if you don’t have it already? Practice! Put yourself out of your comfort zone and keep stretching yourself beyond your personal limits. Take a class, like public speaking, drama, or join a Toastmasters club. Commit to expose 1 person per day and eventually grow to 3 people per day. Expose just means introduce your selling proposition by briefly mentioning what you and you can exchange business cards or contact info. Wear your favorite clothes. Imitate confident people you watch on movies. Pretend to be a superhero. Act in front of the mirror if you have to before you practice in public. Take up an activity that will personally build your confidence, like martial arts or dance, or athletics. Forgive and love yourself. Building anything, including confidence takes time.

The second quality to develop within yourself is generosity. We are attracted to helpful, giving, generous people. Are you going to buy off your prospects to listen to you by giving them money? Lol, not necessarily, but big companies do have freebie offers to introduce and create a buzz for new campaigns they launch for their products. You can give helpful advice, valuable information or education. You can do this with your time, or via something you recorded, a video or an audio recording 24/7. You can offer to reciprocate giving referrals of perfect prospects to each other. You can listen to someone in need. You can point someone in the right direction so as not to enable them to become helpless victims, but to empower them to take personal responsibility. So you can be generous with both tangible and intangible things. You can still be generous and balanced. Don’t go overboard and desperately fish things out of people and get angry when you don’t get them to buy. Have healthy boundaries to prevent drain and resentment from people who may take advantage of you. Generosity is always more attractive than scarcity in money, mentality, and love and attention. People will see you as a resource or a hub to start you off in the right direction for their evolution on whatever aspects and levels of their lives.

The third quality to cultivate within yourself is presence. What do I mean by presence? Have you ever been on a date with a friend and you didn’t fully enjoy his or her presence for one reason or another? Maybe she was worried about a crisis and couldn’t bring her usual, pleasant, fun self to the table, mentally and emotionally, despite your physical proximity. Maybe she was on the cell phone the whole time, texting and or talking on it and ignoring you about 95% of your date? Maybe this boss of yours did not hear anything you said because he is too full of his ego and thinks everyone is wrong except for him? Have you ever experienced trying to speak to someone who kept looking at his or her clock? Your boss kept walking away from you when you demanded attention for an urgent situation? Your lover was spending time with you but you felt his or her wasn’t into it because your lover is now in love with someone else other than you.

How do you be present? Be fully aware, grounded, focused, and centered in the present moment. Breath is the top technique to get you present in as little as a few deep breaths. You can start by listening to yourself. When you learn to love, respect, and listen to your higher self and intuition, then you can be responsive to yourself and others. If you Neglect your emotional and physical needs, you got it, you will neglect others emotional and physical needs, too. Remember, you can only be present, generous, and effectively responsive to others when your cup is full.

So it all boils down to take care of yourself first so you will be able to have enough give to be of effective service to others. Genuinely learn to love yourself more deeply everyday and you will be on the path to being more and more attractive to everything good from loyal, paying customers, opportunities, health, happiness and fortunes.

Hopefully you learned or were reminded of some things here. Go practice out in public now! The most successful people are the ones who not only learn the newest info fastest, they’re the ones who implement them into their daily business and life the fastest!

Let us know what other topics you would like to hear about and yes we do read your responses.

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Take care our friends!

Bear & Rainbow
The Healers of Online Marketing

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